Hellgate Global Tips for New and Old Players

Hellgate Global Tips for New and Old Players by Coldcoffee

Welcome back new and old players alike! Throughout the event I saw many of the same questions being asked over and over and over again. Some of them were fairly obvious, others were not, and took a little bit of checking to confirm.

So I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of things asked about most, or other other parts of the game which were not immediately obvious or covered in the tutorial. I can’t take credit for coming up with all of these tips. Many of them were from people in general chat, others from the infamous “All Channels”.
The following is in no particular order, but all of them are useful.   Enjoy! And I’ll see you all in-game!

ALL CHAT is not chat-1.

Do yourself a favor and write down your security code(your paper note can’t be hacked by a virus or spyware). The number pad for inputting it randomizes the location of numbers each time. If you forget it you have to email hellgatesupport@T3Fun.com and wait for them to resolve it.

You can turn security on and off at the character select screen.

As far as we know, there is no single player version of Hellgate Global. You must log on, although you can play solo from there.  However, there are likely still old versions of the original Hellgate:London floating around the internet if you look hard enough. Keep in mind that Hellgate London and Hellgate Global are not compatible.

Your game defaults to medium graphics settings when you first install.  Use the options to adjust the game to your preferred FPS or graphics level. Do not complain in general chat about how bad the game looks until after you do this.
Yes there are two-handed swords.
Nanoshards come from dismantling equipment, and very rarely from monster drops.
The english gets better once you’re out of the tutorial.
If you have a quest objective in an area, the doorway name will appear as yellow instead of blue(open), or red(locked). At the present, you can only unlock future areas by doing the appropriate quest lines.   So just do em, even if you don’t care about lore.
You can toggle chat by using the ~ key.
There is no falling damage. Fly you fools!
Some quests give you items to use on the quest. Make sure you have room in your inventory before starting them.
Some bosses and sub-bosses have multiple lifebars but do not refill them.  Regenerating enemies can refill their lifebar unlimited times, and must be interrupted, stunned, poisoned, or just killed with massive damage before they can finish their animation to restore their lifebar.
If you can’t find the last quest item or monster(Source of all Evil, Sire Beacon, whatever), just leave the area and reset it with the button on the top left of your mini-map.
Maps are randomly generated, except for very specific cases. The central room and the stairs leading to the museum are an example of this. However, the side rooms of the museum and the location of the hellrift there are random.  So no one can tell you where things are, specifically. You’ll just have to slice and dice your way to explore.
If you’re melee, keep an eye on your kill count for the area so you know when a boss is about to spawn on top of you.
The green bar around your mana pool is like rested experience from WoW.  It resets to full every morning at around 6-7am forum time.
Weapon mod slots come in two types, open, and locked.  Open slots are lighter in color, while locked slots are more greyed-out. The locked slots can be enabled through the premium store.
Shield Overload is extra damage that ONLY applies to shields. It has absolutely no effect what-so-ever on health.
Elemental attacks are not like normal damaging attacks.  Improving the strength of an elemental attack only increases the chance of applying the status effect.  You must have the base element before improving the strength of it, so using a weapon mod such as “Adds 5% fire damage” can be useful.  However,  adding ignite strength without having a source of fire damage does nothing.
Status effects can only be applied once you get through a target’s shields(this is true for players as well as enemies).  Therefore, when seeking to apply status effects, 1% Shield Penetration is as good as 100% in almost every case.
Ignited:  Lose 3% health per second.  Great for taking down bosses who are highly resistant to other attacks.
Phased: Takes more damage and does less.
Poisoned:  Can not heal until poison wears off or is cured.
Electocuted:  Can not use special abilities(except for electricity based ones, such as evokers have).
Stunned:  You’re…well…stunned.  Can’t take action until it wears off. Packs of Blade Servants will make you hate stun.
Putting as many mods of different damage types on a weapon will help finish the mini-game more easily.
Yes, drops are better on Nightmare.
Nightmare difficulty is harder, just not at first. Wait til around level 15 and Monument station, things start getting more difficult.
You can only change your difficulty while in town.
The V key will view your character from the front, after which you can use the mouse to zoom or rotate the camera.
You identify items by buying Analyzers from the shop, then holding down the right mouse button on an item and choosing the identify option.  No, there is no Deckard Kain.
You get materials for crafting by dismantling items you find or buy.  If you need cabalist materials, dismantle cabalist gear such as relics, focus items, or their armor.  The same goes for each respective class.    Scrap materials and nanoshards come from any item, even grey quality(I personally got a nanoshard from a grey lvl 10 chest armor). Some people claim there’s a better chance for scraps and nanoshards from better quality, or identified gear, but I can’t confirm this, however.
You can’t dismantle weapons that have a mod in them. You must use the Demodificator to remove all the mods first.  However, you can sell a weapon with mods in it, but you’ll also sell all the mods as well.
You can only start sprinting if you’re moving forward, but you can strafe afterwords and still get the speed bonus.
Gyro Braces, Fire retardant, Anti-Venom and other defensive items can be used quickly when you’re effected by a status ailment by hitting the CTRL key.  You’ll notice it pop up on the UI next to your mouse 2 button slot while effected.   Adrenalin pills also automatically show up here if you have them in your inventory and are moving forward.
Numlock turns on auto-run.
Secret Passages can have Secret Passages inside them. This is awesome!
You can toggle the game menu with the R key.
Chat-1 is NOT green All Channels.
Skills and Attributes can be reset by using an item from special events or the Premium Store. So stop asking.  :)
Essences are used to unlock boss runs in Stonehenge. Keep them.
Blademasters don’t need the talent to dual wield their primary weapon(1handed swords), but Evokers do(Focus Items).  You don’t absolutely need the talent, but it DOES  save you valuable attribute points which can be spent elsewhere.
No you can’t dual wield two-handed swords. This isn’t wow.  ; )
Focus Items for Evokers and Summoners don’t work like other weapons. The DPS number is unimportant for spells. Instead, look right below it at the “Power” rating, and how many mod slots it has. These are what make your spells do more damage, not the dps.
“The short answer: Damage = (Focus 1 + Focus 2) x .6

Yes, any mod you put in either Focus will be used in all spells but it is better to stack elemental attack strengths on the same foci that is creating that damage type.

Focus 1 = 7% Physical damage, 7% Spectral Damage, 7% Toxic Damage, 7% Fire Damage
Focus 2 = 7% Electric Damage, (any 3 other mods)
This setup will do every damage type in the game with every spell you cast.  Very handy for the minigame.

Focus 1 = 7% Fire Damage, 100 Ignite Str, 100 Ignite Str, 100 Ignite Str
Focus 2 = 7% Spectral Damage, 100 Phase Str, 100 Phase Str, 100 Phase Str
This setup will ignite / phase enemies like crazy no matter what spell you use.  Arc Legion and Tempest will destroy all.

A bad setup would be like this:
Focus 1 = 7% Fire Damage, 100 Phase Str, 100 Phase Str, 100 Phase Str
Focus 2 = 7% Spectral Damage, 100 Ignite Str, 100 Ignite Str, 100 Ignite Str
This setup will still phase and ignite a lot, but not nearly as much as the setup listed prior.  The way damage and elemental effects are calculated you get a HUGE bonus by having your Elemental Str on the weapon that does that damage type.  You’re nerfing your DPS by mixing effects and damage types between foci.

So basically, if you’re just doing +% Damage mods or On Hit mods it doesn’t matter what focus you put them on, they’ll get used for every spell.  If you’re going for +Elemental Attack Strength try to keep the mods on the focus that does that damage (but they will work on either, just less effective on the ‘off hand’ than on the one that does that damage). “
Expertise can only be gained once you reach level 50.  Its levelling up without levelling up.
Rebounder, Ravager, and Concussive rounds for Marksmen are not passive. They must be bound to a hotkey, usually your left or right mouse button, and they work with Multishot, but not Rapid Fire.
During character creation, at the top right corner of the create window, just above where you type in the name, is a small diamond-shaped object. Click it.   It was in the original Hellgate London, and  we have no idea what it does. It may do nothing, or it may unlock hidden powers.   Who knows!?
Unless you think you’ll use an item, don’t identify it unless its worth more than 70pal.  Analyzers cost 70, so you’ll lose money otherwise. Items tend to be worth more when identified, but not always.
If you blow up explosive barrels near monsters, they take lots of damage.  The monsters, not the barrels. Herp derp.
Breaking crates and barrels will often get you health or energy injectors, as well as analyzers and PRDs.
PRDs(Personal Relocation Device) will allow you to return to the dungeon after you’re done at town.   However, the recall skill will only take you back to town, 1-way.
If you are in a dungeon and a party member is in town, you can click the small blue button next to their name in the party UI, and it should create a portal in town that they can use to come right to you.
When using the Augmentrex, be aware that it will often give your item bonus-skills from your partner class.  For example, if you’re a Blademaster, you may get +1 skill to Shield Bash.  Or if you’re a MM, you could get a bonus to Drones.  You have been warned.
The Augmentrex will never add weapon mod slots.
Summoners can have multiple elementals, but only one Demon pet.  You can have a Demon and Elementals.
Engineers can only one drone, and up to 2 or 3 bots….there’s some discussion on that still.
Summoners can’t cast Venom Armor while in Zombie Form, but can cast Venom Armor then switch to Zombie form.
Melee auto-attacks are 360 degrees. You can be facing away from a monster and still hit it as long as its in range.
Ranged fighters can zoom into first person mode, but melee can not.
Sniper stance and Tactical stance don’t stack.
Templars can only have a single aura active.
You have 3 weapon sets, tied to the F1-F3 keys. You can also use these weapon slots in an emergency to carry stuff if your inventory is full(as long as you can equip the item).
Its generally best to not spend all your attribute points immediately. That way if you get a new piece of equipment, but don’t have the stats for it, you can dump points to wear it instead of having to level up or use a stat retrainer.
Krigaren clarifies for us:
If you fail at the Nanoforge, your item may drop back to +0 and you will lose the materials for the attempted upgrade.
More tips! Credit goes to Mike Wattson:
In the beginning of each session, your chat starts in local mode and a random chat-1 through chat-9. If you want to have a few words with the others in chat, just type the name of the channel followed by text:  examples include:
/chat        This will talk in chat-1 through chat-9, whichever channel you happen to be in.
/guild       This talks in the guild channel.
/local        This sends messages to whoever is unlucky enough to be physically nearby you in the game.  :)
/tell   Followed by a name, this will send someone a private message.
/reply or /r    This responds to someone sending you a private message or /tell
If you want to switch channels,  type /channeljoin [number or name of channel]

To the right of the chat input box there are two buttons. One of them giving you a slight overview of what slashcommands exist. Such as /sissyfight

If you want to post your item in the chat:
-open inventory with the “i”  key
-hit [Enter]
-hold the right mousebutton on the item and move the mousecursor straight up to the speech bubble (sword with some lines next to it)

If you bought something in the auction house (AH), click the sell tab and send the item to yourself.

If you’re stuck because the game tells you that the in-game security is not confirmed, click on the lock symbol underneath the minimap and enter your security code on the numberpad that appears.  I told you to write it down, remember?

Sataricon adds a good point:
Keep some skill points available when you’re nearing  levels 5,10,15.20,25. At these levels new skill tiers will open up and getting them early will make a world of difference.
Messengers of Hell are a single powerful enemy that is spawned next to you when you kill a certain amount of mobs in an area. The exact amount needed to spawn the Messenger  will be displayed around your mini map, and they can be spawned multiple times per map as long as there are more enemies to kill. Each time they are created, they’ll be the same monster type, but with different abilities.
Marksmen can’t use Rapid Fire at the same time as Multishot.
Using the Augmentrex to add traits to an item can often also increase the stats required to equip the item.  Be careful you don’t accidentally make a piece of gear unwearable by doing this.
Bubba_Fett has some tips for saving money:
If you’re running into a money crunch early in the game, here are a couple suggestions to help save you some palla.

1. Make sure you’re using RECALL. It’s not the same as a PRD. It’s actually a skill (it’s on the bottom row of skills next to the attacks) and is a ONE WAY portal back to the last station you were at. Also, if you’re in a group you can do a round trip by using Recall followed by a Party Portal (little blue orb at the lower left of your team mates health bar/picture) back to your group.

2. DO NOT analyze greens… EVER. You’re going to get some as quest rewards in the beginning, so if you must.. ID those and that’s it. As you said.. analyzers cost 70 palla.. almost all greens sell for LESS than that. I personally prefer to hold out for blues and above.

3. DO NOT buy any gear in the beginning. You out level your gear WAY too fast to be buying anything. In the old MP version and SP version, I never purchase gear before level 30+. The only exception I would make to this is if I needed a mod for a weapon. A good alternative I found was to always check the crafting NPC when you enter a station and keep an eye out for any Orange gear.

Also, keep in mind the scope of what you’re talking about. You’re saying that it makes it difficult to do anything prior to the quest in Covent Garden. Your game time up to Covent Garden is maybe 5% of the total game (probably less when you take into account SH, Abyss and Tokyo)

I hope that helps. :)

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