CrossFire Extra Mission System Guide

CrossFire Extra Mission System Guide by Simrock

In short, this system allows you to do daily missions anytime you want (yes, you can do as much extra missions you want, there’s no limit, so far I guess), 800zp per use though, but worth it, :3 Once you bought your extra mission card, you can now set/register a mission/objective of your choice. That mission shall not reset until completed.

I’ve set my mission to be 40 kill in any Ghost Mode maps (for today’s event and advance my ribbon hours). My chosen prize was Badge Booster, then I clicked register:

As you can see here, you can change the objective if you want, however, I don’t think you can change it if you started your objective (I didn’t tested though; I just assume).

You can keep your track in the lobby/in-game/exit screen as usual:

Once finished, you receive your selected prize, here’s the one I’ve received:

Here’s the Mission you can select. Note, numbers may vary depending of which group rank you are. Soldiers, Petty Officers, Company Officers, Field Officers & General (Field Officers & General share the same numbers). The following numbers represent anyone in Company Officers ranks:

Search & Destroy (45 kills, 9 games, 6 wins).
Team Deathmatch (150 kills, 10 games, 5 wins).
Ghost Mode (40 kills, 6 games, 4 wins).
Free For All (100 kills, 10 games).
Mutation Mode (10 games).
Escape Mode (45 kills, 9 games, 7 wins).
Hero Mode (10 games).
Zombie Mode (150’000 scores, 45 rounds).
Hero Mode X (10 games).
New Map (play 8 games in the new map(s) of the current patch).

This final list shows the prizes and their periods (I’ll update them once I get confirmation from anyone):

1000 exp (+1000 exp added to your profile).
5000gp (+5000 gp added to your account).
Exp Plus 50% (probably 2 days; need confirmation).
Badge Booster (2 days).
GP Plus 50% (probably 2 days; need confirmation).
Dog Tag (that’s right, you could get 2 dog tag with 1 extra mission)!

After test the Badge Booster later, the results are below:


Final score:

Boost effects:

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