Prison Tale Knights Build Guide

Prison Tale Knights Build Guide by Bruce08KS

First the more common build strength build

Strength: All other points
Spirit: 68-72 for murky.
Talent: 95-99 for 80d armor and swords
Agility: 68-77 for 80d boots ( But best to have 68-70 agi)
Health: Base

and skills well first 3 main skills are

Brandish (main lvling skill)
Saword Mastery (adds Damage boost)
Grand Cross (main 1v1 skill)

NOTE* by lvl 80 you should have these 3 skills all lvl 10 unless you like to hunt more than mass kill then you can leave brandish lower lvl

Then you have 3 skills that can not be used at the same time as eachother so you realy only need one untill you have spare points

Holy Body (adds abs against undead not that good unless hunting undead)
Holy Valor (adds attack also gives to party but only against undead)
Drastic Spirit (adds defense prob the best all round of the 3 in this group)

NOTE** unless you plan to hunt undead and only undead then I would go with Drastic Spirit untill lvl 95

Then you have your last 3 skills

Divine Shield (adds block and also regens HP from undead attack)
Godly Shield (chain block from Divine shield and adds abs rate)
God Bless (adds attack power good only with 1v1 skills)

NOTE*** Divine Shield is best at lvl 9 dont waste the extra point

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