AVA Squad Leader Guide

AVA Squad Leader Guide by Sig Sauer


So what? You’re in charge of weather your team gets 1 point for a kill, or two. You’re the one who decides weather your team runs around that same corner dying over and over again or not. The binoculars do a little more than make it annoying to equip your grenades with the mouse wheel.


DO use the binoculars before you rush into a fight. Take advantage of high ground to get the best view. You want to do this BEFORE fighting for two reasons.

1)Ease of use

Try running into the middle of the gunfight and marking enemies on all sides of you. You’ll find that it’s pretty tough to do unless you’re the flash and can warp about the map.


This isn’t just for your allies. You’ll know a lot more about the situation if you evaluate it before running in. Such as who’s behind what corner and what not.

DO mark as MANY people as possible. Does your team need a quick boost in points? Are they doing good, but are the teams just neck and neck? Mark some people, you’ll get 2 points for every marked kill. This can turn the tide of a battle quicker than you might think.

DO mark enemy snipers as fast as possible. The enemy rushers are likely to die faster, and you don’t mark snipers to find out where they are. You mark them to know when they pop out of their little corner, or above that ledge. By marking snipers, your snipers can watch enemy snipers through walls and know exactly when it’s safe to peek out and fire.


DON’T run into battle before using the binoculars. Take a few seconds to gain opportunities for 2 point kills. It pays off in the end.

DON’T hesitate to use the binoculars. Again, you ALWAYS want those 2 point kills. Don’t waste the binoculars just to rush out and get your own kills.

DON’T drop the binoculars. You don’t drop these when you die, but don’t just drop them for some teammate to grab in the middle of the field. It will just be a pain to get them back.

Detailed Guide by BloodFreak

Ok so in this tutorial I will teach players HOW to use Squad Leader command and ability.

Introduction to Squad Leader:

Who’s the leader?

As you can see in the screenshot, the leader has a mark next to his name,

You can also see a pair of binoculars on the bottom right of the screen.

How to use the Binoculars:

First of all you need to press 5 in order to get your binoculars out. After you have equipped your binoculars, right click to go into “zoom mode”. Notice the green rectangle at the center of the binoculars.

When you press the left click while in “zoom mode” while looking at an enemy, that enemy will become marked on the team radar. The shape of the mark varies on the class of the marked enemy. The mark will disappear after a while. Any enemy that comes into your view on the binoculars gets marked. My best was 5 enemies marked on 1 use.

Seem easy? Think you can go and mark everyone in 2 sec? Well do you remember that green rectangle? After using your binoculars, that rectangle becomes red and you cannot mark any enemy for a short period of time.

When a marked enemy is killed by one of your teammates you get leader point. The more leader points, the better your s/d will be.

How to use Commands:

It’s pretty easy to do and if your team listens to the squad leader’s orders, the team will be able to work better together more efficiently for the win. You need to press the “C” key in order to bring this menu up.

After that press 1 (setting the primary target) you will see another menu appear. In this menu you can tell your team what place the primary target is at. (Where to defend or where to attack.) Just press the number that’s related to the target of your choice.

Once that target has been selected, you and all your team will see it marked on there screen.

How to become a Squad Leader:

The squad leader will always be the highest level rank player in the room when the game starts. You can also give the role of the squad leader to someone by pressing 5 (getting your binocular out) than pressing “G”. That will drop your binoculars on the ground and the next player in your team to touch it, will become leader.

Video of in game use of binoculars showing the importance of good squads-man leadership, ty to chiaki for the video and GREAT help in making this thread has good has possible :3

Hope that this tutorial helped you in your quest to becoming a pro AVA player!
please do not flame me if you already knew these things.

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  1. mark van der veken says:

    where you say in the beginning of the article, that you get two points instead of one, i think it should be noted that its actually still one point for the team score, one point for the squadleader and one for the guy that killed the tagged target. True, you can definitly use it to change the tide of battle, but not in the way you propose it to be. Its true power lies in the fact that you can tag all the enemies, so they are visible on the map and to gain leader score as well as setting the b
    objectives for your team. It doesnt give you 2 points (which im assuming u mean points of teamscore) for each kill.

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