Prison Tale Class Guide for New Players

Prison Tale Class Guide for New Players by ElSuperLobo

Well I decided to make this guide in general lines to give to the new people an idea of what class to choose because the game doesn’t tell you too much. I won’t give too much details, just a bit more than the game gives you when you start.

Mechanician: This class can have many different ways to build. You can make an AutoMech that means you can use a Bow or Javalin (not to common). You can make a Tanker Mech that allow you to survive in all maps making it harder for you to die, but this character si slower at leveling. Or you can make a Power Mech, this gives you nice attack power but makes you weaker against attack. Also you can make a Spark Mech that use some skills that “electro shock” monster. (Fun to watch if you have a good video card).
Well the Mech has a pet called a Golem which is like a “robot” with ok attack power and can tank very well.
Leveling times depends on your build. Leveling to 80 – Power Mech may be the fastest leveler followed by the spark mech. The other builds level slower and the tanker takes the most time. For PvP are hard to kill and they make decent damage.
They commonly use a claw and shield (or Spear), or sword or Javelin or Bow. And Armor. This class may have the most complex build options allowing players to try many different build ideas. (This can come at a cost as you can buy Skill Reset Stones from the cash shop)

Pikeman: This class in one of the most powerful in the game. They unleash critical and enormous damage and can kill with only 1 hit. This char has no pet, but they have a skill called vague that gives you some % of Evade, this means that your enemy may miss the hit. They have a skill that allows you to kill all the monster that surrounds you (AOE). They are one of the best for PvP and PvE. They are the fastest leveler at any level. They have a skill that makes you almost invisible and also gives you more power to kill. They use a Spear and Armor

Fighter: Well this is the other one that has a lot of attack power, they don’t have pet and also don’t have any Evade skill. They have more life than any other class. They also can kill with one skill called Destroyer. They are good against Demons.
This char level a little slower because they don’t have a good skill against many monsters (like demons) but they are very good in one on one and also in PvP.
They have a skill that stuns any monster/player in the area and other skill that gives you more power for some time but it has some cost. Your absorb will go down during this time, but is a nice skill. It also puts your character all in red. They can use a sword but the normal is using an Axe and Armor.

Priestess: They are so cute XD. This in my opinion is the best support class. They don’t have so much power to kill a monster fast (At higher levels). But they can kill many monsters at same time with a skill that make lightning fall from the sky. You need to know that the time for killing a monster will depend on the lvl of the monster. This class killing a high monster can take a lot of time. That’s why I say the Priestess main use is for support. They can freeze, heal and give players more life (Virtual Life). Depending on the build, they can also tank very nice. Not as much as a Mech or Mage but they can tank. This class has a “pet”, it is like a ghost that helps to tank and to kill. The best part about this pet is that it can’t be killed. It will only disappear when the time runs out for that skill. After level 90 it may become slow (or hard) to level. Maybe a little faster than mage but slower than other characters. (Really useful in Parties) They level very fast to 90 with the Skill Devine Lightning. Not good for PvP, they are a support class. They use Staff or wand and orb with robe.

Magician: This class has a lot of power to kill a lot of monster at the same time. They can be the best tankers but at the cost of Mana. Some consider them as support characters. They have some skills that slow down any monster and have a special shield skill that allows them to tank very well. Like the priestess, they kill a lot of monsters at one time. The mage uses meteorite skill that makes meteors fall from the sky. (It is the best AOE of all PT) They also have another skill that shoots a flame from your wand or staff and another one that makes “like” an earthquake (your screen will shake). They also have a Fire Pet. The Fire Elemental is weak defense and weak attack power. It will die easy. Just like the priestess, they level very fast to 90. After lvl 90 it gets slower (harder) to level and you will get tired of leveling in same maps (Lower maps than what your level is). Mages can block well in PVP but can’t deal great damage in PVP. They help clannies to kill in PvP with some skills that affect other players. They use Staff or wand and orb with robe.

Knight: Well this class has nice attack power. Attack Power is a little low but they can do okay damage. They have a faster skill called Grand Cross to kill, and also have an AOE skill that allows you to level faster. They are good against undead. With some luck they can convert the monster to help him kill another monster (They can train monsters to be pets). They don’t have Pet that they can summon like the Mech, Prs, Mage or Archer. For PvP they are a little weak. They die from lower level chars. Attacking (Attack Power) is good only when they reach lvl 100+. They are very powerful when 2 or more are attacking the same person. They have a skill that can be shared with party members. They use Sword and armor.

Archer: This class is very weak, even weaker if you choose to make it pure (No HP Added). In that case you will have a very nice attack power, but you will die easy if you aren’t careful. If you choose use all the items (defensive items) so you can tank a bit better (but it doesn’t make a lot of difference). They have a pet, a wolf, that in my opinion, are the next best tanker after the golem. This class is very fast at killing 1 by 1. They can use phoenix shot that “shoots” a fire phoenix (it makes huge damage) and also has a skill to kill many monster at same time if you put all the monsters in a single line. This class can level really fast. They also have an Evade skill that is permanent.
This char is not well in PvP. They were made to kill from distance and in a safe zone like a tower. They can kill any character easily if they can remain behind a distant blockade or tower. The archer is dangerous from distance. They can cast Force of Nature and share it with party members. They use Bow and Armor

Atalanta: This is similar to the Archer but can tank better then the Archer but deals a little less damage. They don’t have a pet but they use a shield with their main weapon the Javelin. The shield allows the Ata to do some slight tanking. This is one of the best classes in higher maps because they don’t need to kill face to face. They kill from distance and very fast with Vengeance skill which has nice damage. They also have an Evade skill that you activate like the Pikeman. They also have another skill that give more power and freeze enemies but it sadly doesn’t work with Vengeance, only the power works.
They also have a skill that allows you to kill many monsters but you have to put them in a line like the archer. Like the Archer this class for PvP is better from a safe zone. They spawn skills fast and they can give the Evade Skill to her/his party members. They Use javelin and Armor.

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