Cross Fire SPOP Guide

Cross Fire SPOP Guide by FoxyFemme

Intro: As we all know one of the most controversial subjects in crossfire is the SPOP female character model. You can purchase this model for 8200 zp so only those who pay to play or do enough surveys have access to this character. It is an increasingly common phenomenon in Pubs (Public Games) and even in the clan servers during scrims. This guide is here to dispel some myths and to inform the general populace about the SPOP character.

Size and Shape of the Character Model: The first thing that everyone will notice when they first encounter an SPOP is that they look skinnier than the normal SAS, OMOH, or SWAT characters. This may confuse you at first but dont be fooled, the hit boxes ARE THE SAME, I repeat, ARE THE SAME as the other character models. So as long as you keep a cool head and an trained trigger finger you will be fine.

Running and Walking Speed: When the SPOP first came out there were many threads that claimed the SPOP “ran faster.” This claim is entirely false as your run speed is determined by the mobility of your weapon. The SPOP has the same running speed as every other character model.

Rank and Skill Claims: There are many people who claim that those who use the SPOP are all “noobs.” This is simply slander by those who are frustrated when they encounter the SPOP. This generalization does not stand up as there is no rank requirement for the SPOP. The character model is used by players from all skill levels. Using a certain character model will never make someone a “noob.”

Gender and Sex Claims: The same people that claim all SPOP users are “noobs” will also state that SPOP users are “Gay, Homosexual, Guys who can’t get girls in real life, or 12 year old kids that want to get off.” This again stems from the frustration they have experienced when playing SPOP users in pubs. SPOP are use by straight men, women, and other of different sexual orientations. To claim that all users are “gay” is offensive and detrimental to the crossfire community.

League and Clan Play: The SPOP is banned from tournaments according to the WOGL standards. This does not prevent players from using SPOP characters in the clan server during scrims. Each clan will have preferences when dealing with this character.

Final Thoughts: The SPOP will always receive controversy from the community as it is predominantly male based. Most of the males assume that they are always playing other males. However there is a percentage of the community, however small, that are something other than male. Once we learn to accept this and take this into account, I believe our community will benefit as a whole.

Hope the guide helped.

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