Lord of Ages Advice for New Players

Lord of Ages Advice for New Players by laojingneo

After somedays playing lord of ages, I have some experience for the new players. I hope it can do help to you.

1. Finish the Routine Quest as much as possible. It is the main way for you the gain resourses to build your city. Some quests will not come out untill you finish a certain quest. If you find that you recources is not enough, check your quest list to make sure you have finish every quest you can.

2. Join an alliance. You can get some resources by the alliance quest. It’s very useful at the beginning. On the other hand, you can also increase you attack and defense. And of course, making friends is another reason.

3. Build the sawmill and iron mine in priority, expecially the sawmill. Because it take a large amount of wood and iron to build your city. It’s very easy to get into “wood crisis” and “Iron crisis” for a new player.

4. Attack the wilderness frequently. The military strength of the wilderness increase in this sequence: Swamp, hill, forest, cave, valley. If you don’t want to lose your soldiers, make it 2 to 3 times of troop to attack the wilderness. On the other hand, try to find some wilderness with item or equipment. It’s very useful. Pay attention to the level of the equipment. Some of them can be used at LV 0.

5. Use the bookmark! That make you easy to find the wilderness with item or equipment. For examples, you can name it
“E-Hill1” to stand for “hill with equipment”,”I-Swamp1″ to stand for “Swamp with item”. Remenber to cancel the bookmark after you send your army.

That’s some of my experience to the lord of ages temporary. If there is any other good suggest or question, reply to me and I will try to answer it for you. Pointing out mistakes is also welcomed. I will add some more in the future. Have fun together.

P.S. My name in the game is ” NeoStar”. If you have any suggestions or find bugs of the game. Please send me a message.

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