OGame Reaching the Top as a Miner Guide

OGame Reaching the Top as a Miner in less than 3 weeks Guide by CYMRU AM BYTH

Early Game Tips:

  • Once Small Cargos (SC) are created, attack as much as possible. You should use this early game guide created by DanCake, located here
  • Remember that computer tech is vital to you, so focus on this tech. The basic philosophy behind this is simple, the more computer tech the more attacks you can make in one day.
  • Once you have sc and others do too, it can be smart to build 1-2 Rocket Launchers (RL) to keep your planet safe from enemy SC.

Seventh day of the universe:

    • After 7 days from the start of the universe ( at zero server time ), inactive (i) players will begin to appear. You NEED to get these first! when the points update on the 7th day, always check for new inactives, and send out 1-2 probes to each new inactive. Once information is gathered, pick your targets and send out as many waves as possible.


  • To stay on top of the inactives, and to keep a record of around 40 systems near your main ( and later on colonies ). Thats 20 systems downwards and 20 systems upwards ( or more )
  • To keep record ( if you have commander ) then simply spy on all of the inactives. On the galaxy screen, in the actions column there will be an ” I ” icon ( which means information on that planet via Espionage report ) When new inactives appear, the ones that do not have the ” I ” are the new inactives, now you know what to do! Probe and attack! If you do not have commander then write all of the inactive names in note pad or something similar.
  • New inactives will appear each day from now on, at every server update, so be sure to be online to send out attacks. On average you will find inactives with zero to 200k worth of resources just waiting for you.


~12 days ( or sooner ) from the start of the universe:

    • You should be able to construct colony ships, by now


    • Construct three colony ships and place them in your home solar system. Only construct solar plants, crystal mines, and deuterium mines. ( Remember! the field size does not matter at all! )


  • Use the extra crystal + deut. income into research ( most important is impulse 5, which makes small cargos upgraded to a faster engine ) also use the extra crystal income to cope with the need of small cargo ships and for more colony ships. “REMINDER: These colonies will be deleted in the future”
  • Try to place two colonies per galaxy, these colonies hopefully will have high fields ( If not, don’t worry about it now, delete them and try again later ) Another tip is place them around systems 120-130 and 370-380 of each galaxy. This will be helpful later for moons. Also, before you place the colony, investigate to see if there are a lot of people in noob protection ( usually means a lot of inactives will come soon )


~14 days and onward:

    • You now should have 8 planets


    • Make sure you build around 10-20 small cargos on each colony ( and it is advised in the future to have 50-100 sc on each planet ) Mines should be upgraded above all else, even research, and try to get good fields on all of the planets in other systems.


  • Now that you are farming 400 systems or so maximum, what to do with the crazy intake of resources? Just build more, and more and more mines, and cargos if needed, there will become a time when your income will be crazy and you will wish to construct a fleet.
  • You will have a choice to keep mining or construct a fleet shortly. By this time i was a little bored of mining so i wanted to wreck havoc across the uni! the choice is yours but it is more fun and better for your alliance if you construct a large fleet; however, it can take up a lot of time and you have to be careful and also remember to keep 1-2 colony slot open for raiding colonies


General tips for the early miner:

    • Some inactives will have set their account to delete before you can get to them if you don’t have impulse 5. Upgrading your impulse engine beyond impulse 5 will help in this field.


  • You have to remember that because of your sacrifice of points ( into SC, and colonies ) you will not be in the top 20 in the beginning. It will take around 3 weeks to get enough income to take over the top ranks. You just have to be patient and it will all work out.


Proof this strategy works:


    • All screen shots were taken from ostat.org, and ogame.org


Universe 27 starts on date: December 6th, 2006

Rank 42 on date: December 16th, 2006

Rank 20 on date: December 21, 2006

Rank 1 on date: December 24th, 2006

This strategy does not take a lot of time to maintain.
If you don’t agree with something or i left something out then please PM CYMRU AM BYTH
Or if you didn’t understand something then please feel free to PM me, and I will help you.
I am also on IRC in channel #Evil27

Thanks hope this helped some of you!

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