Scions of Fate Yulgang House Information Guide

Scions of Fate Yulgang House Information Guide by ZERO

Once you reach level 35 and pass your second promotion, you are given the rights to create a House [clan/guild].
-+ A House can be created by talking to Lady Jolie [Riverside Plains] or Lady Gwen [Hill Valley]


– House Establishment Fee of 1,000,000G.
– A House Name can not have any spaces in it.
-+ You will become the House Leader/Owner.

——————–< House Levels >——————–

– To Upgrade a House to a higher level you have to talk to the related Elder in HoO/HoC.
– House Quests can be found by pressing the “Move to SimSa” option when talking to the Elder.
– House Quests will allow you to select up to 17[?] players for the quest.
-+ These players need to be on the same earth in Marketplace to able to select them
[?] – Needs to be confirmed.

Level 2: 5,000,000G. + 100,000Ki

Level 3: 10,000,000G. + 400,000Ki

Level 4: 20,000,000G. + 600,000Ki + Quest Item
Quest: Find the NPC in the corner[SouthEast] of the Marketplace.

Level 5: 40,000,000G. + 1,500,000Ki + Quest Item
Quest: Find the NPC in the corner[SouthEast] of the Marketplace.

Level 6: 50,000,000G. + 3,500,000Ki + Quest Item
Quest: Find the NPC in the corner[SouthEast] of the Marketplace.

Notice: If you cant level up to the next level you either do not have enough Gold, Ki or missing an item to upgrade it.

House Member Capacity

Level 1: 50 Members
Level 2: 55 Members
Level 3: 60 Members, [Vice] House Master**, /appointmaster name
Level 4: 65 Members, Lv 4 House Costume, Elder positions*, Honor Distribution
Level 5: 70 Members, Lv 5 House Costume
Level 6: Lv 6 House Costume

* Elder Positions:
– Financial Elder
– Legislative Elder
– Elder / Officer**

** Notice:
House Master [Order] is Master [Chaos]
Vice House Master [Order] is House Master [Chaos]
Elder [Order] is Officer [Chaos]

House Positions and Rights

– House positions can be changed by right clicking and selecting from the option menu.

House Leader: Member Management [Inviting/Kicking] / Promotion / Storage Management.
House Vice Leader: Member Management
Financial Elder: Inviting Members, Storage management [House Storage still in development]
Legislative Elder: Inviting Members
Elder [Officer]: Support [Usually differs per House]
Member: Regular Member, no special rights.

– All positions above Elder are able to change the House Notice.
– Each position can appoint a lower positioned member to a higher rank, up to below his own.

House Fame [Honor]

– Everyone is able to donate his personal honor to the House.
– House leader can donate fame to each member in the House.
-+ Only 1000 Honor may be donated per member each day.

——————–< House Commands >——————–

/reghouse | To upload the House Logo from the folder into the game.
-+ The House Logo size must be 16×16.
-+ The House Logo name must be Mark.bmp
-+ The House Logo must be in the Guild Folder [C:/NetGame/ScionsOfFate/client/Guild/Mark.bmp].
-+ Background of House logos can be removed with the default color pink from MS Paint.

/joinhouse IGN | To join someone into the House.
-+ Selecting a player and pressing Ctr+D also works.
-+ The player cannot:
-++ Be in shop
-++ Trading
-++ Have PK on
-++ Killing a mob
While trying to add.
-+ The player has to be on the same earth

/expelhouse IGN | To expel [remove] someone from the House.
-+ This works for offline players as well.

/appointmaster IGN | To appoint the House Leader position to another player.
-+ Only works with Level 3 and higher Houses. Original House Leader becomes Vice Master.

/leavehouse | To leave the House.
-+ A confirmation window will be given first.
-+ If this is done by the House Leader, the House will disband. Resulting to all current members becoming Houseless.

– Opening House Window: Ctrl+G
– Activating House Chat: Alt+G

——————–< House Uniforms >——————–

About House Uniform [HU]
– House uniforms be used from level 35 and up.
– House uniform can only be equipped by being part of a level 4 [or higher] house.
– House uniform uses a different slot and can be worn with the normal costumes.
– You can only display 1, either your costume or your uniform to be shown. This can be turned on and off in the Options menu.

– House uniforms will be sold by Elder NPCs in the HoO/HoC Regions.

– Level 4 Costume – 5,000,000G.
– Level 5 Costume – 10,000,000G.
– Level 6 Costume – 15,000,000G.

House uniforms basic colors are different per level.

– Level 4 Costume – Blue base
– Level 5 Costume – Purple base
– Level 6 Costume – Green base
– Default cape color is black.

– House Leader can change the cape color for 20,000,000G.
– House Leader can put a logo on the back of the cape for ??,???,???G.
– You can add up to 4 extra ability increments by merging it with a premium costume. Merging can be done at the HoO/HoC Elder.
-+ Free of charge but results in losing the costume used because the citrine values of the costume are transferred to the House Uniform.
– Ability increase from the house uniform stacks with that from the regular costumes.
-+ Which means you can have an ability increase of up to 8 points.
– You can enhance house uniforms for extra defense.
-+ This works the same as robes. +3 Defense increase per level.
– Once you have enhanced your house uniform, you can not merge it with a regular costume.

– You can store, trade and sell house uniforms.

——————–< House Quests >——————–

I will not spoil anything regarding the House Quests in this post, but will give random tips and things to watch out for from information we have gathered so far.

– You cannot Mediate inside the Quest.
– You cannot use Pets inside the Quest.
– The Boss uses AOE
– The Boss drops the required item to level up the House. Make sure the House Leader picks this up
-+ It also drops random items [HQ Gems, Emotes, etc.]

Recommendations and Tips
– Take players above level 70-80 with good offense/defense.
-+ Those below will only be good to carry pots/ginseng.

– Listen to Instructions given by your House Leader
-+ Try not to spam the [house]chat
– Make sure you fully pot/gin up and be prepared!
– Optional: Make parties once you enter.

– Whenever you die, drop pots/ginseng/items for those who stay behind, before you leave the map.
– Share pots/ginseng with those who needs them.

– Dont type/chat/move/ab/buff/skill/move[right away] before or after teleporting
-+ AB/Buffs/Skill after a you are teleport results into: Force Quit, DC or Errors. [Pay extra attention to this in the boss room]

– Recommended Premium: Phoenix Pill, Healing Salve
-+ Premium Pills can be started at any time within the quest
[?] You cannot open the Premium Shop inside the quest

– Run into a safe zone if you need to buff or ab

– Dont forget about the time!

——————–< House Wars >——————–

Where?: MarketPlace
NPC: H.War Manager
Cost: 50,000,000G.
– 50 Honor Points from the enemy House

———–House Quests—————-

Level 4: 20 Slates, Boss Item
Level 5: Boss Item
Level 6: 4 Keys, Boss Item

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