Lord of Ages New Player’s Guide

Lord of Ages New Player’s Guide by Steffano

Well i’m fairly new to the game and I’ve already gotten a very decent conception on this game and have a plan built up for myself. I’d love to share it with you guys! :D

In order to play you have to register! You may forget your login… your username, password, etc. Be sure to use your correct e-mail in order to be safe, and in the likelihood you cannot remember a password, you may have to recover your information using the e-mail you registered with. :)

I can’t stress enough on how important this is. It’s basically saying, “Hey! You! Build this, and we’ll give you a profit of your resources, compared to what you spent!”

3. DO the quests!
When you actually do the quests, you’ll notice that you’ll receive different types of quests, and new ones. Daily quests are highly recommended because whats not to love about rewards that you can keep on repeating? I suggest completing the “Resources” quest first, allowing yourself to get level 5 resources very early in the game ( in as little as possibly 5 minutes or so ), and you’ll be ahead on your resources compared to what you spend, and remember.. the “levying” quests should ALWAYS be claimed when possible and allowed to do so, so remember to do that as much as you can!

4. JOIN an alliance.
After you join an alliance, or even create one yourself, you open yourself into a whole new world. Alliance quests, alliance help, alliance wars, and a whole variety of things to do!

Build up your economy! You want to have a great resource income right? My favorite way? Go into your “City” and create Lumber mills, iron mines, farms, and quarries. You have only 16 plots so use them well. You might be asking, How come my resources are stuck at 5,000??? HELP!! Well I have an answer for that. :) You have to build yourself a Warehouse, and upgrade it in order to increase further storage of your resources. Maybe you are having trouble actually making resources. Lets say you have all 16 plots filled up with level 5 resource buildings in your city, and you aren’t making hardly anything! Keep in mind, in order to actually make resources, even in real life, it requires manual labor. You have to upgrade that cottage you made in the very beginning (beginning quests) to increase your total population, so that you will have a sufficient amount of workers. Coins is another huge ordeal in this game. Coins may be used for buying resources, and buying/upgrading buildings. In order to receive coins, you MUST either complete quests that reward them, or attack wildernesses/players to obtain coins. The choice is up to you :)

6. ATTACK other land plots (wildernesses).
So maybe building up resources isn’t what you’re looking for. It’s not fun and you want to seek some action. Don’t worry! Build up a small army, (even the Levy Soldiers daily quest gives you 20 pikemen EVERY time you do it, so use it to your own advantage ^.^) and start raiding some swamps. I’ve noticed that swamps are the smallest and potentially weakest areas to attack, so be sure to attack them at every chance you get. Upon victory, you can receive a variety of rewards, such as: Gold, equipment, gems, and resources. To attack, click “Map” and look for a body of water on one of the coordinates, left click and be sure to send how many of what type of units to send, also, you should pick which hero to send with your troops, however early-game, you will not have a hero at this time, then you click “march”. You may be wondering, “Where are all of my troops that i sent?!??!” Well don’t worry. If you became victorious in your battle, your troops are marching their way back to the city you sent them from. :) Attack at every chance you get! Remember this game is strictly about timing.

7. RECRUIT a hero!
Heroes can have a MAJOR impact on your city. The basics, all heroes will be ranked from Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Famous, and all the way to Legend. (Junior being the worst, and Legend being the best), and their Intelligence levels from 10-50 (10 being the lowest, 50 being the highest). Intelligence simply defines on how well the hero will actually grow when the hero has upgraded. The higher, the better, so try to look for them! For every 10 points in each stat the hero has, it will increase your overall attack/defense/speed/flexibility of your troops by 1%, respectively to that attribute. You might be wondering about now, on how to obtain a hero. Well to my knowledge, there is TWO ways you can do it. You can approach it either way, a) Create an inn and hire a hero with gold, OR.. b) Attack the wildernesses on the Map and you may be lucky enough to obtain a hero.

8. RESEARCH technologies!
Technologies require an Academy, and are the only thing that puts you ahead of the game. If you have 100 archers, and you attack somebody else’s 100 archers, whose going to win? Well if he has 3% increased damage, and you have nothing, I’d put my money on the other guy, easily because he’ll be putting out a higher damage than you will, a standard 3%. Not only can you research fighting bonuses like defense increased and weapon increase, but you also can research your scouting, resource transport speed, and others like improvement of your profit within your city.

9. DEFEND your cities!
Raise up those walls because you’re going to need them. There are thousands of players on and you will most definitely be attacked by some players in this game, big or small, they come in all sizes and I assure you, it will happen. To defend your city, go to your “Town” and click on your walls. You will need to upgrade the wall, and buy fortifications to protect your city and resources from invasions. When a player successfully attacks you, and wins, that player will take rewards back to home. In order to reduce the amount of resources that player will take away from you, you have to build, and upgrade a Secret Warehouse, similar to a warehouse and the same concept, but it will NOT increase the cap of which your resources will reach.

10. THINK before you act.
If you were are planning on attack another player, DO HESITATE! I cannot stress that enough, take a few moments and think to yourself, “Does this player have an alliance? Is this player stronger, and have better technologies? Does this player have low resources? Is their alliance stronger than mine? ( if applicable )” These are all great questions to ask yourself. If you answer yes to ANY of these questions, then you may want to find another target. Any player with an alliance is most likely going to have their alliance schedule a planned attack, and attack you, player after player, and the more players they have on their side, well.. consider yourself potential mincemeat :(. There is one ideal way in order to find out if another player is stronger than you, and to find out their research, and even resources and troops! In order to do this, it is highly recommended to upgrade scouting in your academy, and build yourself a few scouts (depending on your level of scouting). If you successfully scout, your scouts will reveal detailed information on their city before you attack! Awesome, huh? ^.^ However.. keep in mind, if you DO scout, sometimes they will fail and you will lose your scouts. Failure is NOT an option ;) In order to do this, it’s VERY similar to attack, however you add however many scouts you’d like to send that you currently have, however you must click the drop box that is titled “Mission”, with its auto-selection called “Attack” and change it to “Scout”. You may also do a little “side scouting” on your own, and click “Rank” and type in their Lords Name, and you can see how high, or low ranked they are. :) Some math may be used in fights, such as adding your attack and defense together of all of your units, and compare to the total of their numbers are, of who/what you are attacking. There are counter units for every unit, so be sure to have a variety! :D

11. LEARN the game.
From here on out, you’re on your own to raise a kingdom and how you plan on doing it is entirely up to yourself. Remember, some learn faster than others, and some take time to understand the concepts and how the game really works. Just keep in mind, when doing quests, COMPLETE the tutorial, once you move on from the tutorial, you will be able to do higher-level quests, and you’ll receive much greater rewards and even more of them! This concludes my little tutorial and I REALLY hope it helps everybody, because there has been times where I have not received any help from anybody, and I wish to share to I know with all of those in need of assistance. :)

My IGN (In Game Name) is “Steffano”
I play on Server 4.

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