Fallen Earth How Factions View Themselves Guide

Fallen Earth How Factions View Themselves Guide (Why Enforcers like Lightbearers, but not Vista) by The Friedman

It occurred to me after reading something Jbert had written in the suggestions forum that the amount of information on each of the factions and how they see each other is a bit limited. The website has some basic information, but it really doesn’t do the best job of encompassing how the factions represent themselves in-game, and how the other factions perceive them. Sure, the Vista and the Travelers are enemies (but not rivals) but why? How is it the CHOTA can get along with both of them?

There are lots of things that aren’t entirely clear about the factions to a new player that it might be useful for them to know before making tough choices down the line. This, then, is my attempt at representing each of the factions fairly – and unfairly – by presenting how they would speak about themselves, and how the other factions would talk about them.

It’s my hope that this will allow players to weigh their factional decisions a bit, and maybe bring a bit more relevance to the Faction part of the game. What we know and understand helps us to embrace things, right?

-Be advised this is an in-character type of work and somewhat long, so don’t be obnoxious about either. You were warned. –

CHOTA – What the Apocalypse Hath Spawned

Travelers – The Gypsies of the Apocalypse – Loved or Hated?

Techs – Noble Researchers or Mad Scientists?

Enforcers – Freedom’s Last Defense or Fascism’s Front Line?

Lightbearers – Peaceful Unifiers or Eaters of Too Much Sacred Herb?

The Vista – Earth’s Protectors or Crazed Ecofreaks?

The Children of the Apocalypse

CHOTA talking about CHOTA –Same Faction: The Children believe that civilization destroyed humanity, so it’s our job to destroy anything that would rebuild the old civilization. Weak people, people who rely on others to get by, and people who just can’t tough it out need to go. It’s that kind of puny crap that got us in this mess. You can’t trust anything from the old ways, or anyone who uses them. The old ways got us corrupt government. The old ways got us wretched diseases. The old ways got us soft, pathetic people relying on others to get by. Only by keeping everyone free from the old ways can we build a new way worth following. We are FREE people, we are STRONG people, and we are people that know we can take care of ourselves. Are we violent? Bet your ass. In this world, you have to be. The old world was soft. We aim to make the new world hard.

Vistas talking about CHOTA –Friendly Faction: The CHOTA are a wild bunch, but they recognize what’s important: that we can’t allow the mistakes of the old world to come back around. They aren’t interested in technology and the foolish mistakes that come with it, and they know the power of nature. Some of them are a little too hostile to any kind of organization or teamwork, but that’s not such a big deal in exchange for having friends who aren’t afraid to put their necks on the line to protect us from the abuses of the old world.

Travelers talking about CHOTA –Friendly Faction: Hah! Man, those CHOTA are crazy. Cr-aaaaa-zy, get it? Not a bad bunch, though. They know you have to rely on yourself, and those you trust, and that’s the bottom line, right? None of this hippie communal love your neighbor crap. The CHOTA know that you use anything you come across to give yourself an edge, and we totally respect that. They’re a little quick to throw away all the edges of the old world for my tastes, but you can count on a CHOTA in a fight to step up and get it done. Those boys aren’t afraid to back up the people they trust. We get them what they need, they give us a strong arm. It’s a good exchange.

Lightbearers talking about CHOTA –Unfriendly Faction: While we respect the CHOTA’s desire to become one with themselves and not be tainted by technology, we feel sadness that they must pollute themselves with vile diseases to become stronger. Their violence, often directed internally as well as externally, is disruptive and does not benefit the unity and strength of the human race. In a world already fractured and violent, the CHOTA represent an even more violent influence. Despite their dislike of technology, they must be stopped. Their lack of respect for community, cooperation, and harmony cannot be tolerated.

Techs talking about CHOTA –Unfriendly Faction: You know, the CHOTA do accomplish some absolutely fascinating genetic and pathological feats with their adaptations, and we really do admire that. Their primitive roots combined with the advanced viral techniques they’ve developed really do make for an opportunity for amazing research. Unfortunately, though, the CHOTA view all advanced technology that doesn’t instantly make them tougher as a threat – a representation of “the old world” and “the old mistakes.” They can’t see that we’re making valuable progress here to prevent the return to the old days. They’re too quick to judge, too quick to dismiss, and too quick to destroy. That’s unacceptable, and so the CHOTA must be phased out to prevent further restrictions on orderly scientific progress.

Enforcers talking about CHOTA–RIVAL Faction: CHOTA? I’ve got a simpler word for them: SCUM. Actually, I’ve got a few other words for them, too, but you probably won’t print those. Look. The CHOTA represent everything that’s gone wrong with humanity. They don’t trust anyone, they can’t be relied on, they’re savages, men gone over to the beasts, right? Humanity will only progress through law and order, and these guys do anything they can to smash it. Maybe the animal world works on “The strong evolve and survive” and all that Tech crap, but you know what, I’m HUMAN, buddy. I’m not a freak, and I intend to stay that way. Teamwork, efficiency, law, order, and government. It brought us out of the stone age, and it will bring us out of this dark age. The CHOTA will tear all that down every chance they get. Those anarchist *******s are going down, any and every chance I get.

The Travelers

Travelers talking about Travelers –Same Faction: Hey, family before Travelers, Travelers before anyone else, right? The new world’s a hard place, see, and we’re just making sure we get by. We get what people need, and we bring it to them. Sure, we get something out of it, but a guy’s gotta eat, right? Next time you’ve got the supplies you need, thank a Travelers. Next time you have an old book to read, thank a Travelers. Next time you get to watch some old play, yeah, thank a Travelers. We take care of that stuff. We keep ideas and goods moving. Think of us as the grease that keeps the wheels moving for everybody. Gotta tell you, though, don’t ever screw us over. Because a Travelers never forgets, and we watch out for our own. Gotta watch out for family, right?

CHOTA talking about Travelers–Friendly Faction: The Travelers, decent guys. They get what we need and don’t bother us with details. They’re hard enough to take care of themselves in a fight – most of them – and they don’t buy into and namby-pamby-love-your-neighbor crap, either. Some of them are a little too keen on technology, but in the end, they know that what matters is what you can do, what you can take, and what you can keep others from doing to you or taking from you. They’re not as hard as we are, but they’re hard enough to get by.

Techs talking about Travelers–Friendly Faction: The Travelers afford our organization with excellent opportunities for research, and their specimen acquisition techniques are brilliant. It’s generally better not to inquire too heavily into the methodology they operate under when acquiring old relics for experimentation, but one has to make do in this day and age. Obviously, they expect compensation for their efforts, but that isn’t an unreasonable expectation, provided that you delineate very clearly in advance what is and is not in the agreement. They are QUITE particular about the details of their agreements, Travelers.

Vistas talking about Travelers–Unfriendly Faction: You know, the Travelers are a resourceful bunch of guys, and we do respect that about them. The problem is that they’re willing to take those resources anywhere they can get them, and they don’t think about what that does. They also don’t really care about what ends up happening after they move those goods, and they don’t really care about who uses them. Everything has a consequence, and the Travelers don’t give two damns about any consequence that doesn’t fill their pockets. It’s that kind of attitude that led us to the situation we’re in now, and so we can’t afford to let the Travelers continue to recklessly damage our world.

Enforcers talking about Travelers –Unfriendly Faction: The Travelers? At best, they’re two-bit carnies, put on a show and then try to swindle you out of a buck. At worst, you’re talking about thieves, conmen, burglars, the worst kind of petty criminal. They don’t recognize the value of law and order – they’ll try and pull any kind of scam they can just for them and theirs. They’re not interested in government or organization of the people. Technically, yeah, sure, they do keep ideas and goods moving around, but when you’re keeping the best for yourself and not thinking about the greater good, you can’t be trusted. We fight for freedom, but these guys take it too far. They’ve got to go.

Lightbearers talking about Travelers –RIVAL Faction: The Travelers are a sad and unfortunate group of misguided individuals. Instead of working together as a group for the common good, they work for themselves or their families. All of humanity, though, is one great family, and the Travelers do not see that. They are willing to cheat their greater family, steal from their greater family, and if need be, recklessly pollute the world itself in order to get an edge for themselves. In this dark time, we must work together to light the darkness – the Travelers represent the darkest elements of society, the criminal aspects of it. While it is most unfortunate to ever wish ill on another human being, what the Travelers represent is the greatest danger possible to our world.

The Techs

Techs talking about Techs –Same Faction: Retrospectively looking at the dark times, it is obvious that proper and reasonable scientific precautions were not enacted. The way ahead can only be forged by science. An enlightened civilization guided by an intellectual elite focused on improving our knowledge both of ourselves and the world we inhabit is the only rational, reasonable methodology to be enacted. Unfortunately, there are misguided individuals in the world who mistakenly attribute the fall not to the uninformed individuals who improperly utilized technology, but on technology itself. The world has been damaged, and only careful, rationale scientific research and development can facilitate its repair.

Enforcers talking about Techs— Friendly Faction: The brains are a good bunch. They make a lot of the stuff we use, and they make good stuff, let me tell you. They’re not as much use in a fight as we’d like, but they’re not half bad at it. They understand that order and progress go hand in hand. Most of them recognize the need for rules and systems, too. There are a few of the brainos that want to just go crazy with their research, but there’s a few bad eggs in every bunch, yeah? It’s easy to forgive that when they trot out some of their newest inventions, though – it’s a whole lot easier to keep control of the situation when you’re the guy with the shiniest gun.

Travelers talking about Techs –Friendly Faction: Yeah, the Techs are some of our best customers. They can drive you crazy – I mean, seriously, you would not BELIEVE some of the stuff they come asking for, right? – but they can make some pretty cool toys, too, see? Just the other day one came to me with this pair of goggles, right, and you would not believe what I can see with these things. Some of the Techs are a little too “Oh, we need to keep control of things and consider the ramifications” blah blah blah, but overall, those guys have great ideas, and we’re always happy to keep them running.

CHOTA talking about Techs –Unfriendly Faction: In this day and age, you rely on your strong arm and strong back, not a bunch of flashy toys. Let me tell you one thing about the Techs and their toys: they break before I do. Every time. It was that kind of “count on a machine” crap that brought us to this dark age, and the smartguys still haven’t figured that out. Yeah, great, they’ve got a new gizmo that can cut your steak from across the friggin room, but so what? Shiny toys are what made people weak, and if the Techs are going to keep making people weak, we’re going to cut them.

Lightbearers talking about Techs –Unfriendly Faction: The Techs are a brilliant group of individuals with minds that shine in these dark times, but instead of utilizing those talents for the good of all humanity, they recklessly, thoughtlessly push ahead with their science. Instead of teaching people to rely on each other, they teach people to rely on machines. That cold, distant approach was a big part of what led to this dark era. We would love to show the Techs what light they could bring to the world with their science, but instead the Techs prefer to continue with their pollution of mind, body, and world – and so, regrettably, we must do what we can to help remove them.

Vistas talking about Techs–RIVAL Faction: Man, those guys are the whole reason we’re in this mess. They think they’re so smart, and they’ll keep thinking that right up until one of them blows all of Picus Ridge to bits in a big fat mushroom. Look, sure, we’ve said some propaganda – we don’t really think they eat babies… at least most of them, but they’re reckless, they don’t give a damn about the consequences of their actions, and they don’t care what happens to the world as a result of them. As long as they learn something new, or have a shiny new gadget, they don’t care about the animals they had to kill or the environment they had to destroy to get it. Here’s a tip, “smart guys” – it doesn’t matter what you know if the world is dead! And you know what? Unlike those idiots, we already figured that out. We’re not killers by nature, but here’s the thing: this world is ruled not by man, but by Mother Nature. The Techs don’t see it that way, and so we’re just doing our part to help Mother Nature make her point. The only good Tech is a dead tech – the guys just don’t care about the consequences of their actions.

The Enforcers

Enforcers talking about Enforcers Same Faction: These are hard times, civilian. If we’re going to make it through, we need to work together. Everyone’s got to step up, toe the line, and do their part. If civilization is going to rebuild, we need law, order, and government. It’s our job to provide that. We get a bad rep for trying to impose order, but I bet you’d come crying pretty quick if someone stole from you in your sleep, right? We’re the guys who keep everyone safe, and we’re proud of that. Justice and hard work will get us through these times, just like they’ve gotten us through all our hard times. There’s a lot of crazies out there nowadays, but the Enforcers are a haven of safety, strength, and structure you can always count on.

Techs talking about Enforcers Friendly Faction: The Enforcers recognize the importance of order and structure in these times. They also provide useful field testing of a lot of our more aggressive technology, and they’re more than willing to help us protect scientific advancement when less desirable elements come around. Some of them are a little too rigid in their thinking and have a problem with the open nature of scientific advancement, but that’s a small price to pay for a unified military support group when times get tough.

Lightbearers talking about Enforcers Friendly Faction: While not truly enlightened, the Enforcers have an excellent understanding of the need for humanity to come together and work as a united force. They appreciate the wisdom of working for the greater good, and for the well-being of the community. Some Enforcers have an unfortunate reliance on the poisonous addictions of technology in their quest for order, but a great many of them understand that one must turn to your fellow man to understand the way to best help the world.

Vistas talking about Enforcers Unfriendly Faction: They’re not as bad as the Techs? Yeah, that’s about all I can say about them. Look, the guys at least understand that people need to work together, but they’re going about it all wrong. Instead of considering what they did wrong last time and how to fix it, these guys want to set up all the old systems all over again. Governments supported on technology will invariably be corrupted by it. There’s nothing they need that Mother Nature can’t provide. But the Enforcers just don’t see that, and sooner or later, the old mistakes of governments abusing nature for their own gain will start up again. That is, if we weren’t around to stop it.

Travelers talking about Enforcers Unfriendly Faction: Oh man, the Enforcers – talk about a bunch of guys who need to relax, right? They’re so wrapped up in their rules and regulations and codes and “atten-hut soldier” crap that they don’t see that didn’t WORK, man. The old ways just don’t cut it. You have to watch out for yourself in this day and age, and for your own. All the Enforcers want to do is keep the boot on people trying to make an honest living, and make sure everyone’s jumping through their little hoops. Look, we’d just steer clear of the guys, but the problem is they’re trying to make sure EVERYONE toes their lines. Last I checked, no one told a Travelers what to do except another Travelers, and sometimes we don’t even like that – so we don’t much like the ‘force around here, either.

CHOTA talking about Enforcers RIVAL Faction: The old world is dead. The Enforcers are the old world, and so must follow them. They are fools – they follow a system that we know does not work. They would set up all the old rules, bring back all the old machines, and follow all the same principles all over again. People talk about the CHOTA not being bright, but let me tell you this: when I punch a Porkupine and it hurts, I’m not dumb enough to punch it again. The Enforcers would have us put everything back how it was, and the world can’t survive two rounds of that stupidity. They’re weak, they rely on machines to do their fighting, and not a one of them could survive without someone telling them where to go, how to get there, and when to take a leak after they did. Yeah, and we’re the dumb ones? We think. We survive. We kill Enforcers.

The Lightbearers

Lightbearers talking about Lightbearers Same Faction: The world is in a dark time, and it is our duty to bear a candle in that darkness. Humanity’s greatest resource in adversity is itself – we have but to work together and we can repair all the world’s hurt. We must seek wisdom and knowledge in ourselves, and we can heal all that has been damaged. We do not need machines – they are what has led us here. Through unity, cooperation, and understanding, we can bring a new shining age to mankind, even beginning here in the heart of darkness.

Enforcers talking about Lightbearers Friendly Faction: Yeah, the lightbearers are a little weird, but there’s no denying all that voodoo stuff of theirs is pretty handy for patching a guy up after some CHOTA takes a chunk out. I’m not sure quite how they get their bodies to do some of the things they do, but I tell you what, it’s nice to have around. They get that we all need to work together and impose order on this world, too. I don’t get why they have such a problem with technology, but as long as they keep waving those sharpened farm tools around at people we don’t like, I’m fine with it.

Vistas talking about Lightbearers Friendly Faction: The lights understand the world is broken, and that healing it won’t come from some clanking, god-awful, oil-chugging monstrosity. For that alone, we’ve got a lot of respect for these guys. It’s true that they don’t always see that people are best left alone as long as they’re happy with the world around them, but you can’t be picky about your friends, right? Anyhow, some of the techniques they use are just what the world needs, and they understand that people, not technology is the solution. They’re alright in my book.

Techs talking about LightbearersUnfriendly Faction: One of the most unfortunate side-effects of the decline of any civilization is the rise of the absurd. Shamanistic, voodoo sideshows like the Lightbearers have a fairly negative impact on the progress of any societal or governmental entity. It’s all fine and good to want to unify people for a common cause – and that’s something we support as well and have models and simulations suggesting the possible uses for such a venture – but this undocumentable “seeking inner peace” jargon really has no place in a rational, reasonable society. We’d like to work with the Bearers, but their ideas of healing and unity are simply ridiculous, and not at all apropos for moving the world out of this unfortunate retroactive movement.

CHOTA talking about LightbearersUnfriendly Faction: You know, in some ways we could almost respect the Lighties. I don’t know where they get all this inner peace crap, but they can take a shot to the chin pretty well. They don’t mess around with guns – they know to get the job done right, you get your hands dirty. But they waste all their time with this “heal the world” crap. The sick and the injured should get over it or die. Everyone working together makes the weak slow down the strong, and if someone needs healing, they’re too soft to fix their own problems. Until the Lightbearers learn to tell people to suck it up and deal with their own problems, we’ve got no use for them – except maybe as sparring partners we leave broken afterwards.

Travelers talking about Lightbearers RIVAL Faction: These guys just aren’t living in the real world, right? I mean seriously – the only place you’re going to find inner peace is with a bottle of Tanner’s finest and a good woman. I’m sure they’d love to be able to hug the whole world and bring them peace, but that’s just not practical. People aren’t going to get along, and they’re not going to drag me down with them. I have to take care of my own, see? I can’t be looking out for some guy not smart enough to take care of himself and his family. Competition drives everyone to be better, and I’m just the motor behind the motion. I’ve got deals to make and people to talk to – and thanks, I can do it without world unity. These Lightbearers need to figure out about staying clear of me watching out for mine, or they can wave their pretty little sticks while I force feed them some bullets. Let’s see them heal their way out of that.

The Vistas

Vistas talking about Vistas Same Faction: When is enough, enough, y’know? The world has suffered the abuses of man far too long, and where we stand now – humanity, I mean – is a direct result of that. Someone’s got to watch out for Mother Nature. Before the fall, government restrictions kept the park rangers and the conservationists from doing their job. Now, no one’s going to stop us. The environment and the animals are what keep humanity alive – and so we’re going to make damn sure no one else tries to kill them.

CHOTA talking about Vistas Friendly Faction: The Vistas are wise. They know that man’s folly with technology and government must not be repeated. They recognize that man must look to himself for solutions. The greens would be stronger still if they understood that the weak animals – just like the weak people – would be better off left to die, so that only the strong remained. Despite this, though, they know the power of the beast and use it, and they are not afraid to do what must be done to protect the freedoms of man and beast alike.

Lightbearers talking about Vistas Friendly Faction: The Vistas recognize the importance of healing the world and those in it. They know that there is much hurt, and it must be mended before progress can be made. What they do not understand is that people must be brought together and harmony must be achieved both within and without before that can be. While we wish the Vista would understand that humanity’s well-being is still more important than that of the animal world, we respect their wisdom in knowing that it is through the life force that flows through all of us that brings cooperation, harmony, and understanding to the world.

Enforcers talking about Vistas Unfriendly Faction: Back in the day, they had a name for those guys. Hippies! It wasn’t a compliment either. Then they started calling them eco-terrorists, and that wasn’t a compliment either. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing wrong with walking in a pretty green field, but get a grip, will ya? If I have to choose between that tree and a proper barricade, hand me an axe. If I have to choose between Mr.Bear’s happy frolic and me being warm on patrol tonight, get me my gun. Animals are nice and nature is fine and good, but you don’t go killing innocent people to protect them. That’s where we draw the line, and right now, that line goes right through the Vista.

Travelers talking about Vista Unfriendly Faction: Ugh, get real, right? Look, I do a lot of time on the roads and yeah, there are some ugly spots now, but y’know what? That scar on my leg from that scorpion I met last week says that nature is doing fine on its own. And have you SEEN those THINGS outside Haietta? My god! Nature doesn’t need anyone defending it. The Vistas are all long-term, save the world, blah blah – but I have to feed my family NOW, right? I can’t afford to be thinking about fifty years later if I might die tomorrow. There are people out there with good ideas and good technology, and I intend to take advantage of all of it. Life’s too short and the Vistas aren’t going to get the chance to short-change mine.

Techs talking about Vistas RIVAL Faction: Statistically speaking, any population of individuals is going to have a group of outliers with radical behaviors and beliefs. Here in this era, that’s the Vistas. It is nearly impossible to conceive of a group of people so misinformed, violent, and fanatical. Without any consideration for the progress that could be achieved, the Vista are guerilla fighters, vicious saboteurs, and violent terrorists. They don’t understand that the world won’t heal itself, and that change doesn’t happen unless mankind makes it happen. Nature is a tool – a potent tool, to be sure – but only a tool, and one that must be utilized for the greater good of humanity. It is folly in the extreme to ignore resources that could better everyone’s lives.

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