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Call of Gods Newbie Starting Guide

Hello all, this is a guide for the newer players of CoG, in it is a basic strategy on how to set up your hero’s and castle to help get you started.This guide is mainly built of the elven
archer class,
but the units and buildings remain the same types, just not the same names.

Your Castle-

In the tutorial, the guild will have you build various buildings such as a coin building. (copper crater for you elves) The first thing you want to do is make sure you have at least one of each building except your cavalry building(elves magic forest) as you need a level 2 recruitment building. (elves hunter hall) Once you have everything up, you have resources coming in, and units coming out. Since you are probably under level 10, you will not lose any units so recruiting will not be much of an issue right now but your resources will.

One of the most important buildings in your castle is your tech building. (elves wisdom spring) This building allows you to upgrade various things such as damage, defense, recruiting more hero’s, and increasing the number of units your hero can command. The first thing you want to upgrade, I believe it’s even the first thing your in-game guide tells you to upgrade, is your hero recruitment tech (elves domination), it will let you recruit 1 more hero each level. The second tech you want to upgrade is your command tech.(elves natural power) Those two techs are very powerful.

Each building will list its requirements and resources needed to upgrade when you hover your mouse over the “upgrade button

This is the basic lay out for any base, once you have this down, the rest is your choice on how you want to play. I recommend getting resource buildings up first, Tech second, then unit buildings third.

Your Hero’s-

Gotta have hero’s to command troops to kill the baddies right? Setting up your hero’s though can be kind of tricky. I’ll explain a good way to set troops up as I have that works well.

First off, you need to get some hero’s. You are given a very powerful hero to start off with, but you also have two more slots you can fill, the in-game guide should have shown you how to recruit hero’s at the tavern in your main city. The tavern auto refreshes every hour, and your also given 5 free refreshes every day. At the tavern try to recruit the strongest hero’s you can find, you can tell by the color of their name. White is weakest, green is a little stronger, blue is strong, and purple is powerful. Don’t quote me but I believe there is also a red that is very rare and very strong but I could be wrong.


Now that you have some hero’s, you need units. The game supplies you with some strong ones right off the bat and the in-game guide should have already shown you how to deploy units. What you want to do now is take your Infantry type units (elves dwarf warrior or dwarf soldier) and put them on the hero that is in the number 1 slot. You can see the unit type in the recruitment building in your castle by clicking the building and opening he window and hovering your mouse pointer over the unit pictures. You can see what slot your hero is in by clicking the “Hero” button at the bottom cent of the game screen to bring up the hero window. Your hero’s will have numbers in the bottom left corner of their profile, right under the picture. The up and down arrows will move the hero up and down in order.

Ok now you have infantry on your number 1 hero, the other two, you want to put archer type (elves hunter or land archer) on the other two. This will be your basic “group matrix”. Once you get more hero’s you will be able to tweak it how you like.

Group matrix-

The ultimate reason for this matrix. In the combat system, your units,and the enemy units will ALWAYS attack a certain way. They will always attack the CLOSEST enemy first. They will also always attack from LEFT to RIGHT as well. Closest target groups have priority over the others regardless of left groups, but if you have more than one target closer that the others that are at the same distance, the left to right principle applies to them. There will be a graph at the bottom to give a better picture. You will get a better picture once you get into combat. Now then, the number 1 slot hero will be the furthest left group on the battle field. Then the number 2 slot will be the second and so on. Since you have archer types on your 2 and 3 slot hero’s they never have to move because they can attack at range. Your infantry type however will have to travel closer to the enemy to attack. Since your Infantry will always be in the left, and will have to move closer, it will always be attacked until it is killed leaving your archer types protected and lets them do the damage. The purpose of the infantry type is a buffer to soak the incoming damage while your squishy archer types kill off the enemies.

Hero equipment-

Your hero’s can be equipped with gear to make them more powerful. There are eight slots for gear. Head, neck, shoulders, ring, chest,
pants, weapon, and boots. The gear has its own stats such as defense, hit, attack, crit, and combo. It also has a hero level requirement, which means your hero has to be that level or higher to use.

Hero stats-

Hero’s (and units) have those numbers on their profile, but what do they mean? First off is level, it just shows the level of the hero. Next istype, type will show you how your hero will progress in stats, the types are Attack, Defense, Balance, and agility, each hero will advance primarily in those stats.

-Attack, more attack means more damage.
-Defense, More defense lowers the incoming damage.
-Vitality is the life of your hero and units, it works like defense,but whereas
defense lowers incoming damage, vitality makes it where more damage is needed for the same effect.
-Agility, im not sure on this one, but I think its tied into dodge,maybe crit and some other stats.
-Dodge, your chance to dodge an incoming attack, taking no damage.
-Crit, your chance to make a critical hit and do extra damage.
-Hit, your chance to not be dodged by an enemy.
-Command, your command determines how many units that hero can have deployed.
-Potential, the higher the potential, the higher the other stats will go up per level.
-Exp, this shows how much exp for that level you have, and how much is needed for the next level.

New towns-

As you level you go to new towns. These towns have different places to inspect. You have the town itself which has quest givers. (sometimes more than one place) Usually about three areas where you can fight monsters .Lastly there are buildings that gives resources over time (elves magic pool), and one that gives exp over time, (elves soul altar) these buildings are level based, the higher the level, the more it gives. Those two buildings are very helpful, use them as much as you can.


Quests are basically a task someone has given you, they range from kill x amount of y target, gather x amount of y item from z target, to just visiting or delivering an item to someone. The quests follow the same basic lay out though. The quest will give you the town (seen in world view if you are currently not in a town. The area in the town. (seen in world once you have entered a town)
sometimes the item you are supposed to collect, and lastly, the creature you are supposed to kill.Keep in mind that the lay out will change accordingly to what you are supposed to do, but the town and area in the town will always be first.

A quests lay out will look something like “Fairy Grassland>> Mohaw Hill >> Prairie Wolf 0/5”. The first part is the town, the second part is the area in the town, the third is the target monster and how many you are supposed to kill. Gather quests have a picture also with the amount needed.

There are numerous other aspects to go into but with this guide you should know the basics and be able to get a feel for the game and come up with your own tactics and style.

I hope this guide helps, if I’m wrong on something or left something out or any improvements on it, let me know and I will change it accordingly.Also, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I’ll help however I’m able.

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