Immortal King FAQ

Immortal King Frequently Asked Questions by Motion

How do you get prestige?: Go click on world map and click on the city you are living in. Click on the button that has green dollars on it. Then it will ask you the amount of prestige and the price you can get with it. Once you pick the price and prestige you want and press Ok then you will get your prestige.

How to move to a different area: When it says you have to move to another area or finish an expedition to upgrade you will have to move onto the next city in your faction. The way to do that is to go to world map and look at the cities that you have unlocked after an expedition. Click on the city that you want to move in. There you will pick the second one from the left that says “relocate to this area”. click on it and you will move into there. You can only move onto highers cities once you finish the required expedition.

What time is the best time to use forge?: The best time to forge is usually in the middle of the day but sometimes it might be random. The best percentage to forge will have to be 98% giving you a chance of upgrading the item you want to upgrade. It will prevent you of losing money and makes it easier for you.

How can I win against the overly powerful mages? When you upgrade your academy to lvl 35 there will be a research that will say holy shield. It will be useful because it increases the magic defense against the mages. This will even out the game even though mages can be powerful its their accuracy that sucks. So increase you holy shield and hope your luck today is really good.
That’s all for now but if you have anymore minor questions ask me then and i will post up a forum for it.

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