LOCO New Player’s Tips

LOCO New Player’s Tips by NocticLucisXIII

What you should do:

beginning :
-get some hp/mp pots. I usually take 5 big HP pots and 5mp pots.

-Try to get mineral mine whenever you can.

-Always try to keep your hp bar full at all time. Yes use hp pots.

-Focus on lvl up first by hitting mobs. player second.

-Try to get the last hit on mobs by hitting the mob with the lowest hp. You only get gold if you get the last hit.

-Try to get the right item for your class. Try to help upgrade training camp and recall spots if possible.

-Check the mini map to see if any nearby members need assistance.( very important. You need to look at mini map constantly to see enemies location.)

-It is always best if you can team up with one of your members and take over one lane.

-Defend base if you are nearby. Guardians and towers are your advantage.
…. will add more later. I cant think of anything more right now

Shouldnt do:

– Dont run in tower before you reach lvl 6 >< unless you are Randy Rozz you can harass tower with snipe or ranger use attack when tower hit mobs.

– Dont run around with less than 1/2 hp ><

– Dont feed.

-dont use recall at the 1st 2-3mins of the match because it’s such a waste. The respawn time is very fast at the first 2-3mins if you die.

-Dont run around by your self if you dont have recall or ultimate.

– Dont rage quit if you get owned so hard at the beginning. Try to learn the game. The quitter never learn.

-Dont upgrade training camp too early. The effect isnt great at the beginning. If you wanna upgrade, upgrade recall 1st. Or save money for pots. Upgrade training camp after 5mins should be fine.

– Dont try 1vs1 with player 1 tier higher than you. A lvl 6 should never go head on with a lvl 9.

– Dont try 1vs1 with some1 that keep on killing you >

-dont be an effing selfish as.shole. Help upgrade training camp or recall if you can.

-dont stack more than 2 members in one lane. Why? you wont lvl as fast as with one or 2.

If you have any more good advice, feel free to post here.

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