Counter Strike Going Pro Guide

Counter Strike Going Pro Guide by Unknownevo

I found this guide over the net iand i think its quite good so here it is, enjoy!

“Learn to be a PRO!

I have been in Counter-Strike since Beta 6.1 around 6 years ago and I have learned a lot of things over the years. I will point out a few commonly known Counter-Strike tactics that will give you at minimum a positive ratio all the time, which is what will bring you up to the rank of “Hacker” in the CS community.

#1 – Aim Focus, Look with your Mouse! (Updated)
#2 – Recoil Control and Burst Fire
#3 – Use Headphones and Adjust Your Volume
#4 – Standing Still when Firing!
#5 – Constant Movement and using Popping!
#6 – Shoot Through Walls and Pre-Fire!
#7 – Stay Calm
#8 – Take the Shot, Then ask Questions (NEW!)

The term “Hacker” is not to be confused with a Cheater. Hacking requires skill. Cheating is downloading a script and pretending you wrote it or something. Cheating is degenerate for your ability to play CS well, it makes you try NOT to look like you’re cheating, rather than trying to get better at CS in general. Cheaters don’t understand the difference between the two, so they just rely on “Google hacks“, or “Downloaded skill” so people will call them Hackers too! I hope you understand now. Another example is, I didn’t copy paste this article, I’m writing it from experience, because I’m a not a cheater.

To learn how to play like a pro, you need a fairly good computer on Cable or DSL internet, and about 4-8 hours a day to play Counter-Strike. No, I’m not exhaggerting; pros play a minimum of 4 hours in a scrimmage or practice, and public server junkies (a.k.a. Pub Nubs, you know, the guys who join random servers all day and call everyone else newbs compared to them) play in pubs a good 8 hours a day.

#1 – Aim Focus, Look with your Mouse!
Use your Mouse to look around, not your eyes. Don’t leave your crosshair sitting around! Try to never move your head or eyes away from your crosshair, just stare as dead center in the crosshair as you can for 5 minutes, and you will begin to automatically focus on your aim and the crosshair disappears. You can use peripheral vision to see anything outside of the crosshair. Anyone who doesn’t constantly stare thru their crosshair will suffer in score and enjoyability. It will definately improve your headshot ratio and ability to stay focused.

It is assumed that you know this stuff. This is meant to outline the importance of each skill one at a time for everyone.

#2 – Recoil Control and Burst Fire
Controlling your weapon will help determine your accuracy and general kill ratio. Recoil control is the key to killing efficiently. When firing a bullet from a rifle, push down on your aim ever so slightly (depends on your sensitivity) to counter-act the effect of the gun’s recoil. Each gun has its own specific rate of fire and power level. I will go over the 2 most commonly used rifles in Counter-Strike, the AK-47 and the M4A1 Carbine.

AK-47 should be treated like a baby. You should rarely use full-automatic with this gun, unless you’re about to meet “Allah” at the Pearly Gates. The AK-47 is extremely powerful and has a lot of kickback. You need to push down on your aim to control the recoil more than the Carbine. For the most part, you should fire 1 or 2 shots at a time.

M4A1 can be used with great accuracy in 1-2 shot bursts, and you can mow down a rushing crowd with 6-10 bullets as long as you keep push down on your aim to counter-act the recoil. Using the surpressor (or silencer) on this gun will effect your long range weapon accuracy, so only use silencer when being stealth is above all, or you are in fairly close quarters (especially good when flanking from behind!)

A Double-Tap is when you fire 2 bullets in a burst and they both travel directly into your enemy’s chest and head. This will kill anyone almost instantly, even if they have full armor and helmet. To successfully Double-Tap, you should aim for the upper chest of your target and ONLY fire 2 shots at a time clearly and carefully. Instant Kill, or else the target is nade material.

Now you actually HIT your target rather than just holding down your fire and hoping for the best. This is when people start saying you have an “Aim Bot”.

#3 – Use Headphones and Adjust Your Volume
(preferably high to medium-high volume) so that you can hear enemies approaching through walls, and from behind you. This can be considered a “wallhack” to newbs because they don’t understand that pros listen more often than they aim! After you are comfortable with gun fire, the sound of your gun will go into the background and you will be able to focus on other players footsteps! Also, when spamming through a wall with a rifle or deagle, you can hear if shots are hitting your enemy!

Now you are almost considered a “Hacker”, please continue…

#4 – Standing Still when Firing!
When strafing, or running sideways, try to stop perfectly still before firing your gun. This is a very tricky skill that requires perfect timing. You strafe to one direction, lets say you are running to the LEFT while aiming forward toward an enemy. Tap the RIGHT strafe button for about half a second or more, then fire.

To help you get better at the timing of it, try moving LEFT and then RIGHT and then LEFT. You will see how long it takes in between you pushing the other direction, and you actually coming to a stop, then moving. You will get a perfect aimed shot and it can appear as though you are still moving once you perfect this skill.

It also helps when you combine this skill with #5 – Popping.

#5 – Constant Movement and using Popping!
You might ask yourself, “Why did the enemy kill me so quickly?” If you buy your new gun and then you go out to own, but find yourself dying quickly or you seem to automatically type: “Fu**ing g*y!” I have a solution for you.

Constant Movement is what keep CS players alive, especially in Public Servers. In a match you might NOT want to move all the time, but rather prepare for an assault, but it depends on the situation. Constantly moving, AND walking when you want to be stealthy and quiet will drastically improve your score. Campers do sometimes get 11-3 scores, but it takes them twice as long as someone who is constantly moving through the maps. When you move into a new room or area of the map, focus your crosshairs on the most likely camping spots, one spot at a time and in order of appearance. This will help you own all the campers!

Popping is quickly look around a corner or looking over a box without jumping. To do Popping you simply tap DUCK for a half second while you’re standing infront of a box you can almost see over. On awp_map people Pop over the spawn wall to see where people are, without jumping and exposing too much of their head.

Combining this skill with great aim focus will make you a pro. Movement is just as important as any other skill here.

#6 – Shoot Through Walls and Pre-Fire!
I know people will be calling you a hacker when you get kills through a wall, and you will get a rush and likely start laughing about it. Killing thu the wall does NOT require cheating. When you listen to an enemy running through the wall, prepare yourself to engage and begin walking or stop moving entirely. When hearing footsteps, aim through the thin or medium thick wall or door so that the sound is IN BALANCE! This means that the volume is equal from left to right which also mean you are aiming directly at the target. Pre-firing is shooting through a wall just before popping out around it to surprise your enemy. Pre-Firing 2-3 bullets, then moving out can be extremely effective as a distraction just before you pop-out to kill your enemy.

This is when they call you a “Wallhacker”.

#7 – Stay Calm
It is overlooked a lot, especially by a lot of pub players, but remaining calm in a tight situation will help improve your ability to make sound decisions. Instead of running out into the open when you are getting shot at, you will instinctively look for cover, rather than over-reacting. This will save your life at least 50 percent of the time.

#8 – Take the Shot, Then ask Questions
Let’s build a theoretical setting here, where you are using the AWP and you are aware that an enemy is coming toward you from around a corner. Using #7 Stay Calm, simply move your crosshair body level thru the edge of the wall and fire when the sound of his footsteps is balanced right to left in your headphones. Now, FIRE! Don’t think: ‘Sh** is this bullet actually gonna plow through this wall and hit the target?’ No. You aren’t supposed to think. You’re supposed to kill, and stay focussed on the kill. Shoot, and quickly switch to your sidearm ( deagle or usp) and finish off your stunned opponent. Now spray his corpse with your custom spray. This is about the time when you reach true “Hacker” status, and the result?

You can now post in forums about how you got banned for being a LEGIT KILLING MACHINE!

Once you perfect these skills, don’t be a “Pub Nub” forever! (Yes, I am still a Pub Nub, and a League player, I keep it balanced) Go PRO! Its a whole new game, much more enjoyable at times, and at other times more hard to deal with because you can’t just quit or leave the server.

BE STRONG, always! Ignore people trying to hold you down, its just a stupid mentality and you have to lower yourself to their level, and that in itself is stupid. ”

Pls note this guide IS NOT written by me and i’m just sharing it as its rather good.Peace Out and Merry X’mas and a happy new year to all

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