Prison Tale Shortcuts and Commands Guide

Prison Tale Shortcuts and Commands Guide by ReyJohn

Q – open/Close quest window.
W – change between equipment modes.
E – change between inventory modes.
R – change between run/walk.
S – open/Close skills window.
D – open/Close party window.
Z – change camera modes.
X – open/Close system window.
C – open/Close character information window.
V – open/Close inventory window.
M – to see all maps/places in Pristontale.
Tab – show/Hide window map.
F1~F9 – select Skills.
1~3 – use Potions.
Esc – exits current tasks. Also close opened windows.
Enter – enter chatting mode.

/camera_wave_off – it will turn off the camera/screen waving/shaking.
/camera_wave_on – it will turn on the camera/screen waving/shaking.
/disable_whisper – it will disable whispers or Pm’s.
/enabler_whisper – it will enable whispers or Pm’s.
/latency – reduces delays/lags in-game.
ctrl + home – takes SS on JPG format. SS will come with Date+Time.
ctrl + end – takes SS on BMP format. SS will come with better quality.
//party name of the player – sends party request by a distance.
shift + attack(right or left click) – continuous attacks in a monster or player.
yahoo – makes your character dance.

A – display items in ground.
@ – its a shortcut to chat party mates in a party(enter to open chat box and type @ “your message”).
Tab – its a shortcut to chat clan mates in a clan(enter to open chat box then press Tab it will automatically type /CLAN> to allow you to chat in clan).
arrow key up/down – zoom in and zoom out the camera.
arrow key left/right – it will turn around the camera to left or right.
pag up/down – it will move the camera up and down.
Shift + Esc – shortcut to quit in game.
Print Screen – to take screenshots in BC(After pressing Print Screen open paint and click Edit and click Paste then click Save as).
ctrl + 1 or 2 or 3:
– its a shortcut to reload pots.
– to use this simply point the arrow to a pots in your inventory then press ctrl + 1 or 2 or 3.
How to copy/paste messages in game:
– first press enter to open chat box then type your message that you want to copy, when you are done just simply press Shift + Home and then Ctrl + C to copy the message, after copying press Shift + Insert or Ctrl + V to paste it.
How to put skills on quick-slots(F1~F9):
– open skills window, right click on the skill and keep pressing it. After it push between F1 and F9 and done, your skill is on the quick-slot

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