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This FAQ was designed to help answer the basic questions that a player new to AVA might have. Even if you’re moderately experienced, you may learn something new from this!

I realize that there are indeed 2 other FAQs on this forum as well as a FAQ (by GM_AVA himself) on the Steam forums. And yet, this FAQ is unique. The other FAQs do indeed have a lot of information; however, they truly lacked questions that I was frequently seeing on these forums. Therefore, I made this FAQ. Yes, it has a few repeats of other FAQs, but it has the most recent and up-to-date help I can provide. It contains the questions that I frequently see.

All questions that are extremely frequently asked have stars in front of them. The other three FAQs lack these truly frequent questions.

Technical questions

How do I report a hacker?
Go here for some instructions.

*Where did my purple hitmarkers go?
When you begin playing AVA, you are given an expendable set of goggles. They will degrade and eventually be destroyed, leaving you without purple hitmarkers. You will have to repurchase them if you want to keep with the hitmarkers. Click here for more info about CU686 goggles.

*When I do a match, I get like 20 kills 11 deaths, but at the end I have 11 kills 8 deaths. What’s wrong?
When playing any mode involving AIs (AI Annihilation, AI demo, Co-op), killing AIs and getting killed by AIs do not count towards your final score.

*I keep getting disconnected!
Go to this section for more help and troubleshooting. Look through the stickied threads (the ones in blue and orange). Make a thread if you can’t find your solution.

I can’t start up AVA!
Go to this section for help. Look through the stickied threads (the ones in blue and orange). Make a thread if you can’t find your solution.

*I keep getting kicked out of rooms!
You may be kicked for various reasons.
1. You might not be following the room title (like if the room says “S/D farm” and you kill people)
2. You may have a high ping. If you have a ping around or above 200, people will start kicking you. There’s not much you can do.
3. You might be bottom fragging. People are a little obsessed about winning, and someone who’s going 3 kills 11 deaths will hurt the team.
4. You might have the binocs and someone was asking for them. Pay attention to the chatbox, and when someone asks for your binocs, give it to them or use them yourself.
5. You might be friendly-firing. If FF is enabled, don’t shoot your allies!
Go to this section for additional help.

*What are the chances of the individual capsules?
No one knows, but it is probably around .5%

What are the chances of the pre-release capsules?
It seems to be a 5% chance, so purchasing 10 capsules will give you a 40% chance, and purchasing 20 capsules will give you a 64% chance.

*Can I transfer gcoins or weapons between accounts?

What does ping mean?
If you have 100 ping, it means it takes your computer 100 milliseconds to send a signal to the servers and receive a signal. So if you have more than 150 or 200 ping, you will experience a high amount of juttering and teleporting because it takes 150-200 milliseconds for your computer to communicate once with the servers.

*Why is no one in the West Server?
Not many people were there to begin with, so everyone just went to the East Server.

Why don’t some doors open in Prison Break Rescue, Prison break Escape, Lockdown, or Death Valley?
The PBR, PBE, and DV glitched doors are because the ijji netcode is seriously broken. You’ll have to retry. The LD glitched door is because someone on your team is doing the grenade trick.

*How do I get 8-man rooms for Co-op?
I won’t reveal the tactic, and I don’t use it myself. You could get banned.

Help, I’ve been hacked!
Go here for some help. ijji may not help you if you simply gave your password away. They can only investigate if you were really hacked.

The tank didn’t take any damage from my RPG!
The tank is invincible for 3 seconds after it has been repaired.

The tank won’t move!
You have to have a teammate nearby the tank to “escort” it.

Bugs and Glitches

*My exp bar is above 100%, but I’m not leveled up!
It’s an uncommon glitch that occasionally happens. It will eventually go away, usually within a few days.

The tank teleported to a random location on the map!
This is an uncommon glitch. It happens maybe once every 200 escort matches, so try to bear with it. It happens mostly in Scorpion.

*I bought a Lt beret and equipped it, but it doesn’t show up!
It’s a display glitch that’s never been fixed. Don’t worry, you still get all the defense bonuses.

Why does my MP7 fire 2 bullets at a time with a really slow ROF?
When you buy an MP7 with gcoin and put an advanced silencer mod, there is a bug where the gun fires two bullets at a time but it has a massive ROF penalty. Use a different barrel if you don’t want the effect.


*How good is ______ gun?
Look though all the stickies (the blue threads) here.

*_____ gun vs _____ gun?
Yea, we’re a little tired of these threads. You can look through the stickies here and see for yourself.

Why can’t I kill very well at far ranges?
The damage drop-off of all guns is very drastic. It is not unusual for a pointman gun to lose half of its damage when shooting at an enemy only 10 meters away.

Why can snipers with 90 or 95 damage kill in one bullet to the stomach, even though the stomach has a 1.00x multiplier?
Players in AVA have 60 hit points, not 100. Therefore, even the galil sniper (with 60 damage) has the ability to kill with one bullet at point blank.

*Why does my gun feel different today? I seem to need more shots or it’s tagging more.
Ijji nerfs most old guns by decreasing damage or increasing recoil. This is to persuade people to continually buy the latest guns. To date, 90% of all guns have been nerfed in some way. A few months ago, the TPG and the FRF2 both got damage nerfs so they almost never OHK to the limb. This is because ijji wants people to buy the upcoming PGM.


*What’s a better deal, 20% euro or 30% supply points? Is the timed Euro Up or the expendable Euro Up better? Or should I just buy the kukri/balaclava/protector for gcoins to euros?
Firstly, the 20% euro and the 30% supply both give the same amount of euro per gcoin spent. Secondly, the timed Euro Up is only profitable over the expendable Euro Up when you play more than 7 or 8 hours a day for a week. Lastly, unless you happen to bottom-frag 90% of your matches, buying a Euro Up expendable and Supply Up expendable will be 20% to 50% more profitable than directly buying euros with gcoins.


Beginner’s tasks

*I’ve done the Cold Case tasks many times, but it hasn’t approved!
Doing Cold Case AI does not count towards this task.


*How long does it take for my clan to approve?
A few business days. From my experience, one instance took 3 days and the other took 4.

How long does it take for my clan to disband?
A few business days.


I see people say ______ a lot. What does _____ mean?
Post in this thread and I’ll be able to help.


Damage stats lie. The following guns have different damage than what the stats indicate: Sako (nerfed to 40), HK416 (nerfed to 36), Galil (60), and TPG (nerfed to roughly 105). The FRF2 could randomly deal 95 to 170 critical damage pre-nerf, but the damage cap has been greatly nerfed.

All stats lie. Stability, mobility, accuracy, etc etc etc say nothing about a gun’s behavior. The only stat that does not lie is ammo (for obvious reasons).

People have 60 hp in AVA.

The stomach has a 1x multiplier.

20,000 supply points gives a 5,000 euro case, so 4 supply points = 1 euro.

Since (at the capsule shop) 3k euro is equal to 1k euro and 50 BP, one could say that one BP is equivalent to 40 euros.

Whenever you pick up a gun, it gains a minimal buff. For example, a picked-up Para will gain slight amounts stability. This is ijji’s way of saying, “Buy our guns with gcoins!”


I see a lot of “help a noob out with gun picking” threads. Here is my recommendation for someone to get top-tier weapons:

At ducky rank:
PM: Buy an expendable Bizon and mod it with the PVP mods (Burst Barrel, Cylinder Upgrade, and 9mm Para). This will get it to 630 RPM with 35 damage, making it a decent PVP weapon. It may suffer some instability. However it’ll be a lot better than the MP5K.

RM: Use the M4A1 and take off the lazer sight when the beginner’s tasks tell you to “mod a gun.” The M4 is a very good gun with knockback and lazer accuracy. Just crouch and tap.

SR: The SV98’s not a bad gun. Just stick with it.

In the meanwhile, avoid making unnecessary purchases (like grenades, armor, etc). If you make a ton of purchases, you will find yourself struggling in the future.

Later on…
PM: At Staff Sgt 2, buy a veresk and mod it with Burst Barrel, Magazine exchange (+10 ammo), and silicon grip. It’s the best PM gun ever. Make sure to burst it in rounds of 5.

RM: If you really liked the M4A1, wait until the M4A1 MK.III comes out. Until then, don’t buy any RM gun. If you think you want more damage at the cost of 20% ROF while keeping with easy recoil, buy an AKMKIII at SFC1. If you want more damage than the M4MKIII and only 10% less ROF and can handle more recoil, buy a Sako (with Burst Barrel) at SFC1. If you want a gun that is a super crouch-and-tap lazer, buy an SG556 at SFC2. But be patient and do not buy any guns below SFC1 because they all suck.

SR: Buy a TPG at SS3 and mod it with the .338 barrel and the good scope. You’re all set.

What is Tanking? (submitted by Ejaykum)
Tanking is when you are not OHK’d by a sniper rifle that normally OHKs. For example, if you shoot me with a TPG and I don’t die, then I “tanked” your shot.

What does “spray the tank” mean?
You gotta run up to the tank and kill the baddies near it!

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Chihakuryu’s A.V.A. FAQ

The below Q&A; are questions that I’ve noticed most often in A.V.A.-Japanese forums which I think might also appear when A.V.A.-ijji comes out. Note that all of the FAQ section was translated from Japanese and therefore there might be some errors in my English. If you see any mistakes please let me know.

1. What are some of the common courtesies/unwritten rules that I should follow? (For Beginners)
Please pay attention to the names of rooms. Similar rooms in A.V.A.-Japan will most likely be seen in A.V.A.-ijji. For example, you may find rooms named “Handgun/Knives only,” “Map Searching,” or “Skill Room.” For these kinds of rooms, please follow the rules of the room as shown in the room name or you will most likely find yourself kicked right away. Rooms that are named “Map Searching” are rooms in which the players are only exploring the maps, so if you join the room and start killing, you will most likely be kicked right away. “Skill Rooms” refer to rooms in which players are trying to “cheat/(glitch?)” their ways to get skills quickly. For example, players may sprint for 30 to 60 minutes straight just to get a skill upgrade. (See the Decoration/Skill System Section). Just like in “Map Searching” rooms, killing is usually prohibited and you will most likely get kicked if doing so. Basically, use your common sense when playing in these rooms and don’t act like a jerk to others.

2. How do I set/defuse a bomb? (For Beginners)
Find the location where you need to set the bomb and hold down the left-click button on your mouse. While setting the bomb, you will be unable to do anything else, so be careful of your surrounds. To defuse a bomb, stand right near the bomb and hold down the “E” key.

3. How do I use the squad leader? (For Beginners)
Your binoculars are found in your 5th slot and when equipped, you can right-click your mouse to look through them. If you spot an enemy while using them, a red mark will appear on the enemy. You can then send the location of the enemy out to your team mates. The squad leader can use the commands 1-9 to tell the team what they need to do, what to be aware of, etc. If the squad leader dies, a team mate can pick up the binoculars by using the “G” key to become the new squad leader.

[Click Here to View the Role of the Squad Leader]
[Click Here to Learn How to Use the Squad Leader]

4. “UAV” popped up on my map!
This happens when the opponents’ squad leader has spotted you. Your location is currently visible to your opponents on their map for a brief period of time.

5. No matter how much I shoot the tank, it doesn’t break down!
Only RPG’s can do damage to tanks. To find out where the RPG’s are located, please refer to the maps section found in the first post.

6. The RPG isn’t having any effect on the tank!
After a tank has been repaired, it will not take any more damage for about 3 seconds, so don’t expect to do any damage until the 3 seconds have passed.

7. When I got close to the tank, I died instantly!
If you move in the way of the tank, it can run over you and kill you.

8. How can I repair the tank?
Go near the tank and hold down the “E” key.

9. How long does it take to repair the tank?
The rate it takes to repair the tank varies on how many people are repairing it at the same time; however, a good strategy is to only have 2 people repair the tank so that the rest of your team mates can cover you by attacking the opponents.

10. My total death tally and the number at the top of my screen don’t match up during a tdm?
If you gather 3 dog tags, your individual score will increase by 1 and your team score will increase by 3; however, if you kill people marked by the squad leader, then the score will only be added to your individual score.

11. Even though the tank is not broken, it won’t move.
If there is no one standing near the tank, then the tank won’t move. This is why, during Escort games, those who are escorting the tank have a disadvantage – the only cover fire they can really take is the tank itself.

12. The enemy won’t die!
Reason 1: The person has just respawned. When someone respawns, they won’t take any damage for up to 5 seconds; however, they can still do damage to others. Be careful! Camping at spawn sites during free for all games is a bad idea!
Reason 2: If they are invincible or invisible for brief moments of time, then this is because there is either a bug in the game or they are hacking.
Reason 3: Bullets do less damage as enemies get farther away from you. The point man in particular should pay attention to this.

13. When I hit my opponent, an “X” mark appeared.
This is because they have just respawned. An “X” mark is telling you that your opponent has just respawned and that they did not receive any damage.

14. I got hit even though I was hiding behind something!
Wooden objects can be penetrated by bullets. Being hidden doesn’t necessarily mean that you are protected! Also, just because you can’t see the opponent, it doesn’t mean that your opponent can’t see you. For example, your head or foot may be slightly visible.

15. There are people who are throwing more than 2 grenades?!
Take advantage of your accessories. Once you become greater than a corporal, you can expand the amount of grenades that you can carry – smoke grenades being at the max of 6.

16. How do I use the silencer? What are the benefits of using it?
For guns that can use the silencer, you can attach/detach the silencer by pressing the “V” key. Once equipped, the sound of your gun firing will not be as loud as before and the large amount of your (visible?) gunfire will also not be apparent. If used properly, your opponent will also not be able to hear where you are shooting from; however, when the silencer is equipped, your bullets will not be able to reach enemies farther away.

17. My night vision went out for no reason!
When using your night vision, there will be a bar on the bottom-middle area of the screen indicating how much power it has left. The more you turn on and off your night vision, the faster the battery will die, and when the battery dies, you will not be able to use your night vision for some time. The batteries will recharge, but they recharge very slowly.

18. What is the red mark to the left of my rank?
The red mark indicates that you are in a clan. It is believed that other marks will represent other things. (features yet to be released?) But for now, there is just this red mark.

19. The chat text is too small to read.
You will have to fix your computer HUD setting to change the size of the chat text. You can also view the chat log using the “Page Down” and the “Page Up” keys.

20. How do I take a screenshot?
In A.V.A.-Japan and A.V.A.-Korea, the “Print Screen” key is used to take screenshots; however, A.V.A.-ijji may use a different key for this function.


To better understand the controls of AVA view the following video made by Sheza which explains all the controls that you’ll need to know to play AVA.

AVA – Tutorial Mode – by Sheza

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    The supply is 20,000 pts for the 5k euros and the supply grenade and or the supply armor but 15,000 for the 5k euros. Typically the two switch off and you will get euros, then the next time a nade, then euros, and then the armor, yet you will sometimes get both the armor and the nade, or you may get the 5k euros only two times in a row. The only way i've found to guess at what the supply will bring is the speed at which it fills. Co-op brings 1k supply per hour, and a typical demo will bring 1.5 to 2k supply so, estimate off this and you can guess if you will only get the euros or something else in addition. (Based of nightly ledge glitching totals.)

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