Trickster Online Newbie Guide

Trickster Online Newbie Guide by Damsel

Hello again~  Time for a 3rd guide by yours truly.  I’ve seen many people ask for a guide along these lines, and with Raven being diligent with stickying useful threads, I decided it was time to comply.
So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably new to the game.  First thing to know is, new to the game makes you a newb, not a noob, so don’t refer to yourself as a noob.  You’re insulting yourself when you do so.

     Common Trickster acronyms and abbreviated terms

  • afk  away from keyboard
  • mag res  magic resistance
  • phys res  physical resistance
  • gun res  gun resistance
  • ele  element/elemental
  • brb  be right back
  • g2g  got to go
  • tele/port  teleport
  • ppd  portable port delux (item)
  • ppad  portable port AD (MyShop item)
  • MyHax MyShop slang
  • B> Buying
  • S> Selling
  • T> X for Y Trading, usually have X and want Y
  • N> Need for party
  • R> Recruiting for guild
  • Desert / Beach Desert Beach (map)
  • Paradise Desert Beach town (town)
  • Cora Blooming Coral (map/town)
  • Mega Megaopolis (town)
  • Relics Caballa Relics (map/dungeon)
  • Azteca Caballa Relics town (town)
  • Swamp Black Swamp (map)
  • Cabrigal Black Swamp town (town)
  • Snow Snow Hill (map)
  • SF3 Snow Field 3, a popular training place (map)
  • School / Phantom Phantom School (map)
  • Oops / Wharf Oops Wharf (map/town)
  • Mirage Mirage Island (map)
  • Ghost / Blue / Aqua Aquarius / Ghost Blue (map/town)
  • Chaos Chaos Tower (map)
  • Tech Techichi Ruins (map)
  • Tap Tapasco Volcano (map)
  • Rose Rose Garden (map)
  • Nora Nora Sewers (map)
  • Event / Garden Ceremonia (map)
  • Pyramid Desert Beach Pyramids (map)
  • Ice / ID Ice Dungeon (map)
  • Icthy / Ickies Icthyosaur (monster)
  • Deku Dekumanus (monster)
  • Bear Bug Bear / Santa Bear (monsters)
  • Spicy Spicy Island / Spicy Dragon (town/monster)
  • Blood Count Blood (monster)
  • Skull Captain Skull (monster)
  • Tom Tombeth (monster)
  • Tenter/Lion Tenterlion (monster)
  • Tut Tutankhamen (monster)
  • Queen Queen Odinea (monster)
  • Shark / Croc / Gator Swamp Shark (monster)
  • Robin Love Hunter Robin (NPC)
  • Don Don Giuvanni (NPC/monster)
  • Rose Rosemary (NPC)
  • Bank Player Item Bank, accessible by all characters
  • Store Player Item Storage, accessible by only one character
  • Galder / G / g Galder, the currency of Trickster
  • GT Galder Throw (skill)
  • Barrage Galder Barrage (skill)
  • GB Galder Barrage or Ghost Blue (skill/map)
  • Arrow Mana Arrow (skill)
  • MA Magic Ability or Mana Arrow (stat/skill)
  • Rush / MR Arrow Rush (skill)
  • Crush / GC Gravity Crush
  • SM Shuriken Master (skill)
  • Kick Volley Kick (skill)
  • Royal Royal party type
  • Special Special party type
  • Girls Girls-only Special party type
  • Boys Boys-only Special party type
  • Pow / Power Bunny or Buffalo
  • Mag / Magic Sheep or Dragon
  • Sen / Sense Fox or Lion
  • Charm Cat or Raccoon
  • Lv / Lvl Level
  • Build Character Growth Chart, 4 digits representing Power – Magic – Sense -Charm (ex.,4123)
  • TM Technical Merit point or level (stat)
  • Buff/Buffed  A type of spell/skill that increases stat(s)
  • Debuff  The opposite of Buff
  • Nerfed  A decrease in some aspect, such as a drop rate, spawn rate, or general stats of characters, items or monsters
I’ve actually been planning to write one, these days… to let people understand the meaning of lolboxes, etc.
Quick rundown on some stuff off I can think right off my head that I’ve heard ingame or read on the forums…
Basic stuff:
Lol = Laughing out loud.
Rofl = Rolling on floor laughing.
Lmao = Laughing my I love you! off.
Imba = Imbalanced.
Ftw = For the win.
Pass = Password.
(Not sure if any of the particular acronyms mentioned is against regulations, if so, moderation can take the actions they deem fit..)
Game stuff:
GM = Game Master(nickname for moderation team), and rarely Guild Master.
Lv = Level.
Lvl = Level.
Aggro = Mobs that are agressive.
Comps = Compounds related to the Mature Compound system.
Fuse = Short for Fusion, related to the Fusion System.
Mong = Refers to the boss monster, Master Mong.
Count = Refers to the boss monster, Count Blood.
Spicy = Refers to the Lv999 boss monster, Spicy Dragon.
Don = Refers to the solo quest boss monster, Don Giuvanni.
GSet = Refers to the Unique Pharaoh Set, that drops by the boss monster Tutankhamen.
GS = Golden Sword.
GLS = Golden Lion Shield.
PHat = Pharaoh Hat.
Count Equips/Set = Refers to the Unique Sacrifice Set, that drops by the boss monster Count Blood.
Blood Equips/Set = Refers to the Unique Sacrifice Set, that drops by the boss monster Count Blood.
Karan Equips/Set = Refers to the Unique Pirate Set, that drops by the boss monster Pirate King Karan.
Tenter Equips/Set = Refers to the Unique ????(set name unknown of this post) Set, that drops by the boss monster Tenter Lion.
Tap = Refers to Tapasco maps(such as tap1 means tapasco field 1).
Tech = Refers to Techichi maps.
ID = Refers to Ice Dungeon maps.
SF = Refers to Snow Hill maps.
GB = Refers to Ghost Blue maps.
Nora = Refers to Nora Sewer.
Oops = Refers to Oops Warf, be it the town, gate or maps.
Mermaid = Refers to Mermaid Palace fields or dungeon.
Phantom = Refers to Phantom School.
Mirage = Refers to Mirage Island maps.
Bugbears = Refers to Path to Snow Hill map.
Pop = Refers to poppuri, be it pet, the old event, or the dungeon.
Mega = Refers to the central town, Megalopolis.
Inferno = Refers to the 4G Inferno set.
MQ = Monster Quest.
PQ = Party Quest.
SoH = Second job light dragon skill, Shield of Heaven.
DB = Second job dark dragon skill, Dark Barrier.
Blessing/s = Refers to third job sheep skills that damage attackers.
MoM = Refers to the first job magic skill, Mist of Mana.
AR = Refers to the first job magic skill, Arrow Rush.
Lolbox = Refers to random item boxes.

Rules of Trickster Online and Official Trickster Forum

Forum Etiquette:

  1. Read the forum rules!!!
  3. Use proper grammar and spelling
  4. Hit the space bar once between words and twice between sentences
  5. Use punctuation
  6. Use the enter/return key to break up large blocks of text
  7. NEVER double post or double thread!
  8. The edit button is your friend
  9. The Search button is your BEST friend

Game Etiquette:

  1. Read the Terms of Service like you were supposed to before even making an account!!!
  2. Never beg for anything
  3. When looting higher level players, keep a distance from them and do NOT just stand in one place and click endlessly until you take the item.  Clicking will NOT make you able to pick up the item any faster, and you’re just wasting time and getting in the way when you do that
  5. Be polite
  6. DO NOT lead aggressive monsters over to a player who is afk or drilling
  7. DO NOT steal kills
  8. If a player tells you they don’t want to party, DO NOT ask them over and over and over.  Harassing them about it sure as hell isn’t going to make them join you!
  9. DO NOT try to join a party with an average level 60 100* more than your own.  Joining that party would make it “FIXED” so you’re not going to be let in, and making that request is just annoying, and could get the party leader killed
  10. If you ask to join a party and are refused, DO NOT ask them over and over and over.  Harassing them about it sure as hell isn’t going to make them let you in!*Edited 3/5/09, the “FIXED” party limit was upped from 60 to 100 a short while ago.

Basic gameplay
Meet your new best friend, second only to the Search Button:
TAKE THE TUTORIAL.  When you’re on the ship and you talk to the Captain, he’ll offer you a tutorial.  TAKE IT.  It will give you free starting gear, free potions, and teach you how to talk to people, fight monsters, use and learn skills, and buy things.

READ THE COMIC GUIDE ON THE MAIN SITE.  Though not fully conclusive, and sometimes confusing, it’s still a decent enough guide.  At the very least, it’ll give you a general concept of what you’re doing, and also give you some specific things you can ask about or search for in other locations.

Most NPCs will tell you where to find what they ask, and how many they need.  MAKE SURE you read what they tell you!  If you miss something they said, you can review what you were told by clicking on the quest from the Quest Panel.  (Press Q while not in the chat box)
When you accept a quest, the chances of finding what you were asked to find is nerfed.  You do not have to accept the quest to complete it.  Find out what you need and where it comes from, then cancel the quest.  Then go find what you need and go back to the NPC and accept the quest, and immediately turn it in.

Very few quests are done only once.  Quests typically run in cycles of 3, 5, 10 and 25.  The exception being certain Monster Quests, Event Quests and Episode Quests.
You enter personal shops and MyCamps by double clicking the bubble that has the title of the shop/camp.

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