Forgotten Elements Online Rampager Guide

Forgotten Elements Online Rampager Guide by Cetra

Blazing Striker Build

Versatility: Viable PvM, Designed for PvP
Levelup Difficulty: Moderate

First, choose the “Rampager” character and begin as such…

Here is how stat points will be allocated (Highest priority from left to right):


Here is how skill points will be allocated:

Level 1 – (None)
Level 4 – Weapon Mastery (Increases weapon damage)
Level 7 – (None)
Level 11 – One Hand Control (Increase damage of 1handed weapons)
Level 16 – Motivation & Agility(Damage/Accuracy Buff & Increased melee attack speed)
Level 22 – Dual Wield (wield 2 weapons)
Level 30 – Strength (Increases strength)

Learned Skills:
Blazing Strike (level 7)
Fire Mastery (level 11)
Unholy Power (level 16 – PvP Only)

Criteria to focus on vital to the success of this build:

Attack Speed
Fire Damage %

Here is how items should be allocated:

The main stats to focus on here is Accuracy and Power.

For armor, look mostly for Attack Speed, Accuracy, Damage, and Power.

Gloves will need Accuracy and Attack Speed.

For boots, you will want to look for Accuracy and Strength/Dexterity.

Pants of Bravery.. enough said. Try to get a pair that has higher %damage and +strength if possible. If you have to decide between the two, strength will generally add more damage than 1 or 2% damage. (perfect damage is 15% and strength is +5)

Shirts, similar to belts is rather easy to accommodate. Simply look for Accuracy and Attack Speed.

See above: Shirts.

Stats to look for with artifacts include: Damage, % Fire Damage, Attack Speed, and Accuracy.

Since accuracy is a factor, I highly suggest finding a BarbarianAxe with relatively good damage/accuracy with also bonus accuracy and/or attack speed. Added stats to help would be Strength or Dexterity.

This is unusual for a character of this game, but will benefit greatly among damage. You will want a good wand such as Burstingwand to enhance the fire damage dealt by Blazing Strike. Furthermore, try to seek one with a good amount of Power. Additional energy will help too.

I would say that this character would mostly be for fun rather than a primary character. At lower levels this build can become frustrating because of the lower accuracy and lower damage until skills and better items can be added. Once around level 16, this build begins to be more fun, especially in pvp. Unholy Power is able to boost the damage of Blazing Strike quite a bit for a tremendous 1 hit kill. At level 22, when dualwield is finally learned, you will gasp in awe as you see the damage increase greatly. The downside with this build is lower health points due to the strong STR/DEX investment for damage and accuracy. This is done because you generally only need to get off 1 hit in pvp, and it has to count. Another downside is no ability to leech back hp or energy. This can be troublesome especially at lower levels, and also new for players who are accustomed to using syphoner builds. In PvM it is wise to always keep an eye on your health and mana, because potions will be used quite often. Another note for the skill Unholy Power is that if you are using this for pvp, it is best to leave it at level 1 to keep a low energy cost. The cooldown enhancement will not be worth leveling up in pvp.

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