Lord of Ages FAQ

Lord of Ages Frequently Asked Questions by Mokobonbon

 1. How can I get resources?
– Purchase resources
– Attack Wildernesses with resources label
– Claim Levy Resources on the Daily Quest
– Finish other quests to get them for free
– Resources fields (Iron, Farm, Quarry & Sawmill) will produce resources every day.

2. How can I get Coins?
– Purchase Coins
– Attack Wildernesses with resources label
– Claim Levy Coin on the Daily Quest
– Finish other quests to get them for free

3. Can I create an alliance myself?
Yes. As long as your Embassy reaches Level 3, you can create your own alliance.

4. How can I join other’s Alliance?
Click Alliance or Rank Button on the bottom of the game, then click the Alliance list to see which alliance you like to join. Finally apply to the alliance by clicking Apply button in the View.

5. How can I get soldiers?
– Claim Levy Soldiers on the Daily Quest
– Recruit soldiers in the Barracks

6. How can I get heroes?
– Capture heroes in the wildernesses with hero label
– Recruit heroes in the Inn building
– Exchange a super hero in the Exchange Gift interface of Fortune Roulette
– Buy hero chest in the Store

7. How can I get equipment?
– Get equipment in the wildernesses with equipment label
– Exchange a piece of equipment in the Exchange Gift interface of Fortune Roulette
– Buy equipment chest in the Store

8. How do I know what items I have?
Check your Storage on the bottom of the game.

9. Where can I use my items?
Items are used in different places. Some are used in Storage while some are used in corresponding places. It is generally the “+ “icon.

10. How should I do the Daily Quest and Alliance Quest?
You have got claim the quest first. After that, go to do what the guide tells you. After you finish it, there will be a green tick in front of it. Then you just need to click Finish button to receive the rewards.

11. What is the difference between Routine Quest and Daily Quest?
Routine Quests help new players to get familiar with the game by guiding and rewarding you. Daily Quests are renewed every day. Routine Quests can be finished during your development while Daily Quests must be claimed before you finish.

12. What should I do in the Map?
Map reviews the world surrounding you. You can see your neighboring cities and wildernesses. You can attack Wildernesses there.

13. What are wildernesses?
Wildernesses are the places for you attack. There are Swamp, Hill, Forest, Cave and Valley in the Map. When you attack them and win the battles, you will get the rewards as shown in the tip when you roll your mouse over it. The rewards are rich.

14. How can I search other players’ coordinates?
Go to the Map view and you can see the search input box on the lower right of your screen. You can search any player’s lord name here or their coordinates.

15. How can I go to other players’ cities or a certain wilderness faster the second time?
Use bookmark function. When you click on other player’s city or a wilderness, you can see a Bookmark button. Click Bookmark and it will go to your favorites. Next time, when you want to go, just click Bookmark button above the input box on the lower right of your game screen.

16. What’s the difference between Invade and Conquer?
They are different in the battle result. Invade means you are aiming at grabbing other player’s resources instead of ruining their soldiers. Conquer means you would like to ruin their troops.

17. How can I identify which hero is stronger?
Being the same level, heroes with different intelligence are stronger. From low to high, they are Junior hero, Intermediate hero, Senior hero, Famous hero, Legendary hero and Super hero.

18. How can I identify which equipment is stronger?
Being the same level, equipment with different color has different power. From low to high, they are white, green, blue, purple and golden.

19. How can I transport resources to other city?
Click on the city, then choose Transport button. On the transport interface, you will select Worker or Transporter to carry resources.

20. How can I build branch cities?
Build Expansion Bureau and recruit militiaman to construct your branch cities.

21. I attacked another player’s city and defeated. I couldn’t find any defending unit in the report.
When the Total Attack Damage of the offender is less than 72,000; and the defender’s Total Attack Damage is 4 times higher than the that of the offender, the offender can not see the defender’s units.
But the defender can always see the offender’s units.

22. There is a player who attacks other players whose prestige is much lower than him/her.
If a player doesn”t log in to the game for 7days, the player is no longer protected by this 5x Prestige rule and can be attacked by any other players.

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