Scions of Fate Yulgang Armor Crafting Material Guide

Scions of Fate Yulgang Armor Crafting Material Guide by TRID

Ok so as a new armorer, or tailor i guess, I have put together all the NPC-ready materials that you obtain from, you guessed it, the gears you get from drops/NPCs, with the exception of 105 armor which I hope someone can update us with that sometime.

First off, to obtain armor crafting as a skill you talk to the NPC Limbo in the Market Place. When you have the skill you press Ctrl+M to open the Craft Window. Under the “Produce” tab is where you will be dismantling all your items for your crafting materials.

This is this list of products, with the exception of fine linen which is gained by breaking armor/boots/bracers/robes while enhancing. The orbs, squares and leathers are obtained through drops from mobs. Leather drops from any animal type mob with fur. The orbs and squares drop from any human type mob and animal mobs without fur. Also, these are the numbers I, personally, gained, I do know for a fact that the points vary randomly, like maybe a level 50 robe produces 30 linen, and sometimes it gives 32… you get the picture, this is just a list with the round-about numbers. Anyways, heres the production list:

Edit for Notes:
– Linen Deco is material that is used by Weapon Crafters, Armor Crafters can make from the start and Weapon Crafters can make it at a higher mastery.
– Below this list is a list of which mobs drop what quality of materials.

-30: Too Low To Produce Items
40: 12 Linen
50: 32 Linen
60: 9 Cotton
70: 16 Cotton
80: 10 Wool
90: 32 Wool
100: 9 Silk

-25: Too Low To Produce Items
35: 4 Soft Iron Thread
45: 12 Soft Iron Thread
55: 19 Soft Iron Thread
65: 2 Dense Iron Thread
75: 3 Dense Iron Thread
85: 3 Hard Iron Thread
95: 6 Hard Iron Thread
105: yet to be discovered

-30: Too Low To Produce Items
40: 3 Linen
50: 7 Linen
60: 1 Cotton
70: 4 Cotton
80: 2 Wool
90: 7 Wool
100: 3 Silk

-30: Too Low To Produce Items
40: 6 Linen
50: 9 Linen
60: 1 Cotton
70: 5 Cotton
80: 1 Wool
90: 7 Wool
100: 1 Silk

Again, any further information on materials needed etc. for making the things like armor will be appreciated so that this can be updated, because half that damn craft has no material list for what is needed to make what, and also what is produced from 105 armor.

Quality of Drops from Mobs see note in Edit section above
I wont post the exact mobs unless there is a change in quality, as in, when it shifts from regular leather drops to fine leather

Orbs Squares – ?
Leather – Regular Leather

Orbs Squares – Blue
Leather – Regular Leather

Orbs Squares – Blue
Leather – None

Orbs Squares – ?
Leather – ?

Orbs Squares – ?
Leather – ?

Orbs Squares – Red
Leather – ?

Orbs Squares – Jade
Leather – ?

Orbs Squares – ?
Leather – ?

Orbs Squares – Jade
Leather – Fine Leather (maybe Regular from lowest mobs?)

Orbs Squares – ?
Leather – ?

Thats all so when you get drops from an area with a question mark, post it here so I can change it.

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    80 robes, now gives 11 whool and not 10.

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