Fallen Earth Resource Nodes List

Fallen Earth PVP Zones Resource Nodes List by Drokmon

Just came back after a week away from FE and everyone is screaming about random node placement around the wasteland. Also read on the forums that PvP zones would hold the most uncommon and rare resource nodes, so I decided to check it out before F2P brings a new crowd rushing into the wastes. I found that node placement is a bit wonky everywhere else but fairly uniform within these PvP areas. Uniform and clustered enough to allow farming, even.

With that, I wanted to start a list of what nodes and drops can be found in the few places where node placement is still uniform and organized into clusters. Hoping to grow this list as I check out all of the PvP zones. Feel free to add your discoveries as you find them. It will help this list grow a lot faster.

Sector 2:
Hollister Point:
Misplaced Antibiotic (lvl 45/105 scavenging): always drops Weak/Impure Antibiotic
Bright Eye Weed (lvl 45/105 nature): always drops Mild/Common Stimulant
Wooly Cactus (lvl 120 nature): always drops Average Wool
Faction Nodes (lvl 40000 faction): drops vary between Salvaged Paper, Impure Petroleum, Standard Adhesive, Standard Antiseptic, Potable Water, Tattered Silk, Frayed Synthetic Cloth, and Average Cotton

Tinkersdam:Junk Pile (lvl 60/120 scavenging): always drops Scrap/Salvaged Plastic
Junked Car (lvl 120 scavenging): always drops either Tattered Leather or Salvaged Rubber
Faction Nodes (lvl 40000 faction): drops vary between Salvaged Plastic, Impure Petroleum, Potable Water and Tattered Silk

New Gallows:
Discarded Aramex (lvl 90 scavenging): always drops Ragged Aramex
Gas Can/Jerry Can/Oil Barrel (lvl 75 scavenging): always drops Weak Petroleum
Legumes (lvl 45 nature): always drops Mealy Legumes
Faction Nodes (lvl 4000): ???

The Dump:
Scrap Pile (lvl 105 scavenging): always drops Scrap Carbon Steel
Titanium Deposit (lvl 120 geology): always drops Scrap Titanium
Faction Nodes (lvl ???): ???

Titanium: Salvaged Titanium
Fruit: Edible Fruit
Berry Bush: Edible Berries
Radex: Ragged Radex
Antibiotics: Standard Antibiotic
Aramex: Frayed Aramex
Wood: Treated and Strong
Clay: Salvaged Ceramic
Copper: Common Copper
Cloth: Average Synthetic Cloth
Oil Barrels/Gas Cans: Ordinary Petroleum
Computer Parts: Scrap Comp Chips
Beehives: Blended Honey
Junk Piles: Common Plastic
Tires: Strong Rubber
Genetic Samples: Tainted Shiva Samples
Cotton: Average and Pristine Cotton
Wool: never gather it, so I dunno

Office Park:

Titanium nodes: salvaged titanium
Globaltech junk nodes: Globaltech circuits (count as scrap wires)
Junk nodes: Common plastic


Clay nodes: salvaged ceramic
Aramex nodes:
Cloth nodes:
Faction nodes:

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