Stellar Impact In-game Terms List

Stellar Impact In-game Terms List by voydwalker

Greetings friends.

This post has the simple aim of making it clear what people mean when saying some fancy stuff like: con up/ drop top/fb, ect.
(Recommended use of the Game’s Teamskeak channel for better team coordination)

Listed in alphabetical order.

Ab – autobalance.
Bf – battlefield. a game mode
Bot – bottom. means the lowest lane in the map where the npc ships fly, or just the lower map part in general
Cap – capture an object on the map
CC – cruiser, ship class
CF – Command Field. a skill that reduces cooldowns and provides extra income.
Con – Quantum Beacon. a skill that lets you teleport to and from it
Cq – conquest. a game mode
DD – destroyer, ship class
DN – dreadnaught, ship class
Drop – goes with mid/top/bot. players teleport to and gather on a lane to make a coordinated push
Fb – fallback. retreat to safety
FF – frigate, ship class
Gank – players grouping and attacking a certain enemy.
Mid – middle. middle lane that npc’s follow, or the middle part of the map in general
Port – teleport. map object, can be captured, can be teleported to and from. or can mean just the act of teleporting somewhere
Prime – Primary target. a skill that gives a bonus critical%
Res – research. map object that can be captured, provides faster technology gain
Ret/s – turrets. the defensive platforms in the bases
Roid – asteroids or asteroid fields. try not to collide with those please
Stal – crystal. the place where refineries can be built(currently bad idea to capture them)
Top – indicates the highest lane in the map that the npc’s follow, or just the top map part in general
Torp/s – torpedo. quite powerfull close ranged attack. try to avoid getting hit if possible.
Vet – corvette, ship class

Notice: players are by no means obliged to follow this convention it is only meant for smoothness of the game experience.
due to the nature of this glossary, consider it work in progress

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