OGame Early Game Guide

OGame Early Game Guide by DanCake

Im sure this is not perfect and that some other players have a nicer way, but this is everything I know! If anyone has stuff to add, please do!

Ok, here is my thinking. A small cargo *can* net U 5k resources every run. I dont think there is an early game mine to match that ;) therefore this is your first target. The techs and building required cost a total of 3200/2160/3300 so your aim is 3.3k deut. The rest will come easy. Here is my recommended build order:

met 1,2,3,4
crys 1
met 5
crys 2,3
met 6
deut 1,2,3

(of course you need to build solar-plants inbetween aswell to have those mines powered ;))

Sometime U will have to adjust it slightly depending on when U are out/sleeping/whatever, as 1 resource is going to buildup more than another. After this, build up deut and crystal so U have mines 6/6/5 minimum. Just build metal and crystal whilst U wait for the deut to reach 3.3k. Your mines should be no higher than 8/7/6 if U want to be amongst the 1st to have a cargo. When deut starts approaching the 3.3k, start working on the techs and building required so U can do that last little thing straight away once total deut is 3.3k. U also want to have the 2k/2k ready for when the last upgrade is done.

Thats your cargo! The next pit is where people often go wrong. When U blind raid, dont just go to galaxy and find the nearest person! U shuld go to stats and look at the lowest score U can possible attack [your score/5, rounded up]. Once U find it, go up the list hitting the msg button and checking their coords. Repeat until U find someone nearby, and check their galaxy screen. If there is activity, find a different target. If U are home after the launch, keep an eye on galaxy and if U see activity, pull back your cargo, or it will probably die. The really patient ones amongst U may want to also check research score, as research lab needs deut, which makes shipyard + ML more likely. Check fleet stats for every attack to be sure they have no fleet.

Now U just raid like mad! My advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using that^^ strategy. If U doubt it, me and other people I have told about it have NEVER lost a single cargo like this, and ive done over 20 blind raids from this strategy.

I would also say, ‘forget about your met and crys mines’. That stuff is easy to raid, spend your res on deut mines!

Your next aim is probes so U can make better raiding. I think U should have these at about 60 points, if not sooner.

Now U have your probes, U willwant more cargos to make the most of the targets. In my experience, 15 cargos, with computer tech 3 is really nice. I wouldnt build any LF until U got your 15 cargos. To mjake the most of your slots, U should rotate 2 waves of 2 raids. Ie, time the 1st 2 to return just before the other 2 hit, so that U can safety probe, but still use 4 raids at a time ;)

At this stage I would build about 5 LF to battle those 1 ML people. :D

New target is HF. Get those asap, and build as many as U need to raid effectively, but no more.

New aim is LC and recyclers. For this, get your mines 10/10/10, at least. I would look to get deut more like 12 or 13.

If U are having a hard time filling those 15 small cargos, U should get an extra level of computer tech before combustion engines.

After this, im not entirely sure what to do. I usually just buildup as many HF and LC as I need to raid effectively, and have 2/3 recyclers constantly out collecting DF of 10k+. The main trouble has been that by this point almost everyone has the noob protection, and the people that dont are online more than me! This makes the recycs really good, but maybe with more experienced players, raiding will still be nice. ;)

Now get your colony ships out and build the crystal mines higher than the metal. I would have deut 13 on both your main, and 1st colony. This will help U get more colonies quicker. IMO, U should go for battleships when your score is coming on 3k, when U should have something like 3-5 colonies.

The rest is just crashing and farming.

HF, and I hope this will help.

Oh, btw, U may notice I missed out cruisers. This is just my personal preference and I think it makes little difference except your deut comes harder if U get them. If U dont, U will need to fleetsave.

By DanCake

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