Allods Online Warden Builds Guide

Allods Online Warden Builds Guide by kurote

If you are looking for a warden guide that helps you with what matters and important in an organized, methodical way then you are at the right place. Here I cover the following things: What builds to use, How do they work, How to fight with them, Why.
This is the updated version of my previous guide and I hope it will help players who are looking for builds and advice. I have redesigned the look of the trees as the previous edition was confusing to some people. Also, in the builds I included only the rubies and talents that are the basic necessities. I will make recommendations, but you will have to decide what rubies and talents you want to get with your remaining points. You can choose to strengthen your damage, your heals, your pet’s damage, your defense, orienting yourself towards PvP, getting AoE…or a little from several of those.
Warden is a balanced and versatile class where all builds: Caster, 2-hand Melee, Paired Fist, Pet, Hybrids, Support are viable. What a build lacks in some aspects, the strengths and purpose of that build will make up for it.

If you have comments, questions or requests please do it here instead of sending a PM as I rarely check my inbox.

Guide to the Guide:
This guide works with 41 rubies (lvl10-lvl47) and 56 talent points. You can get 4 more rubies by completing end-game content and getting Judge rank with PvP and there are additional rubies available by gathering items from the cash shop, which costs gold or real life money. You can also get 6 more talent points with cash shop items. What you do with those is up to you, as mentioned in the Intro section above.

First there will be the name of the build. Then a picture containing the 3 Ruby Grids and Talent Tree with some indications on them. Under the picture there will be a description of the build. Now here’s what those indications mean:
Yellow X-Marks: The essential rubies you need for that build. It is the core or main build.
Yellow Lines: The possible/required routes you can take to get to the rubies marked with Yellow X. Sometimes there are multiple paths and one is shorter than the other (that means it costs less rubies).
Green X-Marks: Additional Rubies and Talents fitting with the build, which you can take on top of the core build. It’s entirely up to your preference. I will however, make recommendations in the description.
Green Lines: The routes you should/must take to get to the rubies marked with Green X.
Yellow/Green Numbers: In the Talent Tree they indicate what rank the skill should be taken. The skills marked with yellow are part of the core build, the skills marked with green are optional.

Race Choice: You pick a race by either looks or racial ability. If you go by looks, race makes no difference in gameplay. However, if you make your choice based on racial abilities then definitely pick Kanians as it restores both health and energy (only to pet). It’s absolutely outstanding as a saving ability.. Gibberling skill only restores health (to anyone) and as such relies on faith a lot. Orc’s exploding potion is just useless. But! If you are planning to be a Support Warden, Gibberling is the race you should go with.
Finally, keep in mind that racial abilities tend to get changed a lot in patches.

Skill Choice:This applies to skills with a Green X in all builds, so I’ll start with this. Read the end section for detailed skill mechanics. When you see numbers or percentages with slashes, for example: 30%/60%/90% or 12/18 they represent the effects of the skill on every rank. So in the firs example the skill have 3 ranks: on rank1 by 30%, on rank2 by 60%, on rank3 by 90% will the skill increase or decrease something.
Don’t forget, that whatever skills and rubies you chose from the list below it will be at the expense of other useful rubies. It’s basically about increasing your damage or defense and orienting yourself towards PvP or PvE.
PvP related skills are marked like this: PvP
Talent Tree:
Image Lightning Strike/Image Boar’s Blow:
As a melee: use Lightning Strike but only get rank 3 (for Searing Pain builds mainly) if you want more frequent knockdowns or if you get less than rank 3 Boar’s Blow. Note that your knockdown rate is going to be about the same. It depends on what you prefer, random knockdowns or a more steady one, with exact intervals. Think of it as 20%/25%/33% every 4 sec VS. 100% (unless you miss) every 25/21/18 (or with rubies and spear/staff 21,3/17,9/15,3) sec.
As caster: You can safely get rank 1 Boar’s Blow, it’s very good to have when you are not getting knockdown for 3-4 consecutive Lightning Strike especially with the mob on you.
Image Lightning Flash: Only for Casters. Its damage is better than rank 3 Lightning Strike from rank 2. The basic knockdown chances are the same, but with Lightning Link it’s higher. The main point of taking this spell to rank 2 or 3 (besides better dps) is to achieve a nearly continuous flow of attack chain (knockdown->Open Wound->Searing Pain->Shred/Rip-> Lightning Link), so It works best with Searing Pain and Pet builds.
Image Renew: Since enemy runes vs. your runes affect the healing you receive, there are players who say to leave that out of your build. While it might be justifications for that, it is still a huge help in PvE. You level up with PvE to 47, so you can just reskill if you want at that point. Also, against players who outrune/outgear you it’s not like your odds are good anyway, renew or no renew. But with even runes or when you have the better ones, renew should be helpful.
Image Aqua Eternus: You can safely take this with any and every build. You just can’t go wrong with this. Always take it to rank 3.
Image Rip: Silences, must have for PvP. Rank 1 does the job. You might wanna get rank 2 or 3 if you have Vortex or Tiger’s Strike but do not have Shred and want to take advantage to the bonus damage it receives from Searing Pain. Keep in mind though that it does not silence with Searing Pain.
Image Mangle: This spell is good for any build where you have Great Hunt, which only a few very specific build doesn’t have. It’s the same as Maul, just stronger and as a pet spell, it doesn’t matter whether you are a caster or melee. If you only get rank 2 Mangle, don’t take Maul to rank 3 because it’s not gonna be stronger.
Image Hawk’s Strike: Very good PvP skill especially with paired fist weapons or/and non-Searing Pain melee builds.
Image Lion’s Blow: Only for melee Searing Pain and Pet Builds, but with those it’s a must even if it’s just rank 2. The reason I don’t recommend it with caster builds because it takes up too much points, the stat balancing and ruby build does not support it, you can’t use maces, and Mangle or Lightning Flash works better with casters.
Bee Swarm: Disorients, must have for PvP, very useful in PvE too. Rank 3 recommended.
Image Lethargy Potion: Use for PvE is mainly in instances, heroics etc. where you can disable mobs so the team has an easier time. In PvP it benefits you only at rank 2-3, because rank one needs your opponent’s health to be 100%. And don’t forget that in PvP people will have their blessing active, which reduces it’s duration by 80%. It helps you kite away or disable someone when fighting multiple opponents.
Image Aqua Morte: Prevent healing, signature warden move, must have but only for PvP. Take it to at least rank 2.
Image Storm/Image Bear’s Blow/Image Chomp: Your 3 AoE spells for anything (except normal PvE and 1v1 PvP) from heroics through mass PvP to astral with a brief stop at farming. Choose Storm for caster builds especially when you take Master of Nature rubies. Choose Bear’s Blow for melee builds especially when you take Heavy Paws rubies. Choose Chomp if you don’t wanna burn your mana and/or using a pet build. They all have their ups and downs:
-Storm is a very strong mana friendly burst AoE, but it has a long cast time and the cooldown even with rubies makes it not spammable. Also, as it’s a DoT AoE and not instant spell and because you can choose the location where it takes affect, the targets need to stay in it’s radius to receive damage, which can be a huge advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation.
-Bear’s Blow is an instant cast low cooldown spam-spell that deals lots of damage but the price is that you need to be close to your target and spamming it will burn your mana away very fast.
-Chomp is a kind of in-between: it’s instant with not a long cooldown but not spammable either, you don’t actually have to be close to your targets just your pet (which still requires you to gather the mob). It won’t cost any mana for you but pet-wise the energy it takes is quite a lot if you use it nonstop. You can cast more Bear’s Blow with mana than Chomp with energy. It’s not as strong as Bear’s Blow or Storm. It’s good to take aggro off you if another mobs attack when you 1v1 in PvE, but you can do that with Maul too.
Image Aura of Regeneration: It doesn’t restore much. I don’t recommend it.

Wolf’s Blow Grid:
Image Snake’s Strike: I recommend it for PvP only if you don’t have Nature’s Grip or Tornado (it’s a channeling spell, meaning it affects the target during cast time, so interruption or moving cancels it) for movement speed reduction.
Image Bark Shield: Whether it’s PvP or PvE, it is now more needed than ever with our reduced defenses. Definitely worth getting if you have Master of Nature rubies.
Image Aura of Ferocity: You’re gonna have it in certain Paired fist builds if you choose to. Otherwise you can ignore it. Definitely useful for teams tho.

Lightning Strike Grid:
Image Power Surge: It’s only worth it at rank 2 with caster builds. And that’s 3 or 4 rubies, but Natural Balance will cool faster and Renew will heal more if you take the 4 rubies.
Image Confusion Potion: For PvP. Just get it.

Maul Grid:
Image Call of the Wild Useful for tearing down shields, interrupting casting in PvP.
Image Nature’s Grip: Useful even at rank 1 especially in any PvP or/and kiting.

Passive Ruby Choice: Applies to rubies with a Green X in all builds. These increase/decrease various stats of you, your pet and your skills.
Wolf’s Blow Grid:
Image Natural Brutality: +15%/30% critical hit chance
Image Shroud of Blood: +10%/20%/30% critical hit damage
Image Born Fighter: +5%/10%/15% dmg to all your melee skills except Tiger’s Strike. 3%/6%/9% increase to Hawk’s Strike’s mana drain.
Image Energizing Blows: Makes Hawk’s Strike heal you when it drains mana. Do not take it to rank 2 if you don’t have Hawk’s Strike.
Image Claws of Fury: +6%/12%/18% damage when using fist weapons
Image Coordinated Strikes: +5% damage to Wolf’s Blow and Clout, also increases it’s cooldown to 2.3/3.2/4 seconds and makes you attack the target automatically for that duration. You can use other skills during that time, but they will cancel the attacks. DO NOT TAKE THIS ABOVE RANK 1. ONLY GET RANK 1 IF YOU WANT TO SPARE A RUBY WHEN YOU GET TO CLAWS OF FURY IN PAIRED FIST BUILDS.
Image Heavy Paws: +5%/10%/15% dmg to Bear’s Blow. Only Take this with melee builds and if you have Bear’s Blow. Even then you can safely leave it out and spend rubies elsewhere.

Lightning Strike Grid:
Image Master of Nature: 10%/20%/30% more duration to Bark Shield +10%/20%/30% dmg to Storm. Take it with caster builds if you have Storm. It costs a lot of rubies just for Bark Shield as a non-caster.
Image Electric Therapy: +20%/40%60% duration to Renew. Not at all a tragedy if you don’t get it with.
Image Power Explosion: A must have with Power Surge, but rank 1 is enough otherwise. Make sure you get the one on the upper-right part of Lightning Grid. DO NOT get the one in the lower-right corner because the chance is just too low and the damage is the same at both ranks.

Maul Grid:
Image Acute Pain: Increases the chance to inflict Searing pain by 30%/60%/90%. Take these only with Searing Pain and Pet builds but only if you decide to use Shred as your dominant damage dealing spell. Otherwise you can leave them out and use Shred for bonus dps. Here are the numbers rank by rank: R=Rank AP=Acute Pain
Tiger’s Strike: R1: 25% R2: 50%
R1+R1AP: 32.5% R1+R2AP: 40% R1+R3AP: 47.5%
R2+R1AP: 65% R2+R2AP: 80% R2+R3AP: 95%

Vortex R1: 20% R2:30% R3: 40%
R1+R1AP: 26% R1+R2AP: 32% R1+R3AP: 38%
R2+R1AP: 39% R2+R2AP: 48% R2+R3AP: 57%
R3+R1AP: 52% R3+R2AP: 64% R3+R3AP: 76%
Image Intense Training: +3%/6%/9% to pet’s health and 30%60%/90% to threat generation. Only needed for some pet builds. The threat generation bonus from Great Hunt+Thrill of the Hunt should be enough. If you still keep pulling aggro from the pet, you’re doing something wrong. As for the 9% hp, it’s not much.
Image Feral Instincts: Raises you and pet’s endurance by 3%/6%/9%. Grab as many as you can, but you can leave out the one below Call of the Wild if you’re short on rubies.
Image Thrill of the Hunt: Great Hunt lasts longer by 30%/60%. A must have for almost every build. You get to these rubies through either 2 Heightened Senses and an empty ruby or through Heightened Senses an empty ruby and Innate Rage. It’s defense VS. damage. I recommend the latter.
Image Heightened Senses: Pet takes 20%/40%/60% less damage from AoEs. You only have to max it with Searing Pain or Pet builds but it costs more rubies.
Image Innate Rage: +20%/40% critical damage for your pet. The 1 rank you get when you go to Thrill of the Hunt is enough. You’ll only have rank 2 with Searing Pain or Pet builds.
Image Dirty Paws: Only get it for Pet builds. +5%/10%/15% to pet damage.
Image Ethereal Calm: Highly recommended for Pet or other Searing Pain builds especially ones with Acute Pain. Your pet is going to burn energy like there’s no tomorrow.
Image Gaping Wounds: +40%/80%/120% damage to Open Wounds. It’s an excellent choice for any build. Get as many as you can.

Which build should you choose?
-If you are new to this class, looking for a good build for leveling up, want a balanced, old-school build I suggest you choose one of the following: Two-Handed Melee, Paired Fist Melee, Caster Warden.
-If all the above but you want to try something new, have confidence, experience with other MMORPGs, want a build/playstyle that is a little more exciting and requires attention then go for any of the 3 Searing Pain builds.
-If you don’t mind when a build is unbalanced and want to lean back and let your pet do all the work choose a Caster/Pet or one of the other 2 Pet builds(those are a little less lazy). Or if it’s the contrary and you want to be on the front lines dealing all the damage yourself leaving your pet as a bonus dps and cute companion, choose Full Caster Warden.
-Crit and especially Support Warden are very specific and meant to be end-game builds. Try them only with extensive experience.

Which ones are the PvP and PvE builds?
There aren’t any PvP or PvE builds in this guide per se. The builds only contain those core skills, that make the build what it is: Caster, Melee, Searing Pain, Pet and the combination of those.
The build becomes PvP or PvE oriented, when you choose skills from the Skill Choice section above that are PvP or PvE specific on top of the core build. You don’t have to worry about being bad in one even if you are specialized in the other, because there is no significant difference in damage dealing between the two just some cc skills and others with various tricks. You can be efficient in both with either spec. Especially at lower levels, when the focus is mainly on dps. You can worry about PvP and PvE on high levels and by then you’ll have the experience to know what to do.

In what order should you get your skills to be effective?
If you follow a build that includes Thrill of the Hunt rubies (which most builds do), go for those first. Big boost for pet damage and it will tank better. After that:
-For 2-Hand, Caster and Paired Fist builds, take rubies that boost your damage and lower cooldowns, then Gaping Wounds.
-For Searing Pain builds take Shred (make sure you have Vortex in Talent Tree and Tiger’s Strike with Paired Fists) and then Gaping Wounds if you decide to get those.
-With Caster, 2hand and Paired Fist/Pet builds when you get Thrill of the Hunt first take either Shred (make sure you have Vortex in Talent Tree and Tiger’s Strike with Paired Fists) or Gaping Wounds.
Doesn’t really matter, at low levels you can’t go wrong no matter when you get what.
If you can’t decide, get a little from everything, take your skills just to rank 1 or 2.

By the time you’re finished with that, you’ll have enough experience to decide what to get next.

What weapons should you use?
-For 2-hand builds: Spear, Staff, Mace. The cooldown and damage increases from Spear to Mace. Besides the stats, the DPS on the weapon is also very important.
-For Paired Fist builds: Paired Fist weapons. Not much of a choice here. Always use the best you got.
-For caster builds: 2-handed Spear, Staff, 1-handed Spear+Off-Hand. The DPS on the weapons don’t matter only the stats are important, so choose the combination with the best stats.

Melee and Caster Builds
These builds focus on your damage output and defense, and only use the most basic of Pet skills and abilities. The main source of dps comes from Wolf’s Blow (melees), Vortex and Lightning Strike (casters), Maul and Open Wounds. If you haven’t already, check the Talent and Ruby choice sections at the beginning and the skill mechanics at the end of the guide to help you decide what Green X-marked skills to take. PvP skills are marked.

Two-Handed Melee Warden
The good, old fashioned way. Uses 36 rubies. If you want an AoE, get Bear’s Blow. If you want a second AoE, choose Chomp. With the leftover rubies, I’d say go for Bark Shield, for movement reduction rank 1 or maybe 2 Snake’s Strike rather than Nature’s Grip. But if you take Ethereal Calm, which is not essential here, both of them are good.
Maybe the crit rubies if you’re crazy about critrates but then you might as well go all the way and get all five, which means you have to scrape one ruby off from the main build somewhere.
Using a spear reduces damage a little and physical skill cooldown to 2.7sec, a mace makes them stronger and cools them at 3.1sec, a staff’s damage is somewhere in-between and skills cool 3sec. Boar’s Blow cooldown is not affected by weapons.

Paired Fist Melee Warden
With this build your phys atk skill damage and mana cost will be about one-third of what it is with a spear/staff/mace and their cooldowns will be 1.2 seconds.
The issue is to exclude or include rank 1 Calculated Strikes in the build. If you do, Wolf’s Blow and Lion’s Blow will have 2.3sec cooldown instead of 1.2sec but you’ll have a Shroud of Blood ruby as a collateral bonus.
Either you go through 2 ranks of Aura of Ferocity+Calculated Strikes and leave out Tiger’s Srtike, or 2 ranks of Aura of Ferocity+Shroud of Blood+Tiger’s Strike+Claws of Fury. In the first case the build will use 37, in the second case 39 rubies.
I recommend the second version. A more spammable Wolf’s Blow is better, not to mention it’s a Paired Fist build. Its principle is to make up with speed and minimal mana cost for the loss of damage.
With the 2/4 remaining rubies you can take Bark Shield, Feral Instincts, Bestial Synergy. If you take 2 ranks of Ethereal Calm, don’t take the empty ruby between the dodge and parry ruby.
From the talents, you can get Rip to even rank 2or 3 so you can use it with Searing Pain (If you have Tiger’s Strike which inflicts it) for extra damage and longer silence in PvP.

Crit Warden
The purpose of this build is to achieve as high a crit rate as you can and with the speed of Paired Fists deal them as fast as possible.
Including the 1 Calculated Strike in this build is not recommended at all. Unfortunately that means the build will use 37 rubies. With the remaining 4 you ca max Gaping Wounds, or get Thrill of the Hunt, but for that you will have to sacrifice 1 ruby from the main build. A Parry, Int or Wisdom ruby. I recommend leaving out the wisdom ruby after Energizing Blow and leaving that out too, that way you free up 2 rubies.
A steady damage and better pet-tanking from Great Hunt is more preferable especially if you rank up Rip and take advantage of Searing Pain.

Stat build: Put every point in Luck as with every build.
The stat you need to keep as high as possible is Luck. Always choose this over Intelligence with gear, potions etc. Secondly you need lots of wisdom to prevent your damage being reduced too much by target’s armor. You need enough Perception to keep it around 20-30%, so you don’t miss much. Intelligence comes after those. Consider Faith as a collateral bonus that comes with Perception.

Full Caster Warden
If pet builds rely on the pet, this is the other side of the coin. Doesn’t need much explanation, the name pretty much says all. It sacrifices all pet damage abilities and skills in Ruby Grid to you, utilizing caster abilities to their maximum potential. Costs 41 rubies.
Storm+Bark Shield+Master of Nature makes for an awesome group.
During Power Surge’s (which you should spam) last 5 seconds make sure you use Lightning Strike: with Power Explosion it deals 200% damage.
Nature’s Touch and Electric Therapy will make Renew longer, stronger and Natural Balance faster. These are the only 2 sets of rubies that should be left out if you want to get Thrill of The Hunt. But get Power Surge with the empty ruby.
Since we don’t focus on pet damage, you can spam Vortex and stack up Static Charge to
boost Lightning Strike. Vortex’s higher damage and reduced casting time/mana cost makes it a better spam skill than Lightning Strike.
Stack up Intelligence, keep Perception around 20%, don’t let Faith, Luck and Wisdom too low.

Caster Warden
A balanced caster build between you and your pet. Core build uses 31 rubies.
Power Surge, Electric Therapy, Nature’s Touch is still marked as an option to take, but don’t really need them for this build. Nature’s Touch at best.
What you should take from Maul Grid the 3 Gaping Wounds, 2 Feral Insticts and 2 Bestial Synergy rubies. Or the 1empty ruby+1Bestial Synergy+3Gaping Wounds+1Feral Insticts to spare 1 ruby.
With the remaining 4 or 5 get rank 1 or 2 Bark Shield, rank 1 or 2 Power Surge. Master of Nature+ Bark Shield is a good choice too, but make sure you have Storm if you get Master of Nature. Ethereal Calm on rank 2 is a bliss already.
Use Vortex->Lightning Strike combo to maximize knockdowns for maul to deal double damage and to keep Open Wound up. If you take aggro you may just spam Lightning Strike since Vortex’s casting is gonna get longer with interruptions. Also make use of Tornado (as an opening mostly or when you see the target is coming for you). It’s a very strong spell, just make sure you are far from the target so it doesn’t get interrupted. Try to keep your distance in general.

You might notice there is only rank 1 Power Explosion. That’s because even at rank 2 it’s still only 150% damage(same as rank1) for 30% chance(still too low), both of which you won’t miss. And it’s effect with Power Surge, doesn’t change with ranks.
The other thing is that I marked Bear’s Blow as an AoE choice.

Support Warden
Warden is a class with an overwhelming amount of abilities that make it a fantastic helper in groups.
Go for this only at endgame, as it has the lowest damage, soloing is very hard. As the name suggests this build sacrifices all damage (both pet and you) to get everything that has a control or positive effect. It heavily relies on team play as your job is not to damage but to dish out crowd control fast and to heal.
It uses Paired Fist weapons since your skills will have low mana cost and short cooldowns. As you can see it includes:
-2 Knockdown skills (Boar’s Blow, Lightning Strike)
-3 Movement reducing skill (Snake’s Strike, Tornado, Nature’s Grip)
-1 Disorienting skill (Bee Swarm)
-1Silencing skill (Rip)
-1 Mana drain skill which heals you (Hawk’s Strike)
-2 Potions (Confusion Potion against casting, Aqua Morte to prevent heals)
-3 Heals (Aqua Vitae+Medley Mastery=stronger heals, Renew+Electric Therapy+Nature’s Touch+Natural Balance=longer and stronger Renew, faster Natural balance)
-1 Party buff (Aura of Ferocity)
-2 Potions (Confusion Potion against casting, Aqua Morte to prevent heals)
-3 Defensive skills (a dead support is no good): Parry and Dodge rubies, Bark Shield
-3 Intelligence rubies (to strengthen your heals)

I included Tiger’s Strike so if you absolutely need to, you can deal some extra dmg with Searing Pain+Rip combo. You may trade those 3 rubies for the following skills that just didn’t fit in the build:
-rank 1 Feral Instincts (for a little endurance)
-rank 2 Master of Nature (longer bark Shield)
For the Talent Tree there are 18 points unused. I recommend getting rank 2 from all the skills marked with Green X. After that you’ll still have 3 points left allowing you to max one more skill.

Psionicist the ultimate control class? Pfft..guess again!
God, people will hate you…

Searing Pain Builds
What is Searing Pain? An effect that lasts 7 seconds and gives additional damage to Shred and Rip. How do you trigger it? For a chance with Tiger’s Strike or Vortex while your target is affected by Open Wound. What is Open Wound? An effect lasting 7 seconds, that causes your target to take periodic damage. How do you inflict Open Wound? With Maul for 5%/7,5%/10% chance, with Mangle for 7,5//10%/12,5 (increases with skill rank) or for 100% while your target is knocked down by either of those spells. Which skills knock down targets? Boar’s Blow, Lightning Strike, Lightning Flash.
It’s really fun to do, and Searing Pain-Shred combo deals big chunks of damage. This play style is definitely gonna keep you on edge all the time and require attention. The downside to this is that your damage will not be much which is a problem when your pet runs out of energy. The dps is more distributed and comes from a more extensive set of skills and at a different rate: Wolf’s Blow (melees), Vortex and Lightning Strike (casters), Maul, Open Wound, Shred.

Two-Handed Melee/Searing Pain Warden
It uses 35 rubies without Acute Pain. Advantage over paired fist is that it deals more damage. I recommend leaving out Acute Pain to get rank 2 Ethereal Calm and all Gaping Wounds rubies through the parry and luck ruby above Ethereal Calm. If you decide to take the Acute Pain, with the 5 remaining rubies you may take Ethereal Calm, Bark Shield, Nature’s Grip or if you are PvP oriented Confusing Potion. All of them are good for PvP.
Here’s how you fight:

1.a) If your target needs to be pulled, open with Vortex then cast Lightning Strike, Great Hunt and Maul when the target is close enough. If you knock down and inflict Open Wound, continue with step 3. If not, continue with step 5.
b) If your target is close, cast Great Hunt then Maul to make pet start tanking. Continue with step 5.
2. Cast Maul. If Maul is on cooldown, cast Wolf’s Blow until Maul is ready.
3. While Open Wound is up, cast either:
a) Vortex only as many times as you can to inflict Searing Pain. If you didn’t get Searing Pain continue with step 5.
b) Vortex-Lightning Strike combo as many times as you can to inflict Searing Pain. If you didn’t get Searing Pain continue with step 5. If you got knockdown, continue with step 2.
4. While Searing Pain is up, cast Shred. If Shred is on cooldown, cast Wolf’s Blow until Shred is ready.
5. If your target is still alive and…
a) Boar’s Blow is on cooldown spam Lightning Strike and Wolf’s Blow. If you get knockdown continue with step 2.
b) Lightning Link is active, use Lightning Strike once to knock down your target. If you didn’t, continue with step 5.
c) Boar’s Blow is not on cooldown, use it and continue with step 2. If you miss with Boar’s Blow, continue with step 5.

The reason we are not spamming Maul is to preserve the pet’s energy. Also make sure Great Hunt always on, don’t forget to heal and rest your pet often.

Paired Fist/Searing Pain Warden
The main issue is how to get to Tiger’s Strike. If you take the 2 Aura of Ferocity+1 Natural Brutality+2 Tiger’s Strike+3 Claws of Fury route it’s gonna use 37 rubies.
If you take the 1 Coordinated Strikes+3 Claws of Fury+2 Tiger’s Strike it also gonna cost 37 rubies, but your Wolf’s Blow will have 2.3sec cooldown instead of 1.2sec and you’ll have both Natural Brutality rubies as a collateral bonus.
I recommend the first version. With the remaining 4 rubies you should take Ethereal Calm. With the last one Bark Shield or Nature’s Grip or if you are PvP oriented Confusing Potion. All of them are good for PvP.
If you take the first route to Tiger’s Strike you also have the option to leave out the 3 Claws of Fury. Take the 2 Gaping Wounds rubies through the parry and luck ruby above Ethereal Calm. It depends on what you want to buff, your damage or the pet’s.
Here’s how you fight:

1.a) If your target needs to be pulled, open with Lightning Strike then cast Great Hunt and Maul when the target is close enough. If you knock down and inflict Open Wound, continue with step 3. If not, continue with step 5.
b) If your target is close, cast Great Hunt then Maul to make pet start tanking. Continue with step 6.
2. Cast Maul. If Maul is on cooldown, cast Wolf’s Blow until Maul is ready.
3. While Open Wound is up, use Tiger’s Strike. If you inflicted Searing Pain continue with step 5. If you didn’t get Searing Pain continue with step 4.
4.a) If it was your first Tiger’s Strike, while it cools (4 sec) spam either Wolf’s Blow only, or Wolf’s Blow-Lightning Strike combo. If you get knockdown, continue with step 2. If not, continue with step 3.
b) If it was your second Tiger’s Strike continue with step 6.
5. While Searing Pain is up, cast Shred. If Shred is on cooldown, cast Wolf’s Blow until Shred is ready.
6. If your target is still alive and…
a) Boar’s Blow is on cooldown spam Lightning Strike and Wolf’s Blow. If you get knockdown continue with step 2.
b) Lightning Link is active, use Lightning Strike once to knock down your target. If you didn’t, continue with step 5.
c) Boar’s Blow is not on cooldown, use it and continue with step 2. If you miss with Boar’s Blow, continue with step 5.

Refrain from spamming Maul to preserve energy, keep Great Hunt on, keep an eye on your healths and make a good use of Ethereal Calm by resting your pet.

Caster/Searing Pain Warden
It uses 35 rubies without Acute Pain. You may choose to leave out Tornado and the int ruby, freeing 3 rubies but those are really good rubies to have as a caster. With the 6 remaining rubies any combination of Ethereal Calm, Acute Pain, Gaping Wounds, Bark Shield, Nature’s Grip, Confusion Potion is good to get. I recommend Gaping Wounds and 2 ranks of Ethereal Calm.

Here’s how you fight:

1. a) For pulling: Cast Vortex then Maul, Great Hunt and Lightning Strike. If you got Open Wound continue with step 4.
b) For better pet-tanking: Cast Maul, and Great Hunt when pet is close enough to the target. If you got Open Wound continue with step 4. If not, continue with step 2.
2. Spam either Vortex->Lightning Strike (better dps) combo or just Lightning Strike (less dps, but preserves mana and you won’t pull aggro) until you get knockdown.
3. Cast Maul. If Maul is on cooldown, cast Vortex until Maul is ready.
4. While Open Wound is up, cast either:
a) Vortex only until it inflicts Searing Pain. If it didn’t, continue from step 2. Doing this means less dps but you use less mana and pet energy.
b) Vortex-Lightning Strike combo. If you get knockdown first, continue with step 3. If you get Searing Pain first continue with step 5. Doing this means more dps, mana and energy use.
5. While Searing Pain is up, cast Shred. If Shred is on cooldown, cast Vortex until Shred is ready.
6. Repeat from step 2 if your target is still alive.

Don’t waste energy by spamming Maul when you don’t have knockdown, keep Great Hunt up, heal whenever necessary and rest your pet whenever you can.

Pet Builds
These builds sacrifice all your damage to your pet. It uses Searing Pain-Shred combo as the main attack and source of dps. The difference in the 3 Pet builds is how you get Searing Pain. I marked Acute Pain as optional here as well, but you should take them since all the damage is dealt by your pet, and your main goal is to inflict Searing Pain. But you can spend those 3 rubies elsewhere if you’re fine with SP not activating that often. The advantage of that is that your pet will burn energy slower. With Pet build, running out of energy is an even bigger problem than with Searing Pain builds, you deal even less damage so you’re in big trouble if your pet decides that it took enough pummeling and goes bai-bai with half dead mobs. You should not use these builds for PvP.
All 3 builds cost 37 rubies. If you take the empty ruby instead of the 2 ranks of Nature’s Grip, that’s another ruby spared, but you will need at least one crowd control spell like Bee Swarm for example in case your target jumps you. Keep those precasted at all times if you have them.
With the 4 rubies you can get get for dps Acute Pain, the 3rd int ruby for Caster/Pet, rank 2 Born Fighter for 2-hand, Claws of Fury+Born Fighter for Paired Fist/Pet, Bark Shield for defense, Confusion Potion, Bestial Synergy, Feral Instincts. If you want your pet to tank better get Intense Training, Heightened Senses but you are better off with the other ones.

Two-Handed Melee/Pet Warden
It works the same way as the 2H/Searing Pain. Getting rank 3 Lightning Strike is recommended: more damage and knockdown solved. Only get rank 3 Wolf’s Blow if you want to deal some extra damage yourself, but since it is a pet build…Same goes for the 3rd rank of Solid Swings. The first 2 ranks are only included to get to Pilgrim’s Way, which reduces the cooldown of Boar’s Blow. If you are ok with higher cooldowns and lower damage, you can leave those out altogether and spend that 5 rubies on Bark Shield or Confusing Potion or something.
Getting rank 2 (or higher if you have the points) Lion’s Blow is recommended.

Paired Fist/Pet Warden
Works exactly as Paired Fist/Searing Pain. Getting rank 3 Lightning Strike is recommended for more damage and knockdown. Getting rank 2 (or higher if you have the points) Lion’s Blow is a good idea.

Caster/Pet Warden
Works like the Caster/Searing Pain build. Caster is the safest way to play a Pet build, also the simplest. You just blast your target from 40 yards and wait for Searing Pain.

Effects, Talent Tree and Ruby Grid Skills-How do they work?:
Image Knocked Down: Achieved by Lightning Strike, Lightning Flash or Boar’s Blow. Makes the target unable to move or use abilities. To knock down other players and the duration of knockdown depends on your and the enemy’s willpower and conviction. It’s 2-3 seconds usually.
Image Unbalanced: Automatically applied along with Knocked Down by Lightning Strike, Lightning Flash and Boar’s Blow. Lasts 5 seconds. It allows Maul and Mangle to inflict Open Wound for a 100% chance.
Image Open Wound: A very strong DoT, dealing damage every 2 seconds. Lasts 7 seconds. Triggered by either Maul or Mangle. It allows Vortex and Tiger’s Strike to apply the Searing Pain effect. Searing Pain or spells do not cancel it, and you can trigger multiple Searing Pain effects during one Open Wound.
Image Searing Pain: An effect that causes Shred and Rip to deal extra damage to the target. It lasts 7 seconds but Shred and Rip both cancel it.
Image Lightning Link: It’s triggered by using Rip or Shred on a target affected by Searing Pain. It’s gonna appear on your icon (like Static Charge from Vortex) and lasts 10 seconds. It greatly increases the knockdown chance of your next Lightning Strike or Lightning Flash. Killing your target does not cancel it.
Image Exposed Weakness: It makes Lion’s Blow deal double damage. It appears after using Shred or Rip on a target affected by Searing Pain but only if you have Lion’s Blow. Lasts 10 seconds, Lion’s Blow cancels it.
Image Wolf’s Blow is the strongest spell you have as a melee, spam it.
-Cooldown: 3,5s by default. With Pilgrim’s Way rubies 3s with staff, 2,7s with spear, 3,1s with mace. With paired fists 1,2s.
Image Lightning Strike is your main source for knockdowns, spam it. Using Rip or Shred on a target with Searing Pain on it puts the Lightning Link effect on you, which greatly increases the knockdown chance.
-Cooldown: 4sec. With Channeled Lightning rubies and staff or spear 2.2 sec.
-Knockdown chance 20%/25%/33%, with Lightning Link 50%/60%/70%
Image Maul is your main pet attack, but don’t spam it. Use it only when the target is knocked down to preserve pet energy.
-5%/7,5%/10% chance to inflict Open Wound, 100% if the target is knocked down.
-Deals double damage when target is knocked down.
-Cooldown 4sec, costs 5 energy
Image Boar’s Blow Deals damage and knocks down your target, essential for Searing Pain builds.
-Cooldown: 25/21/18s (rubies and paired fists do not affect cooldown!)
21,3/17,9/15,3 with Pilgrim’s Way rubies and 2-hand weapons.
Image Great Hunt: Get it, max it, spam it. Pet’s damage and threat increases by 30%/50%/70% and lasts 15/20/25 secs as rank goes up with 45 sec cooldown. Makes your pet tank and gives it lots of good damage to it. With rubies it’s practically nonstop (lasts 40 seconds at rank 3). If you don’t have the duration enhancing rubies, make sure it’s on when you cast Call of the Wild.
Image Renew: Your basic healing spell, necessary for any build. Heals over time, more with every rank. Nature’s Touch rubies will make it heal 30% of it’s total periodic heal instantly. Lasts 10 sec, 16sec with Electric Therapy rubies.
Image Vortex: Your strongest attack spell as a caster. More damage and mana cost than Lightning Strike. Channeled Lightning rubies reduce its mana cost by 45% and cast time by 30% so it’s gonna be faster and cost less mana than Lightning Strike.
-Deals damage over 4sec
-Reduces target’s movement speed by 25%/35%/45% for 4 sec.
-Has a 20%/30%/40% chance to inflict Searing Pain if the target is affected by Open Wound.
-Inflicts Static Charge that increases the damage and mana cost of Lightning Strike/Lightning Flash/Tornado/Storm. Stacks 3/4/5 times. Lasts 12 seconds.
-Cast time: 2sec by default. With Channeled Lightning rubies and spear or staff 1.4 sec
It can be precasted.
Image Rip: The only skill that silences. It does that for 3/4/5 secs and has 30/25/20sec cooldown as rank goes up. Receives damage bonus from Searing Pain, essential for that build.
b]Aqua Vitae[/b] is also essential for any build. Your second healing skill.
-Instantly heals 12%/21%/30% hp and 8%/14%/20% mana.Medley Mastery rubies increase the % of what it heals by 45%.
Image Hawk’s Strike: Drains mana from Open Wound affected targets and If you have Energizing Blows rubies it heals you every time it drains mana.
Cooldown: 3,5s by default. With Pilgrim’s Way rubies 3s with staff, 2,7s with spear, 3,1s with mace. With paired fists 1,2s.
Image Bee Swarm: Useful PvP-PvE crowd control spell for any build. Deals damage over 4/5/6sec and makes the target flee. Deals additional damage for over 2 sec to a target affected by Open Wound.
-Cast time: 3/2,5/2sec It can be precasted
-Cooldown: 1,50/1,35/1,20min
Image Lethargy Potion: Puts the target to sleep for 20/40/60sec if the target’s health is not below 100%/80%/60%. Attacking the target will cancel the effect. Only one target can be affected at a time.
Image Bear’s Blow: AoE, dealing damage to 5 close enemies. Deals bonus damage if the target is affected by Open Wound or Exposed Weakness.
-Cast time: Instant
-Cooldown: 3,5sec by default. With Pilgrim’s Way rubies 3s with staff, 2,7s with spear, 3,1s with mace. With paired fists 1,2s.
-Mana cost: Same at all 3 ranks. Costs a little more than half of what rank3 Storm.
-Damage it deals increases greatly: around 50% with every rank.
Image Storm: DoT AoE. It costs 3 rubies to reach it’s max damage. It doesn’t work as it says on the skill, it actually does damage every second and sometimes +1. I don’t know what that extra tick depends on.
-Cast time: 4/4,5/5sec It can be precasted
-Cooldown: 1min/55sec/50sec. With Channeled Lightning rubies and spear or staff 33/30.3/27.5sec
-Duration: 5/7/9sec So damage is 5-6/7-8/9-10 ticks.
-Mana cost: Increases every rank. Costs close to double than Bear’s Blow.
-Damage increases little with ranks, around 10%. But it will last longer and that’s how it gets stronger.
Image Aura of Regeneration: Restores 10 energy and 1.2% mana to your party members every 30/15/8seconds.
-Cast time: 3 sec
-Lasts for 30 minutes, costs a lot of mana.
Image Chomp has never been a popular skill, but if you want an aoe that doesn’t drain your mana and especially if you are using a pet build that’s the skill you want. It’s damage is stronger now and also has a chance to inflict open wound.
-Cooldown: 20sec, costs 15 energy, deals damage to 5/6/8 additional targets in a 10 yard radius.
-Damage increases moderately, about 30% with every rank.
Image Aqua Morte is more deadlier than ever thanks to Maul, especially with Boar’s Blow knockdown-Maul combo. The target can’t be healed for 7/10/13 sec. If the target has Open Wound on it, the heals it receive will damage it.
Image Lion’s Blow: Stronger than rank 3 Wolf’s Blow from rank 2. It applies the Exposed Weakness effect if you used Shred or Rip on a target during Searing Pain. Deals double damage to a target with Exposed Weakness.
Image Lightning Flash: Stronger than rank 3 Lightning Strike from rank 2, knockdown chance is the same (20%/25%/33%). Lightning Link changes the knockdown chance of the next Lightning Flash to 60%/80%/100%.
Image Mangle: Same as Maul, just deals more damage from rank 2. Inflicts Open Wound for 7,5%/10%/12,5% chance, for 100% and double damage if the target is knocked down.
Image Aqua Eternus: Restores your health by 20%/30%/40% and mana by 12%/18%/25%. With Medley Mastery, it restores 29%/44%/58% health and 17%/26%/32% mana. You can have it and Aqua Vitae in your inventory at the same time, but no more than 5 total.
Wolf’s Blow Grid:
Image Bark Shield: This is our only way to reduce physical damage which it does by 50%/40% at the cost of increasing your fire damage taken by 100%/50%.
-Lasts for 12/18 sec. With Master of Nature rubies 16/23sec
-Cooldown: 3/2minutes. With Superior Balance ruby, cooldown is reduced by 3/6/9 sec for every stack of Searing Pain applied to your target.
Image Snake’s Strike Deals a not too high damage and a little DoT for over 10/15 sec, and slows the target by 50% for 10/15 seconds. Deals additional DoT to targets with Open Wound effect.
Tiger’s Strike: Requires paired fist weapon. Your main source of Searing Pain, which it applies for 25%/50% chance.
Cooldown: 4,5/4sec
Image Aura of Ferocity Reduces your armor by 30%. Your weapon attacks increase the physical damage of your party members by 5%/10%/15% for 10 seconds.
-Lasts until you cancel it with casting it again. Cancelling the effect will not cost mana.
-Cooldown: 10seconds upon cancelling the spell.

Lightning Strike Grid:
Image Power Surge: Useful buff for hardcore casters. Increases your damage for 10%/20% and decreases your healing received by 70%/40% for 36 seconds.
-Cooldown: 4/3min
Image Medley Mastery: Since Medley is close to the starting ruby and is included in all main paths by default, you’ll have it.
Image Confusion Potion: Pretty fun, a must have for pvp fanatics. For 20 seconds or 3 spells when the target casts a spell, it receives damage.
Image Nature’s Touch If you like to spam Nature’s Balance or want extra tick for Renew and can fit it in your build, go for it.
Image Tornado: For casters a very strong opening spell combined with Great Hunt+Maul. You can take out well over 50% of your target’s hp that way. It’s a channeling spell which means it deals it’s effects during the cast time. Greatly slows your target..
-Cast time: 4/7 sec
-Cooldown: 1,20/1min. With Channeled Lightning rubies and spear or staff 44/33sec
Useful if your target is running away. If you are attacked during casting the spell is cancelled. Included in some main paths as default so you will have it.

Maul Grid:
Image [b]Call of the Wild: Not much damage, but useful in PvP. The cute tiny pets are awesome tho.
-Summons 2/3 clones
-Cooldown: 3 minutes, mana cost increases a little on rank 2.
-Cooldown: 2/1,30min
Image Ethereal Calm: It increases the amount of energy restored under the same intervals. It restores 7/8/10 energy every 2 sec.
Image Nature’s Grip: Reduces movement speed in a 10 yard radius by 70%/80% for 20 sec. Costs a fair amount of mana. Useful crowd control, pretty neat if you want to run away, just to give an example.
-Cast time: 3/2sec It can be precasted

Put all points you get from leveling up in luck to reduce glancing blow as much as possible. That way you won’t have to sacrifice other stats to luck you get with equipment as much. As melee and pet warden, get lots of wisdom and perception. As caster focus on perception. Intelligence is equally important for both builds, but as caster you can trade wisdom for intelligence more than a melee but know that your wisdom still affects your pet’s damage. Faith is also important, but it always comes with gear that has perception so don’t worry about that, choose the ones with more perception.

That concludes this guide. I hope it is informative, useful, accurate and will help many players who choose to play Warden.

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