Prison Tale Leveling Guide

Prison Tale Leveling Guide by e_Xile

I’m going to break the leveling guide down into classes, I can only give information based off what I know for each class and where I/others have leveled.

This guide is relevant to solo leveling, subject to change if you have a party.
I am going up to 9x because after that it should be obvious.

Brief Overview:

–[xx] Levels refer to the BEST time to go to that map.
70[75]-80[85], Refers to the fact, if you have good enough gear go to that map at 70, if not you can definitely handle it at [75]. A lot of soloing is based on gear dependence.

(x1, xx) Next to a map name is just its common abbreviation (Good to know those).

Italicized map names means, its more so a personal preference but it is not the map I recommend leveling on.

Underlined means that is the map most people I know level on & my map recommendation

Both at the same time, means I would level there if you have the gear and means to but, it will be a bit more challenging.


Lvl. 1-5: Garden of Freedom
Lvl. 5-10: Ancient Refuge/Ascasia Forest
Lvl. 10-20[22]: Ruinen Village
Lvl. 20[22]-30[35]: Cursed Land (CL)
Lvl. 30[35]-43: Forgotten Land (D1)
Lvl. 43-55: Forgotten Land & Oasis (D2)
Lvl. 55-65: Battlefield of the Ancients (D3), Forbidden Land (D4), Beehive Cave
Lvl. 65-70[75]: Dark Sanctuary (DS) & Dungeon Fl. 3 (U3, Dun3)
Lvl. 70[75]-80[85]: Dark Sanctuary & Cursed Temple Fl.1 (S1, CT)
Lvl. 80-90: Cursed Temple Fl. 1 & 2, Greedy Lake (GL), Iron 1 (i1, RoC)


Lvl. 1-7: Garden of Freedom
Lvl. 7-12: Ancient Refuge&Ascasia Forest
Lvl. 12-22[23]: Ruinen Village
Lvl. 23-30[35]: Cursed Land (CL)
Lvl. 30[35]-43[50]: Forgotten Land (D1)
Lvl. 43[50]-55: Forgotten Land & Oasis
Lvl. 55-65[70]: Battlefield of the Ancients & Beehive Cave
Lvl. 65[70]-75[80]: Dark Sanctuary
Lvl. 75[80]-85[90]: Cursed Temple Fl. 1, Greedy Lake, Dark Sanc.
Lvl. 85-9x+: Greedy lake, Cursed Temple Fl.1 , Cursed Temple Fl.2

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