Immortal King Heroes and Silver and Exp Guide

Immortal King Heroes and Silver and Exp Guide by johnnytran

IK The Best Guides for Heroes and Silver  by
Julia Ceaser in the League of MARAUDER

I had a chance TO play IK beta test phrase so I understanding the game a lot.  From my understanding that there are 3 main things in the game, that is Heroes, Silver and Time Management.  You have to build a strong hero to able to proceed further, silver are for upgrade everything in the game.
Tips: Do not use any gold that they give it to you.  When you open new account you will get 200 gold and 100 silver, plus the Newbies Card Code you will get 200 gold and 5k silver.  Spend 50 for new builder, another 50 gold for training space, cost 100 gold for the third training space and 200 gold for the four training space and that total 400 gold.

HEROES                SILVER

HEROES:  The way I think in IK heroes is there are 4 types of Heroes.
1 Defensive Hero         2 Support Hero (2 diff. types)         3 Offensive Hero
1. Tank (Alice…more) defensive hero
2. A. Support (Pandora….more)  B. Support Amycus or Archilles (defensive and offensive) hero
3. Mages (Chiron….more) offensive hero

All Heroes in IK are different, u have to think of a strategy that u want to play.  At the beginning of the game Alice will be your tank and later u has to pick which heroes you wants to play with.  These are example of heroes’ combination and suggestion.

Triple heroes: Def – Support- Off.  ex. Alice – Amycus – Chiron
Four heroes: Def – Support – Off. – Off. ex. Alice – Peirithous – Chiron – Mintha
Five heroes:  Support – Support – Support – Off. – Off. ex. Achilles – Peirithous – Achilles – Chiron – Mintha

The best ways to know which hero is the best suite for your style are to join a good league like mine MARAUDER and made lot of friends because when they are in your friend list u can PK Invitation to test your hero without paying any penalty or cost.  Also, you could evolution your heroes for better attributes (such as skill attack type’s Valor)must be higher than lv.20. Evolution attribute of higher level can get better result.

Heroes can equip Weapon-Armor-Horse-Cloak-Grimoire-Sceptre.

All Weapon-Armor-Horse-Cloak-Grimoire-Sceptre can be forge and they can be very expensive depend on the items.  The color is to indicate the quality of equipment’s: From normal (white) to rare (purple)  White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Purple. Purple equipment is rare to see. Quality would have great effect on the fortification of weapons. Therefore, low level equipment of high quality is the best choice. Big Boss and the Elites you can get equipment from them and also gained from legion bonuses can be equipped to your main hero.  The more rare the items is the more expensive to forge.  The benefit of all equipment’s is the main attribute of the items plus more soldiers.  So, if you have extra silver be my guess to buy all equipment, also upgrade too.

Weapon: A hero has two types of attack: physical attack and skill attack. Weapon can only give bonuses to physical attacks. In other words, skill attack of heroes such as Clymene will not enhance even if they’re equipped with better weapon. Only heroes such as Amycus need weapon.

Armor:  Like the use of Weapon, Armor is used to defend physical attack. That is, it cannot defend skill attack. The forge of Armor is important it help to increase defend.

Horse: Horse provides skill attack. However, there’s no need to equip every hero. The main point is to focus on the skill type hero and how much can you spend because All forge are expensive.

Cloak: Cloak provides skill defence that can determine whether your hero will be killed instantly during a battle. You should consider the position of the array to make sure that you can attack first and try to kill the enemy’s.

Grimoire: Grimoire can strengthen magic attack. Magic attack cannot be resisted by any equipment. One major approach to obtain Grimoire is to complete daily quests. Purple Grimoire can only be obtained after finishing level 10 quests.

Sceptre: Sceptre can increase the number of soldiers. It is usually used at the later stage because there is not much difference in attack power then. So equipping Sceptre is like adding HP to your hero. You may get Sceptre after clearing all stages of a certain map. VIP players can also buy high quality Sceptre at VIP shop.

How to levelling up your heroes fast:  There are 3 ways you can levelling up fast.  The most important is Training Ground Building (TGB).  The higher the upgrade TGB the more experiences u can get.  Fist way is expeditions; Second way is put your heroes in the training mode and third way is using Fast Track Order or Honor.

The Fast Track Order you could get from Challenge quest every day and each Challenge you get 10 Fast Track Order and plus Silver depending on how hard the Challenge is for example The Golden Fleece Challenge you will get 10 Fast Track Order + 2000 Silver.

Honor you could get from Expedition and every day you will get Free Gold Chests (when you open the chest it will give you random free –silver-honor-crops-gold-order-fast track order).  Honor can be used for Fast Track, Technology or exchange for Prestige.

Prestige. is very important because it help to increase # of heroes and salary.  How can u gain fast on prestige are based on Contribute Honor from Temple, Attached Players and the most important prestige you can get is Invest from the Location that you are stay at (there are 3 invest you could make a day) also it had 3 diff. invest u could contribute depend on how much you could spend on.  [1 Prosperity cost 1.4k -1.7k]=50-100prestige   [5 Prosperity cost 6k – 8.5k]=200-300prestige  [10 Prosperity cost 16.2k-17k]=400-1000prestige
Julia Ceaser Recommendation: Training Ground Building  must always equal Temple Building because level 20 TGB you could get about 1.3 k experiences from one Fast Track Order and imagine 30 Fast Track Order muuuhalalallallal……(^!^)

Source of silver: Levy, colony, trade, crops, silver mine, equipment (items), chest

Levy: Main Source of incomes, the more cottage upgrade and more silver you can get.

Colony: You can ask friend or people in the league let u colony them n later let them do the same.  Once you colonies you become master can gain certain amount of silver when its colony is levying.

Trade:You can send caravan to other players and receive silver and depending how many caravans u have.  Each time you could send 15-18 caravans to other players.

Crops: Market is the most fun place for me because the joy of buying crops at the price of $0.05 to $2.00.  The prices are changing every 30 min. so make sure to check the market whenever u log in.  If the prices are low like $0.05 u can buy lot and upgrade the marker and buy again until max.  Then later u can sell at high prices for $1.98 (ps. the lowest I bought is $0.05 and the highest price is $1.98 and at that price when u could sell)…..lot of profit….muuahahahahahh it so fun.  Just make sure your Granary Building level is high because it shows how much u can hold the crops.

Silver Mine:  You will get free 2 orders a day from seize silver mine.  Once you seize the mine there is a time that it need to yield the silver for you.  The bigger the mine the better but also it takes longer to yield for you.

Equipment: Weapon-Armor-Horse-Cloak-Grimoire-Sceptre, you can sell any equipment for silver.  Go to Shop—-Chest—–Sell  PS. Before you sell any equipment make sure no forge on it (degrade the forge) because the price of selling the equipment with forge or not is the same price. It’s better to spend silver on several key equipment rather than forge everything. You need to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of equipment. Equip defence type hero with one Armor and one Cloak; equip physical attack type with one Weapon; equip skill attack type with one Horse; equip magic attack type with one Grimore. Heroes who can use Shield Wall don’t need Horse. Pandora doesn’t need Grimore.

Chest: There are 2 difference chests one is call Dark Gold Chest and that you could only get from winning in the Arena.  It cost you 10 gold to open the chest but the returns are high with rare items.  The second one is the daily free chest and it cost 2 gold for each chest but they give you free to some extent. (5 times daily cost you 40 gold)
The total of gold that you spend on the Daily Free Chest will be 40 gold and the things you could get from the chest are [silver, order, crops, gold (1/5/10gold), honor, fast track order) all chest are randomly give out items.

Julia Ceaser from League Marauder.

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