LOCO Randy Rozz Guide

Land Of Chaos Online Randy Rozz Guide by Wertoret

This is, ladies and gentlemen, an all aspects guide for Randy Rozz.
Let me introduce you with a contents table:
1- Who is Randy Rozz?
2- What is Randy Rozz?
3- Skill discussion and Skill order what to get and what-not
4- Item building
5- Gameplay tips and tricks
6- Disclaimer.

1- Who is Randy Rozz?

Randy Rozz is one of the 30 characters of LOCO, he is the stereotype of a gunslinger, a bounty hunter. He uses pistols and rifles as weapons and tears away an aura of “coolness” everywhere he passes by.
According to his lore, he was a little kid that had to steal to survive in the streets, he was kidnapped by some secret organism and was trained in the combat with guns.
He uses dual pistols, rifles or a guitar in the battle:

Not Just A Guitar…

Actually I believe this guitar shaped weapon is a rifle, not confirmed but most probably (don’t get your hopes too high)

2- What is Randy Rozz?
Ok so we start with the technical aspects of this character.
Randy Rozz is, in his essence, a ranged DPS. Actually he has the longest range of all the characters in LOCO, he can hit a tower without being hit himself by the tower.

He is, also, a carry. But, what is a carry?

CARRY: character with the function of winning the game by himself, carrying all his teammates to victory. Normally they have incredible abilities that turns the tide of the battle in their favor, winning teamfights and destroying buildings easily. In order to balance the carries, they normally have a very poor early game and all their abilities and stats scales with items much more than other characters. So normally they need to farm a lot of gold (minerals in this case) to get hold of a lot of expensive items and then become very powerful compared to other characters at the same level with the same items.

Randy Rozz is a soft carry, meaning he doesn’t have the complete same aspects of a “carry” and he’s balanced between the weaknesses of a carry and the strongness of the same. He doesn’t have a terrible early game but he’s not that powerful lategame. He can deal a lot of damage through regular attacks with the correct items but he’s not that powerful to succeeed in a 1vs5 fight. And most importantly, he’s easily shut down by CC rendering him unable to deal any damage and dying in a matter of seconds due to his squishiness.

HAVE YOUR ROLE VERY CLEAR: you’re a ranged DPS, squishy but deadly, you can support your teammates with a tiny but useful heal and you have a lot of CC ready for making the enemy killing a lot easier. YOU ARE SQUISHY so you cannot initate teamfights, you will get killed very easily. You excel in destroying buildings, cause thanks to your range, base points can barely hit you and guardians are constantly kited by you moving backwards while firing them. You also will have a lot of attack speed, making the destroy the temple task a lot easier.

Oh you’re also a troublemaker, you should learn to be quieter.

3- Skill Discussion

Fast fire
Randy enters a state of deep concentration, firing at a 20%/30%/40%/50% faster rate for 11/14/17/20 seconds.
Attack speed, the main source of DPS you have, this ability also has less cooldown than effect time (incredible) so it’s totally spammable, cause once it wears off the cooldown will already have finished, so always keep it up.
It does consume MP, but this is easily mended by spamming MP potions. Also the amount of MP used is negligible comapred to other skills.

Infinity Load
Infinity Load increases the amount of gold that Randy gains for killing enemies by 10%/15%/20%/25%, at the same time increasing his damage by 5/10/15/20 for 30 seconds
THIS feels like an useless ability… let’s do the math.. normal minions gives you 45 minerals when you kill them… under infinity load you gain, at max level 56 minerals. Honestly? added damage is not impressive (20?) and I have better skills to fill my skill slots rather than this… I never take it.

Sharp Shooter
Randy closely observes his enemy, focusing on their weak points, increasing his critical hit chance by 6%/8%/10%/12%/14% for a short time.
DAMN you.. in this game you cannot mass up to 100% critical chance (unlike in League of Legends) I don’t know how random this is, this is a total gambling skill! 14% extra critical chance… it’s too little, you might not notice the difference after all and you rely on luck, which is something that is not recommended.
Take it if you want, I still believe this skill can be substituted by another one more useful.

Recovery Shot
Randy loads a special round into his weapon, filled with holy light, that heals an ally for 150/300/450 when fired into them.
This skill is crap, shit, scum, worthless and pointless, the amount healed is laughable at and you’d better use a potion (which heals a lot more and doesn’t need a cast time) than using this skill and you have better skills to fill your 4 slots than this one.
also, try to press Ctrl and 1/2/3/4 at the same time, you’ll crush your hand doing this frequently.

Rubber Tip
Loading a heavy, rubber bullet into his revolver, Randy fires it at an enemy’s head, with a 80%/85%/90% chance of stunning them for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.
Oh a rubber bullet, they are not deadly but they touch more nerves than regular bullets, making the victim feel a lot more pain. Well in this case it stuns the enemy and it is a very useful skill.
Uses of this skill: free 2.5 seconds of DPS unless they’re skill immune, free 2.5 secs to cast the ultimate and slam their face with gun grenade or point break, unless they’re skill immune.
This is not a gambling skill, meaning chances are that you fail to stun enemies are low, but possible… you must be very unfortunate to miserably fail to stun with rubber tip with 90% chance to stun -.-

Chain Trouble
Randy fires a bullet with a thin chain attached to it, wrapping itself around his target’s limbs, dealing 100/200/300 damage and slowing their movement speed by 30%/60%/90%.
lol your gun is a harpoon now -.- extra CC is always welcome and 90% slow is a lot, meaning you can chase enemies with no worries at all cause once the CD of this skill has ended, they’re dead already (unless they Z recall back -.-)
The damage is skill damage, which means it is almost “true damage” (if it says 300, it will deal 300, regardless defense)
Take it, always, unlock it first with a skill scroll.

Reflex Shot
Randy fires a unique bullet at his enemy, that ricochets to other enemies after hitting the first for 80/140/200/260/320 damage.
This skill is not useful and here are my points:
-it has 5 levels, meaning you cannot gain the 2000 extra minerals of the 2 skill points you wouldn’t have used if you got a 3 level skill instead of this one.
– Enemies nor minions are so separated that this skill becomes inefficient, normally it will lose the ricochet effect after hitting 3 or 4 targets which is a waste
– you DPS and attack speed exceeds a lot the 1 or 2 seconds required to cast this skill, meaning during the skill casting you might be able to finish off all the minion wave with regular attack.
I never take it, sorry.

Randy draws a bead on a distant opponent, giving his player a view through his scope to manually aim a shot. This shot deals 200/300/400/500 damage, can crit (and miss) and cannot be blocked by skill immunity. Requires a Rifle to be equipped.
This is a very situational skill, it deals pure skill damage but has some bugs and the zoom in is so high you cannot aim easily. again it has 5 levels which is something inefficient cause each level is 1000 minerals once you reach the milestone.
It is bugged, or at least I don’t know how to use it, sometimes if you press the according skill button it won’t proc but call the cooldown instead, if you press it twice or 3 times, it will proc, for 0.5 secs and the camera will then return to normal third person, calling the cooldown anyways.
It is useful for destroying buildings, cause it can damage buildings and it damages a lot (450!) and to finish off fleeing enemies,

NOTE: you must know that the less skill points spent the better, cause once you reach a level when all your skills are maxed out, the following unspendable skill points are converted into 1000 minerals per each skill point and given to you right away.
e.g.: you reach lvl 16 with all the skills maxed out, you gain 5000 gold the very moment you reach lvl 16, cause the SP of lvl 16,17,18,19 and 20 are converted into minerals.


Gun Grenade
Randy fires a massive incendiary round at an enemy, which explodes in fire as it connects. The explosion deals 500/800 damage to all nearby targets, ignoring skill immunity, and stuns them for 1/2 seconds.
After playing OB a time, I discarded this skill as useful (however, I unlocked it with a skill scroll)
The damage it deals is not enough, the stun might be good but Point Break completely overshadows this one with the amount of DPS you can burst instead.
Let’s say you have Gun grenade level 2 you will deal 800 skill damage at once, no failures cause I supose you don’t get stunned during channel, or anyway it won’t go off cooldown if you fail to channel (or yes? I don’t care)
if instead of this you got point break, you would have done, let’s say your regular attack deals 100 damage, I believe the attack speed with point break is more than 10hits/second, so you’d do more than 5000 damage on a single target if you completely finish to cast point break.
yes gun grenade can deal up to 4000 damage if all 5 enemies are packed together and you happen to proc gun grenade on everyone, but still, Point break overshadows it a lot.
Never take it, don’t even bother on unlocking it.

Point Break
Randy enters a trancelike state of extreme focus, achieving an incredible rate of fire on a single target for 5 seconds, also increasing his damage by 40/80 for this period.
This is the crême de la crême of Randy Rozz.
– raep enemies like pedobear
– Destroy base point in 0.5 seconds
– Enemy commander insta-kill (well no but almost)
– Temple insta-kill
– Guardians… what guardians?
Update: now this skill deals half damage to structures, but still it deals a lot of damage on structures.
Always go for this one.

So skilling order:
I recommend the following skills:
– Fast Fire (slot 1)
– Rubber Tip (slot 2)
– Chain trouble (slot 3)
– Snipe (slot 4)
– Point Break (Ultimate)

try to level them in a balanced ratio, by lvl 16 you’ll have maxed them all and you’ll receive 4000 minerals to spend in whatever you want to.

4- Item Building

The gamestart is very straightforward: You have 2 options: going to upgrade training camp (recommended) or buy a Imagethunder muffler.
Always go for the training camp if nobody of your dumbass team wants to throw 1000 minerals into it, really, 10% attack+HP makes a big difference.
If the enemy is a nest of VMB’s, get a Imagespiritual eyes and upgrade it into ImageBloody Spiritual Eyes Brooch or ImageBlazing spiritual eyes brooch
If you went to thunder muffler, upgrade it later into Imagebloody reaper muffler or into Image Burning Reaper Muffler.
Now the first core item build must be ImageCrown of giant, the amount of Strength it gives gives you enough attack damage.
Then you must go either Image Crown of Thief or ImageBloody Reaper Claws
After this, you have enough DPS to finish off a Base point/tower/guardian by yourself.
Then you start watching at the tide of the battlefield and you decide the items by yourself.
Getting focused easily? just fall back, no need of items
Towers/Base points kills you easily? start building defense items or even think about getting a CON crown of STA crown.
Practice makes perfection.

5- Gameplay Tips and Tricks
This is more about DotA gamestyle tips and tricks rather than Randy Rozz specific gameplay.
In the laning phase, you must not charge against the tower, it will slow you down and kil lyou in 3 hits.
Minions and creeps deals A LOT of damage early game, try not to get their aggro easily, since you’re a ranged, it should be easy cause you don’t have to make contact with the creeps to kill them
LASTHIT: it’s very important that you learn to lasthit, cause every lasthit you do is 45 minerals for you, and believe it or not, it’s a lot.
To lasthit properly: melee minions has more HP than ranged casters, ranged caster has more attack than melee minions, so if you see ranged casters shooting at enemy ranged casters, just wait them do land 2 hits and then you shoot at them, with melee minions you must wait for them to land 3 or 4 hits to finally shoot and lasthit it (this is inexact and must be tested a bit)
When fighting enemies: remever to always stock 3 skill immunity potions, 3 greater health potions and 3 minor mana potions in the F1, F2 and F3 slots. when you engage, slam F1+F2+F3 and start with the following combo:
– Fast Fire + Rubber tip + Chain Trouble + leftclick + Point break, to finish off
your skill immunity will be dispelled, and you will be stunned during point break, but guess what? the enemy is dead once your stun wears off.
Try to stay in lane the longes possible, the first 10 minutes you will level up to level 11 in the laning phase, if you get killed or you need to recall you lose a lot of EXP and minerals which makes you be in a level disadvantatge and to be easily killed by enemy players, thus giving them even more minerals and EXP from their kill. (feeding)
You can solodestroy base points and towers after a certain milestone, normally between lvl 12-14 your DPS is high enough not to get killed by the base point and destroying it afterwards.
Base points gives 400 gold when destroyed Towers 300 gold, beast guardians (cyclops and silvermoon beasts) gives 300, inbase guardians (azrael/samael/forest strider…) gives 500 minerals, base structures (training camp/recall spot/temple) gives 500 minerals, headquarters gives 5000 (not a typo, five thousand) minerals when destroyed and enemy commander gives 200 coins and a lvl 1/lvl 5 equipment piece when killed.

6- Disclaimer
I host this guide only at alaplaya’s LOCO official forums. If you need to forward this guide somewhere else (fansites/other forums) contact me at jordichen6@gmail.com and ask me for a copy of the guide. you must give credit of the guide creator everywhere you host this guide at, don’t forget about it.

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