Neo Steam Online Justicar Guide

Neo Steam Online Justicar Guide by Akureii


      I was inspired to write this guide because of the numerous PM’s I’ve received in game after posting up my build and the great feedback I’ve been getting both in-game and in the forums. Then, I’ve also seen people asking a lot of the same questions over the and again on the World Chat. I made this guide in attempts to give an unbiased-as-I-can response to the questions I’ve heard so many times and to make things clearer to new players/new to Justicars. Also, I am NOT a global player. I’ve played this game for barely a month. I came into Neosteam not knowing a thing about any of the classes, despite my attempts to learn. A lack of a concrete Justicar guide also hurt me. I took the words of strangers and ended up with a confusing build. <.< I began writing this up at level 78, and this took me about a week. It will always be under construction, as there will always be more to add/edit. *Inspired by

Justicar Tank Build

    that I wrote and the feedback I got. xD


    Neosteam’s website introduces the Justicar as the Rogwelian Warrior of holy magic and resurrection. Also, as a multi-purpose class, including tanking and healing roles that uses heavy armor, shields, and wartools. I was mislead into thinking that this class was a primary healer class, hence the holy magic and resurrection. It CAN be, but animators make better healers in the Rogwel side. This is more of a tanking build.

Versus Vanguards

    Why choose a Justicar over the Vanguard? There have been a few arguments about this over the Voltspire world chat, and the main conclusions I’ve gathered from these discussions are: it depends on your playing style. Vanguards are more suited for damage dealing, while Justicars are more suited for tanking/defense. Vanguards deal more damage while Justicars survive longer. BOTH can be a PvE/PvP class. It all depends roughly on how you use your skill points, how you play the game, and what type of gear you use. I’m trying to give the most unbiased answer here, but feel free to disagree.

Choosing a Race


Neosteam Wiki

    Your race gives you certain buffs and determines your stat points. The best two classes for Justicar are Lyell and Lupine. According to the wikidot, they’re pretty even in stat distribution, but Lyells run faster and Lupines hit harder. However, if you really really really really really hate both of these classes, the rest of the lineup is: Pom (5 less str, 3 less con), Human/Taxn (3 less str, 5 less con), and the Elf being the worst with (5 less str, 4 less con). I highly recommend choosing a Lyell or a Lupine, but ultimately, that’s YOUR decision.

Weapon Choice

      Justicars generally use wartools. Now it’s a choice between 1h&shield; or 2h wartool.


      PRO: -Faster attacks. -Higher defense. -Damage done by Hurricane Counter is slightly increased.

      CON: -Less damage.

2h wartool

      PRO: -More damage. – +20% attack speed can make up for slower attacking speed.

      CON: -You can’t wield a shield, resulting in less defense. -Slightly decreases damage done by Hurricane Counter.

Dual Wield Wartool

      When someone uses this build at level 60+, PM me or post here with your thoughts on it. I’ll credit you. :3

    Side note: EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT! Every time someone spams the world chat with question after question, I tell them to EXPERIMENT! This not only goes for weaponry, but also for skills. I personally used 1h&shield; until level 60, before (credit to Rimotrian) someone suggested I switch over to 2h wartool. Try BOTH out and see which one suits your playing style better.


Crush- Wartool SkillsWarchop

      Attack an enemy with wartool Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increase damage. Cooldown: 10s PRO: -Only skill I had as a warrior. -Fast cooldown, compared to other attack skills. CON: -Not very high damage, even if levelled up. -No Justicars I personally know use this skill.

Taunting Strike

      Attack an enemy to draw its attention and gain aggro. Attacking from behind will cause more damage. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased damage, poison duration, and success rate. Cooldown: 15s PRO: -Nice if you’re going for tank build to taunt aggro off of a squishier party member. -By the time the taunt runs out, the skill is already cooled down. CON: -Doesn’t do a lot of damage.

Crushing Blow

      Chop at an enemy’s wrists, reducing attack power. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased damge, Attack reduction, and success rate Cooldown: 25s PRO: -Chance to debuff the enemy. -Increases attack power. CON: -ONLY A CHANCE to debuff. No guarantees. -Increase in attack power isn’t amazing.

Shattering Blow

      Hack at an enemy’s armor, reducing defense. Cast Time: 25s Level Up: Increased damage, Defense reduction, and success rate. Cooldown: 25s PRO: -Chance to debuff the enemy. -Increases attack power. CON: -Same as Crushing Blow


      Swing at a target with a strong, spinning atack that also stuns any enemies nearby. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased damage and success rate Cooldown: 50s PRO: -Hits for a LOT. -AoE stuns nearby enemies. CON: -Not a true AoE. Doesn’t damage nearby enemies. -Long, long cooldown.

Blockade- Shield SkillsHurricane Counter- Buff

      Partially reflect enemy attacks. More effective when using a shield. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased damage reflected, duration, and success rate Cooldown: 30s PRO: -Really the closest thing to an AoE you’re going to have. -Helps in AoE grinding. CON: -Doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, even when maxed. -Doesn’t really help with pvp.

Heroic Shield- Buff

      Focus your mind and body to temporarily raise your Defense. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased duration, success rate, and defense. Cooldown: 10s PRO: -Increases your defense. -You want this, if you’re going for tank. CON: -Er… it costs SP and TP? I can’t think of one, hehe.

Taunting Bash

      Attack an enemy and drain its health. Has chance of drawing it attention and gaining aggro. More effective when using a shield. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased damage and success rate. Cooldown: 30s PRO: -Taunts and does damage. -Great for a quick heal. -Adds damage to normal attack. CON: -Quite a bit of a cooldown. -Heals decently, but not too much.

Gift of the Fallen- Buff

      Summon the spirits of war to raise your attack power. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased attack bonus and duration. Cooldown: 60s PRO: -Increases your attack power, which helps a lot. CON: -Um… nothing really.

Dread Offering- Buff

      credit to HellPom, Aidren, and Zargabaath for helping me with this. Increase your Attack Power and entire party’s Defense. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased party’s attack and defense bonus, caster’s defense reduction, and duration. Cooldown: 60s PRO: -Increases your attack and your party’s defense(increases yours too). -Hey, it’s a 2 in 1 buff. CON: -Only castable when you’re in a party.

Titan Aegis- Buff

      Summon a divine shield to increase your max stamina and shield you from ranged attacks. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased duration. Cooldown: 60s PRO: -Increases stamina, and Justicars are almost always low on stamina. CON: -Increasing level does not increase stamina gained.

Discipline SkillsDivine Protection- Buff

      Summon a guardian spirit that increases magic defense Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased m-def bonus and duration. Cooldown: 1s PRO: -Increases magic defense. CON: -Justicars don’t necessarily need this buff because they have high m-def.

Divine Might- Buff

      Summon a fierce spirit that increases attack power. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased attack bonus and duration Cooldown: 1s PRO: -Increases attack power. CON: -Can’t think of one. xD

Divine Wind- Buff

      Summon a wind spirit that increases running speed. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased duration Cooldown: 1s PRO: -Increases your running speed by 30% CON: -Increasing level does not increase run speed.

Restoration SkillsHealing Ray

      Restore an ally’s health. Cast Time: 1s Level Up: Increased healing. Cooldown: 30s PRO: -Heals yourself or a party member. CON: -Casting may be interrupted.

Holy Aura

      Cure one status ailment and restore a small amount of health. Cast Time: Instant Level Up: Increased healing and success rate. Cooldown: 30s PRO: -Takes away your most recent debuff. -Heals a good amount. -Instant casting, so you can’t miss, unless (explained in con). CON: -Success rate is proportionate to character and skill level that you’re healing. -You can’t keep it at level 1. You have to keep leveling it for it to succeed in healing you, as you level up.

Healing Wave

      Restore health to all party members within range. Cast Time: 2s Level Up: Increased healing. Cooldown: 20s PRO: -Good for being a backup healer. -Heals a decent amount. -Heals party. CON: -High chance of being interrupted.* *Note: I use this usually after Shockwave, to stun the mobs, and then heal, to reduce chances of missing.


      Revive a fallen player, restoring their health and lost experience. Cast Time: 5s Level Up: Increased HP and EXP recovery. Cooldown: 60s PRO: -Hey, bring a friend back from the dead! They’ll love you. CON: -Long cast time.

    Side Note: You get 10 free skill resets before level 30. You get 1 free skill reset after level 30. Use that 1 skill reset wisely! Mess around with your build before level 30 and take advantage of those reskills! To reskill, take the subway to Greticos and look for the big Pom statue. The Save Location NPC will be there, along with the Skill Reset NPC.

Justicar Armor

      I never really planned to make a guide to Justicars, hehe, so I never really saved screenshots of myself in full armor. I tried. xD


      What types of Cores should you put into your armor/weapon? Post your suggestions. Just posting ones I’ve personally used or people have told me about.

Demon Armor

      For 60 seconds, attack you deal with heal you. Great for tanking purposes when there’s not a healer around or when there’s a… erm… how do I put this… a healer that “isn’t quite up on his or her game” that… gets you killed. xD [Not meaning to offend!] The cooldown is 5-6 minutes long, which is pretty reasonable. For upper armor.

Energy Vessel

      Increases your HP. I have gr-08, which gives me roughly +2520 hp. Goes into lower armor.


    Gives +980def for 30 seconds at gr-01. Instant tankage! Goes into lower armor. Credit to Striders for helping me with this one.


    I’m not quite done with this guide and it will always be a work in progress. However, I’ve hit a bit of a rock and I’m not sure what else to put on here. Feel free to leave criticisms, comments, suggestions, etc.

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