Immortal King Development Guide

Immortal King Development Guide by gm003

Development at the initial stage is crucial. Below are some tips on development.

1. Construction:
Upgrade Temple to level 2; when Shop is available, upgrade it to level 2 and then upgrade Temple to level 3. Cooldown time for construction is displayed at the right side of the interface. More construction will result in higher fatigue level and longer construction time.

2. Training:
Click Training Ground and then choose Fast Track ( will consume Honor which can be gained by combating NPC). Please note that the level of hero cannot excess the level of Temple. When the training ends, free players can choose from 24hrs training and 150% training, costing 10 gold coins per day; VIP players can choose from platinum 200% and diamond 250% EXP bonus.

3. Purchase and forge equipment:
Click Shop and buy lv.1 Bronze Sword. Click Forge to forge weapon to level 2. There’s a 5-minute cooldown time. The success rate for plain area is 100% and for other areas may fluctuate.

4. NPC Expedition :
Expedition is the key element of Immortal King. Click Expedition at the bottom right corner of the interface and you’ll find an expedition map. You need to combat these NPCs one by one. Choose an NPC team, click Attack to start the battle. The enemy will start attack first. When the expedition ends, click Temple at the bottom right, continue to upgrade the Training Ground and Shop. Cooldown time can be found at the Order. More attacks will result in higher fatigue and longer cooling time.

5. Quests:
Click Quests, accept one quest, finish it and claim rewards. Quests will be reset with every upgradation of Temple. You can gain silvers by completing these quests. Please remember that the order of building upgradation. From level 1 to 5: Temple to lv.5, Shop to lv.5, Training Ground to lv.5, Cottage to lv.3, Silver Vault to lv.4. After that, you need to upgrade Temple from lv.5 to lv.9 gradually.

6. League:
League Quests will show up after lv.5. Click League, you can choose from various Leagues. Or you can create a League with 100 Honours.

7. Hero Evolution:
Click the army interface, select Evolution to evolute your hero. Honour will enhance hero’s level slightly, spend 2 gold to evolute is the most economical method and spend 50 gold will optimize a hero’s ability to the max level.

8. Levy:

Levy occurs every 30 minutes, 12 times per day (15 times in the spring). The amount of levied silver is based on the number and level of Cottage. It’s better to use Levy at the later part of the stage.

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