CS:GO Check Weapon Wear Values Guide

CS:GO Check Weapon Wear Values Guide by The_InHuman

Many people know about this but even more don’t, I think it’s worth having it in a separate post. To check your wear value follow those simple steps:

  1. Generate API key here https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey
  2. Find your(or other person’s, it works!) Steam64 ID at http://steamidconverter.com
  3. Replace KEYHERE with your API key and IDHERE with your id64 and copy the addresshttp://api.steampowered.com/IEconItems_730/GetPlayerItems/v0001/?key=KEYHERE&SteamID=IDHERE
  4. Go to your inventory, find your item and right click on it->copy url
  5. Paste it somewhere, last block of text after the underscore (_ symbol) is your item ID, copy that
  6. Open api.steampowered.com/IEconItems…… and find your item ID*
  7. Scroll down until you see ‘defindex 8’ and check the ‘float_value’
  8. The float is the wear of your weapon

Is your FN looks BS Asiimov/any other weapon BTA?

If it’s closer to the lower value CONGRATULATIONS, the winner is you.

0.44 – 1.00 – Battle-Scarred

0.37 – 0.44 – Well-Worn

0.15 – 0.37 – Field Tested

0.07 – 0.15 – Minimal Wear

0.00 – 0.07 – Factory New

*API servers are shit and you most likely will have to refresh the page quite a few times to load it

Video Tutorial by Hyena


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