Hellgate Global Pets Tips

Hellgate Global Pets Tips by Kahless

Just a few things before you actually buy one…

1. You can only have 1 pet out at a time. You can buy both from the shop but only one of them can be used at a time. Summon pet A and then summon pet B and pet A will go away.

2. As far as i know a pet is a pet, no matter where you get it from. So they will probably not be able to be used while using one of the normal drop pets. I dont recall their names but there is a late game boss that have a chance to drop an egg that turns into a pet. Assume that pet and the cash shop pet cannot be out at the same time.

3. I cant stress this part enough. It says that you CAN NOT TRADE THEM. That means they are character bound. If you purchase one of the 2 new pets on Character A, then Character A will be the only one on your account that can use them. It’s probably one of the absolute worst marketing decisions they could have made and I HIGHLY suggest you think hard before actually buying one of these. Again, just to make sure the point hits home, they are CHARACTER BOUND, meaning only the character that bought the pet can use them and you are not able to send them to your other characters. I love Hellgate Global but how dare you guys pull bullshit like this.

4. They can be summoned everywhere.

5. The description when you mouse over the item in the shop tells you what the pet will do. One is a health and mana buff the other is a defense and shields buff.

6. CHARACTER BOUND PETS. THEY ARE NOT ACCOUNT BOUND. As this can not be said enough.

7. The buff only works for you, as far as i have been told. It is not a party buff. People could have lied to me though so if anyone has proof to the contrary…

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