Astro Empires Defense Ships and Turrets Guide

Astro Empires Defense Ships and Turrets Guide by Twin Blade

Defense is the most important aspect of the astro empires game. It is the thing that keeps you alive and striving. Without a basic defense, you will not be able to grow or survive in the world of AE. In this tutorial, I will explain some of the best ships that are made for defenses, and some of the worst ships. I will also review some of the basic defenses that are nessacary in the game, and what is a good combination.

Some people don’t like putting up turrets or even a simple photon turret for a defense. People like this are the ones that are usually targeted, because people who do this generally either have little fleet that can get blown away, or even have a large fleet though it’s so badly composed that too gets blown away. Some defenses are better then others, though I will review each.

These are the weakest defenses, you generally do not want these if your a high level, you should basically just skip this defense totally because its generally not worth it to use up valubal time in order to build these up and then just tear them down to build a better one.
Generally for lv 0-5

Laser Turrets
These are also very bad defenses, you should basically just skip these too UNLESS you are researching a lot of tech and losing protection level within the day.
Generally for lv 5-10

Missile Turrets
Your finally getting too some ok defenses, though these are still generally bad for you to get if you beyond level 25. These are good against small and medium units, which can stop most corve and destro attacks that you would experience during this level which makes these a valubal but not that effective turret.
Generally for lv 10-15

Plasma Turrets
These are better defenses for the newly founded player, once you reach these you should tear down any other defense structure and build up some of these. These are generally good defenses against ships like destroyers and corves, so a couple of these can sport their well being for a lil while. Paired up with the Missiel Turrets you can calm down and start teching up for ships.
Generally for lv 15-20

Ion Turrets
Once you reach these types of turrets, just tear every other defense down like you did with plasma. These might be a little costly for you at first, but they are well worth for the defense at your level. Put on a couple of these at your base and if you are attacked you will see the results that I am talking about.
Generally for lv 15-25

Photon Turrets
The best turrets for the new player, pair these up with some ion turrets and you should be all set for awhile. Make sure to stay on-top of making some ships paired with your turrets by now, because you should be in a phase were you can start building fleet by now. These defenses will generally hold up, and is the first turret to defend you from a single battleship.
Generally for lv 20-30

Disruptor Turret
Getting the tech and such for this you will have a nice defense for future battles. These are nice for the generally average player because of the fact that it can fend off against fighter drops and the fact that it can defeat a dread in a single bound.
Generally for lv 25-30

Deflection Shields
These are ok deefenses if you pair it up with disrupter turrets. These can stop smaller ships in their tracks if their the only defense you have on your base. They can also stop big shields like battleships, though they can’t stop a nicely teched dread and on their own they definetly cannot stop a titan.
Generally for lv 25-30

Planetary Shield
One of the best defenses, by themselves they can stop fighter drops, they can also stop a single dread, perhaps 2 or 3 if you have good tech. (That would also include Fighters in hangers) If your pshield is nicely teched it should also be able to stop a titan if you have fleet and CC’s on your planet(s).
Generally for all lv’s past 30

Planetary Ring
The best defense for your planets, once you get the nessacary tech for these you should build these on your planet. These can stop titans dead in their tracks, and if you have duel rings built on your planet you can stop a levi with relative ease. once you get 3 or more more on your planet, you should be able to stop most fleets coming to your planet.
For all lv’s, definetly build these if you have them

++Great Combinations For Defense (Turrets)++

Photon + Ion Combo *Lv 15-20*
This stops most of the small ships taht are at your level that most people build. Once you get to level 25 you should be able to tech up some different Turrets for your planet.

Disrupter + Deflection Combo *Lv 25-30*
A nice combination in order to stopa titan if tuned the right way. in order to do this properlly you should build two of each on your planet. This is also a bombo to stop fighter drops because of the brute force behind the disrupter turrets.

Pshield + Pring Combo *lv 30+*
Stops almost everything in its tracks if you double up on both structures. A fleet on your planet combined with these will scare most agressors as most people don’t want to break rings…yet.

Note: Just because you have these defenses doesn’t mean your invincible to all attacks. There will always be someone who will be able to break your defenses, no matter the level. Even if your at the top of the game, someone will always have you in one rank, and that just might be enough to take you down. If you don’t make anyone mad, you shouldn’t get hit if you have good defenses. (Unless your in a war)


These defenses are some of the best defenses, but that doesn’t mean your all set yet. You still need basic fleet on your planet in order to stop attacks. Even if you have 5 Prings on your planet, if you don’t have any fleet you are at a major disadvantage. Your trade routes are now available for people to pirate unless you have at least 1 fighter or ship at your base.

For fleet, there is truely only one defense ship: Fighters

Fighters are the most efficient ship in the AE world. Though, it goes exactly vice cersa. If you have 10k fighters but no turrets/shields, then your base can get dread/titan smashed. So all in all, you have to have a nice balance of fleet and turrets/shields to be efficent.

On my own bases, I have constructed my own fleet/defense/CC run.

10,000+ Fighters
150+ Cruisers
5+ Battle Ships (Or substitute with a dread)
10/10 Disrupter
5/5 Pshield
5/5 Pring
10+ Command Centers

Note (An + means you can have more of that specific ship.)

This is what I’ve come up with to be basic defense, though most players would tell you to go with the dual pring/pshield combination. 10 Command Centers stacks 50% of that fleet attack power and adds it onto the fleet on your planet, reason behind having them. Though if your just going to have 2 or 3 of the command centers, just downgrade them. You either go all out with Command Centers or you don’t have them at all.

Thanks to borg for the following statement:

Borg wrote:
Might want to add that the purpose of Shields is to “regen” your other defenses after the first battle.

-Concludes the Defense Tutorial by Ultimate Twin Blade

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