AVA Tips and Tactics Guide

AVA Tips and Tactics Guide by Kevincible

Well, here it is guys! Most of these are just common sense, but then again, that’s what a lot of people lack. ;D I hope it helps some people. They are not listed in any particular order.

General Tactics & Tips:

Never peek a sniper twice. If you see him once.. don’t look again. Take another route, or come back to the same spot later when the sniper’s gone.

The reason why God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth is so that we can listen twice as much as we talk. Seriously, when cw-ing turn off all music that you might usually play when pubbing.(Not that i recommend listening to music while pubbing or anything) Put on a headphone/earphone so all the sounds are more clear and adjust volume to a comfortable level. Then listen for footsteps. If you listen closely, you can identity the enemy’s direction + range + location. For example, loudness of the footstep can tell you the range, left-right from headphone can tell you direction and if you hear em jumping on metal then it’s coming from facility room in the case of blackscent.

Don’t make any unnecessary sound.
This one is as simple as it gets. Assume all your enemies have mastered the previous tactic of hearing and they’ll be able to locate you.

Walk and sprint at the appropriate places. You wouldn’t wanna walk down a long hall way or run a corner (although in some situations the cases may vary).

Radar is there for a reason. (unlike CA, where their radar is useless lulz) When a player is shot, they appear on the radar for 3 seconds. Use that to your advantage and don’t forget the shape shows what class they are. So don’t rush down middle blackscent when its a sniper that’s on the radar. LOL

Your dead comrades can still help you.
Use the X’s that appear on the radar from teammates’ deaths to locate the general area of the enemies. For example, if you’re @ site 1 and all the people in site 2 are dead X’s then you know the enemies are in for sure. Or, the person watching mid is dead, then you know you should shift over.

Leadership is very important! If you happen to be the leader of the team and have the binoculars, seriously, use it. If it’s escort/annihilation go mark a few enemies everytime you respawn. Or if it’s Demolition, label the primary sites at the very least. If you don’t like to do that, just drop it for someone else.

I love the radio system in AVA, it’s actually useful. If you know enemies are flanking, tell your teammates. Or if you got the C4, tell them to follow you. Even when the tank needs to be repaired, you can use the radio commands. I mean, if it’s there, why not use it?

Aim is the key. It’s useless even if you can apply the above tips to full potential but can’t aim. Adjust sensitivity to a level where you’re comfortable from smalling movements like scoping as a sniper to big movements like turning 180 degrees to kill flanker. Head shots aren’t the easiest things to always pull off, so just aim chest for maximum damage and let the recoil get you a head shot.

Find a gun suitable for you in each class, then become BFFs with it. What I mean by that is, know your gun. How to use it, whether its tap, burst or just pure all out spray. At around how many bullets left you should reload. How far it can shoot accurately. How inaccurate is it when you jump while shooting with it. And etc. You should be able to answer those those kind of questions about your gun.

The mission comes first.
In objective based game modes, don’t get too into getting kills alone and forget about the objective. That means, don’t leave the bomb behind in demolition, repair and blow up the tank in escort when no one’s doing it. Don’t let the bomb carrier go off on his own… well you get the general idea. Just don’t forgot about the mission while trying to get your 3+ hacker-like SD.

Make use of your pistol. When you need to reload for primary gun during mid-combat, it’s much faster to pull out your pistol. By the time you finish reloading your primary, you’re probably dead, so put out your pistol. Note: All pistol are fast to switch to, EXCEPT for skorpion & Stetchkin APS it’s the only slow ones.

If you hear reload, don’t hesitate. Your enemy is vulnerable during a reload, use this opportunity for an easy kill. Watch out for pistol pros though. =P – Mudkip

corners Corners CORNERS!! Always check your corners. Campers like me loves to sit in a dark corner waiting for noobs like you to just walk by so i can knife you from the back. xD Sometimes you might want to jump your corners, because if you walk, the camper will notice you before you notice him.

“Enemy Grenade!” Yes, if you throw a nade around the corner and hear someone yell that, then you know someone’s there. Very few people notice this and it’s actually quite useful sometimes even if your nade/flash doesn’t get you a kill. Note: The EU team yells in english which is easy to recognize but you may want to remember what the NRF team yells. – Mudkip

Adapt to the minor imperfections of the game. By that I mean, don’t get too close to thin surfaces because your gun may stick out on the other side. For example, you spent a good 30 seconds walking through warehouse in Blackscent and just when you’re about to open that metal door and rush the site 1, you get prefired. Why? Because you got too close to the door and they saw your gun. =[ So keep in mind for those that. – GuiGz

Check your kills. During Demolition, after you kill someone, take a quick glance at the corpse and see if they dropped the C4. When that’s the case, CAMP IT! It doesn’t not mean sitting directly on the C4, camp nearby it so you can hear it when someone picks it up.

*Beep beep beep* You’ll be surprised how many people can’t identify which site the C4 is planted at. The beep sound can tell you which way its coming from. When the C4 is set, stop and take a second to listen for the direction it’s coming from. It’s much better than running to the wrong site. – Mudkip Revised By: ilyMudkipz

You don’t need to reload after every single kill. In Pub. games, I realize a lot of people do that, reload after they get a kill. But in many occasions there could be more enemies nearby and reloading leaves you fully vulnerable. In general, I would recommend reloading for SMGs when it’s less than 15-20 clips and below 10 clips for AR. Only reload when you know you’ll be safe for the next few seconds when you reload. – NinjaKiwi

Know your nades.Something’s wrong if your enemies has time to walk away from the nade after it lands. Use flash for shorter distances and reg. nade for longer distances. – GuiGz

Try to give your grenades as much “hang time” as possible.Throw it high up or against walls so that the enemy has less time to dodge the explosion. Why do you think grenade spots in Demo are so effective? They allow the grenade to explode in its intended area of attack without any or too much wait. – Raichuu

Kamikaze!!! When the C4 is planted and you’re out numbered. If you know you can’t clutch then go sit on the c4 with a nade, make sure the pin is pulled. Even if they kill you, they’ll have to wait for the nade to explode first or if they rush to defuse, they die. This method doesn’t always work, but it is hilarious when it does.

Do you know how long it takes for it to bomb blow up? Here’s some useful facts about the C4. It takes approx. 3/4 seconds to plant it(not the most important fact), it takes around 7-7.5 seconds to defuse and 40 seconds for it to blow up after planting (important one). Why? If the enemy planted @ 1:30 then you will easily know that it’s going to blow up @ 0:50. This can be used as a time reference to the amount of time you have to take out the remaining enemy, defuse the bomb or when to just leave it the bomb because you won’t have enough time to defuse.

Teamwork is essential. If a teammate near you is getting attacked, help them out. Don’t just stand back to get picked off one at a time. Even if you get a kill from waiting, it means that you’ll have one less person to watch your back/be cannon fodder. – masochism

Shadows can be helpful. In certain places, like the central mansion of FH, or site 1 in DS, you can see on the ceiling the shadows of people above you. It’s cheap, but very useful. – masochism

Learn all the common sniper spots, and their counters. Most sniper spots are vulnerable from several positions. When sniping from a common spot, its usually best to systematically clear each spot that you can be shot from, then check if you can make a pick on enemy rifle/pointmen. For example, on black scent, as EU by the gray/white box at the corner of the warehouse, check the door to mid, the hole in the wall, the NRF spawn and the barrels at the other end of the warehouse, in that order. – masochism

Radar can get you killed! After you get shot a couple of times, you will most likely appear on the enemies radar, so don’t suddenly start camping unless you know where they’re coming from and pre-aim that spot. Other than that don’t stay at the camp spot, they’ll know where you are and will check that spot. – ilymudkipz

Diversions. Working on the scale of one person, even a nade or two [better if its a smoke] down one path, can make it that much easier for you to run down a different path. – Khaytu

Diverions as a team.
One person with an automatic gun and three grenades can look a lot like a c4 group. Have the main group move stealthily up one side, and have one group be a diversion. If no one does anything, then you can simply flank. – Khaytu

That’s it for now, I’ll try to constantly update it.

Feel free to post anything that you feel I missed or need to revise since this guide is no where near perfect. Thanks guys, Help me out!

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