AVA Chat Commands and Game Terms Guide

AVA Chat Commands and Game Terms Guide by chiakinakamura

Chat Commands

/cls – clears the chat window
/r message – for quick responding to the person who last sent you a message
/? or /help or /h – shows log of commands
/g. – sends a message to only friends and clan mates
/quit – closes the game (closes all of A.V.A. not just the current game you’re playing)
/kick name – forcefully kicks someone from the room (only the room master has this ability)
/respoint – might only be for the korean version so I won’t explain this one for now
/f or /friend – opens up the friends function
/b or /block – opens up the block function
/clan – opens the clan function
/w name – sends a personal message to the person you want
/kick – opens up the kick function

A.V.A. Dictionary

AB – Auto-Balance
AR – Assault Rifle
CW – Clan War
DS – Drag Shot
FF – Friendly Fire
HG – Hand Gun
HS – Head Shot
K/D – Kill/Death Ratio
Pacing – Refers to the technique of using burst fire to control recoil
PM – Pointman
QC – Quick Change which refers to the technique of changing to your handgun or knife right after shooting with a sniper rifle and to either move faster or to quickly shoot again without delay.
QS – Quick Shot, a technique only for snipers. Method: Get your enemy in the middle of you screen and click right and left click at almost the same time (with right click first). Because your shot will not be as accurate if you are walking/running it is best to use stopping as you shoot. It sounds pretty easy but as you try it you’ll see it is a bit hard. QS is used to kill quickly and efficiently with sniper rifles.
RM – Rifleman
RPG – Rocket-Propelled-Grenade
S/D – Score/Death
SG – Shotgun
SMG – Sub-Machine Gun
SR – Sniper Rifle
Stopping – Refers to the technique in which is used to quick stop by pressing the two opposite directions at the same time.
TK – Team Kill
VC – Voice Chat

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