Stellar Impact Corvette Builds Guide

Stellar Impact Corvette Builds Guide by FilthyPesant

I have some builds here that i use and find to be extremely effective. Feel free to reply with your own builds or comments

I find corvettes are great at harassment. This can be done one of two ways: long range poke, or point blank nuker.

Poke Build:
Quantum Accelerator (2)
Quantum Leap (0)
Radar Beacon (3)
Backup Generator (1)
Research Focuses: weapon range, and weapon reload

General Strat: Find a target to harry and drop your Radar Beacon and begin to rapid fire away. If you are approached use leap to dodge any missiles and accelerator to get away. In a pinch Backup gen can save your life.

Nuker Build:
Stealth Generator (0)
Quantum Leap (0)
Missile Battery (3)
Torpedoes (3)
Research Focuses: Speed, shield/armor crit

General Strat: Find a sitting duck and stealth up to them. Open with torpedo followed quickly by missile battery. If the enemy returns fire use leap to get behind their stern and start unloading with your regular guns. Remember the point of this build is not to kill most of the time, but to horrifically cripple. On a side not if the enemy has escort ships use the missile first to remove the barriers for your torpedoes. Make sure to get out before they can bring their broadside guns to bear.

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