Dungeon Defenders Characters and Best Weapons Guide

Dungeon Defenders Characters and Best Weapons Guide by Jakomo73

This is a guide for all the characters, Monk, Apprentice, Huntress, and Squire.

Section 1 –
Getting to know your apprentice

First, you may be wondering, what don’t i know about the apprentice?? Well, many little hints are in here that you might not know.

1.1 First we have the type of builds.

NOTE* you get 299 points for stats at level 70

#1: hero build – this build features all the upgrade points going to the HERO SECTION AND ABILITIES

#2: tower build – this build features all the upgrade points going to TOWERS, HERO SPEED, AND HERO CAST RATE

#3: hybrid build – this features putting the upgrade points wherever you want

Now, if you are using a hybrid build, this might help you.

Most important to have are hero health and hero damage
The apprentice has overall low health, so this is essential for monster fest and ogre crush, or just overall.

NOTE* you can put 60 points into every stats besides for hero speed, which combines points you put and armor points to = 60 (or more if u have put a bunch of points in, then armor)

1.2 Getting your apprentices best

Now, as mentioned earlier, app has a low dps, that’s why you need to have A. additional projectiles B. charge speed

Additional projectiles – EVERY high level hero is looking for more projectile on their staff, now while this may give less damage as a result, you can do a little equation (damage x projectiles) i.e. you are deciding between a 72/+3 staff or a 92/+1 staff (the damage for these are not possible FYI) so 72 x 4= 288 and 92 x 2= 184 so the more projectiles are usually better.

Charge speed – this is where is gets a little tricky, if you hold down the shoot button, your hero charges the staff for more damage, if you charge just a bit, the staff doesn’t go over the head, and takes less time i.e. +15 chg is almost instant. If deciding for a staff look at the charge speed also i.e. if you have a 72/+3 with +4chg, and a 78/+2 with +9chg, i personally would take the +2 projectile staff.

wcs A.K.A Weak Charge Shot – This was mentioned just a bit earlier, and it is when you hold down the attack button, and the staff does more damage (without staff going over head) this will take a bit of practice with dummies, but you’ll get the rhythm soon enough.

1.3 The Abilities

The first ability is: Overcharge
This costs 8 mana per second
While you have overcharge on, you make super fast repairs, GREAT if repairing magic blockade, deadly striker tower, or any tore .

The second ability is: Mana Bomb
This costs 200 mana
You cast the bomb, jump into the air while throwing it and a dome goes outward, damaging all monsters in it’s path.
Because this takes time to load, you can use overcharge while casting, to go quicker.

1.4 The Apprentice Towers

The apprentice has an array of towers that shoot from far away, damaging it’s enemies.
These towers are:

Magic Missile Tower:
Costs 3 defense units
This tower doesn’t have good damage, but fires quickly, alone it is weak, but in numbers it is devastating. This tower has no elemental alignment.

Magic Blockade:
Costs 1 defense unit
This blockade is magic, any enemies that touch this will lose their elemental alignment

Fireball Tower:
Cost 4 defense units
This towers shoots fireballs, causing splash damage, this tower also has lasting damage. This tower will not affect any fire enemies. This tower has fire alignment.

Lightning Tower:
Costs 7 defense units
This tower zaps it’s enemies with a line of electricity for a certain amount of time, causing lasting damage for the period of time this tower is in effect. This tower has a 360 degree range and has multiple chains (lightning lines) . This tower will now affect electric enemies, this tower has no elemental alignment.

Deadly Striker Tower:
Cost 8 defense units
This tower shoots enemies with a very strong projectile, but has a very slow attack rate. This tower has no elemental alignment.

1.5 Best apprentice weapon

So far there is only one common weapons that most apprentices use, iGameshot’s Reptillium.
iGame can be obtained from death from above easy.
THE HIGHEST I HAVE HEARD IS: 70 damage and +7 projectile @ level 1
According to classic, it is hacked, but Silvos got a 69/+7 at level 1
More common is a 60/+7 or 62/+7

You’r hunt make monsters lunch

2.1 The best huntress stats

Remember, a hybrid build is all over, a trap build is in trap stats, and a hero build is in hero stats
NOTE* you get 299 points in total

Now these can be put to your means, but i have a good stat point for each build
(order goes like this hero health/hero damage/hero speed/hero casting rate
first ability/second ability
TRAP health/TRAP damage/TRAP range/ TRAP reset time)

#1 hybrid build: it would most commonly look like this or similar

#2 trap build: 0/0/24/35

#3 hero build: 60/60/0/59

2.2 What to look for in a weapon
There are 5 things to look for in a weapon for huntress:
#1 shots per second A.K.A ss or sps
#2 damage
#3 clip ammo
#4 reload speed
#5 type of gun

There is a little formula also likt the apprentice one
If you want EXACT results (with reload speed and ammo) this is it.

You are deciding between two guns, one is 92damage/6ss/+10reload/56ammo and a 86/7ss/-1reload/72 ammo

damage*ss+(reload*10) + ammo
92*6+(10*10) + 56= 708
86*7+(-1*20) + 72= 664
The better reload comes on top
Another way, if you just want to have the damage and ss
The better ss comes on top
So, it is a bit of a difference for what your looking for.

Most huntresses will take 7+ reload
Also, I personally don’t want to limit myself to a valor’s bonesharder, so i use a 3 arrow gun

2.3 Types of Guns
The Bows:

The Crossbow

Description: The most basic weapon for the Huntress, the crossbow is quite deadly when used properly.
Special: None

The Heavy Crossbow

Description: A larger, more deadly version of the crossbow. This weapon requires more experience to use to its fullest.
Special: None

The Triple Shooter

Description: An early attempt by the Insane Inventor, the Tri-shooter was created to increase the fire rate of bows. It was later abandoned for a more mechanical approach.
Special: 3 Bolts per shot at a 60 degree arc.

The Chitin Bow

Description: Created from the remains of an acient bug, little is known about this bow. It was said to have once been used by one of the greatest heroes in all of Eternia.
Special: None

The Bone Bow a.k.a Skelly

Description: Brought to Etheria by the Dark Elves, the bone is a powerful weapon that can pierce through multiple monsters… or heroes.
Special: Shoots through non-large monsters

Phoenix Bow

Description: This unique bow is created to look like the mighty Phoneix. It is embued with its fire power from a single feather of the Phoneix and to find one is quite rare.
Special: Physical attacks replaced with Fire Element

The Guns:

Handcannon a.k.a The Dragon Cannon

Description: A powerful explosives based weapon, the Handcannon was a first attempt at a real gun. Although it was quite successful it did have the drawback of being weak against fire resistance monsters.
Special: Physical attacks replaced with Fire Element


Description: The second attempt at a gun, the Blunderbuss is a more refined version of the Handcannon.

Special: Shoots through non-large monsters


Description: The newest weapon in Eternia, the Minigun was created by an insane inventor. The weapon has an extreme attack rate but it was never finished, so it lacks a certain punch other weapons have.
Special: Extreme attack speed and capacity
NOTE* the best i found was one that i upgraded and @ level 17 it was 544/10ss/70ammo/+6reload

Scorpion Gun

Description: Created from the remains of giant scorpions which roam Etheria. It shoots serrated metal disks tipped with the venom from the glands of the scorpion.
Special: Shoots 2 discs spreading at ~5 degree.

These are all the guns, i copied everything off from this section of the wiki: Wiki Del Wiko

2.4 The Abilities

Ok, first, we have the ability, invisibility.
Now while this has many, many goods, it has 2 bads,
#1: these guys still can get you
#2: wyverns follow you, but don’t attack
This costs 15 mana, and overtime you lose mana

But, this ability is a GREAT help in monster fest, especially at the end with all the ogres

Now we have the second ability: Piercing Shot
This cost 60 mana for it
If you upgrade to max, you can get ~16k for one shot

2.5 The Best Weapon
There is one weapon that people with huntress choose usually, it is:

Valor’s Bonesharder, obtainable form The Ramparts on any difficulty (this is a skelly bow)

Best I have heard of is from tle1, who has a 1347/8 upgraded :O
I use a 1320/8 one, or a 746/4/44 ammo/ +4 reload epic triple threat (best found so far, will try to fin a better godly one)

P.S. hunt is my by far favorite character So, I will farm for her till the end XD

Section 3-
To Control You’r Squire’s Fire

3.1 How To Train a Squire

As mentioned 2 times earlier, we have different types of builds
Hybrid Build, Defense build (tower app, trap hunt, tower squire, aura monk) and Hero Build.

Mostly squire keeps with a hybrid build like this:
(order is hero health/hero damage/hero speed/hero casting rate
tower health/tower damage/tower range/tower casting rate)

30/29/0/0 this may differ a lot, many people will do this also:


3.2 How To Control Your DPS

Ok, there are a couple thing to look for in a weapon
#1: Damage
#2: Knockback (more preferably negative or 0)
#3: Block Percentage (when holding down the button by the attack button, you block, creating less damage to you)
#4: Length (for monster fest, you will likely have ogres surrounding you, the weapon will go through them, damaging them all, if it has enough length, also wvyern can be hit with a long enough sword)

The Second Ability, Blood Rage, makes rage course through your veins, giving more damage, speed and resistances. But you actually take more damage, so don’t use with many ogres, or kobolds (in monster fest)
So, to make your DPS higher with the same weapon, you:
#1: Use Blood Rage
#2: Time your swings right

3.3 The Abilities

Ok, so the first ability is: Circle Slice
Circle Slice costs 60 mana
You spin your sword and yourself around, hitting and knocking away all enemies around you.

The second ability is: Blood Rage
“Rage courses through your veins, adding damage, speed, and resistances”
But, unfortunately, you actually take more damage while in rage.
Blood Rage cost 20 mana and increases over time

3.4 Best Weapon

So far, the best weapon for squire is Blazemourn for non teg2 users.
An alien seord is the best for tegra 2 users, but is very hard to find a good one (like 50 games maybe, i have not found any good ones yet)

Your Monk Kills Build

4.1 Monk Weapon Guide
Now, you might be thinking, what should I upgrade, melee, or ranged damage??
The answer is………..
The monk is a unique character, with both melee and ranged damage.
Now, when you upgrade a weapon to ranged damage these happen:
#1: you get projectiles
#2: the hero damage doesn’t affect it’s damage
#3: what you see for ranged damage is what you get
#4: more distance

But, when you upgrade melee damage, these happen:
#1: you have to be like a squire and go up to the monsters
#2: your hero damage affects the damage of your weapon
#3: if your crystal is in trouble, it takes longer to get to it

People are always pondering the question, which is why you need to look at the statistics of the weapon, for instance you have a 106 normal damage
96 ranged damage
If you want more DPS, choose the normal damage.

4.2 Hero Theory

For the monk, this section will be a little different, it has 2 columns: a ranged one and a melee one, depending on the weapon.
(hero health/hero damage/hero speed/hero casting rate
ability 1/ability 2
aura health/ aura damage/ aura range/aura casting rate
?= depends on armor)


Hero build:

Aura build:

Hybrid build:


Hero build:

Aura build:

Hybrid build:

4.3 The Abilities

We now get to talk about the monk’s abilities

Ability 1: Defense Boost
This ability costs 15 mana and time
A circle appears around you, and all the defenses in your circle are being healed and boosted.

Ability 2: Hero Boost
This is pretty much the same thing as defense boost.
This ability costs 15 mana and time.
A circle appears around you and all heros in that circle does more damage, and is being healed.

4.4 The Best Weapon

The best weapon for melee monk right now is Mordenkainen’s Magical Flaming Dragons obtainable from moving core easy medium or hard.
The best weapon for range monk is the Mordecia’s Spike Pike, obtainable from monster fest medium or easy.

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