Immortal King Fix Login Problems Guide

Immortal King Fix Login Problems Guide by Toymachine

Dear Players,

Please make sure that you check these when you face the login errors:

1) Please make sure that you have the latest flash and Shockwave player installed to your PC


2) use IE version 7, firefox or google chrome.

3) When you are stuck while loading, Please clear the cache, temporary files and cookies from the browser memory and clear the temp files from windows. To clear temporary files from PC go to Start > run then type “%temp%” and delete all the files from the folder. make sure you

also delete the files from the Recycle bin.

4) in case you get connection error : Please refresh the browser and if the problem still persists, repair your network
connections and check for ping time for local host server which provides you net service

5) Check your net speed at, Please test the speed at random times and minimum

6) make sure your Firewall settings are all right and please stop torrent and downloads if any while connecting to the game.
If you check all these steps and still find a connection or login error, Please do Contact us ASAP, so we can help you.
How to Clear cache In Different Browsers :
FireFox:Go to Tools then select “Clear recent History”Please note that u should Select everything when u clear cache or previous files might remain

Chrome:Go to the Right hand Side Toolbar IconOnce selected, Go to “Options” Click options and u can see the options to clear Cache, remember to select Everything but Be careful cause in Chrome u also get option to Delete the stored passwords in the browser. make sure that you unclick that option if you don’t want to loose your password.

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