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Neo Steam Online General Guide by Gamevet

Kerman and Mercus Factories


The Laboratories in both Kerman and Mercus are a huge labyrinth of mini square labs that have four exits. Each exit leads to a different lab that is filled with its own dangers. From tough robots and arks guards, to rooms with permanent status effects till you leave the lab. However, though the dangers are great, the rewards can be just as good. Here you can find the control parts to the steam rider, as well as the corrupt Maestro and the enormous Colossus. This section will hopefully provide you enough information to get in and get out in one piece.



Kerman Laboratory Map

-The map is laid out so that each door is marked to which lab it leads too.

-Example: In Lab A, if you take the door that has a B by it, that door will take you to Lab B.

-The green rooms have poison, the yellow rooms have slow, and the red rooms have certain enemies that need to be killed.

General Information

-In labs I, J, and K there is a permanent slow status effect. You will not want to stay there long as you will get swarmed easily by the monsters there.

-In labs M, N, and O there is a permanent poison status effect. Because of this poison, it makes it very easy to die in these places as there are monsters waiting for you as well, don’t tarry long in these rooms.

-Labs F, I, H, and J have bombs present. Each room has it’s own amount of bombs to a whole circle of bombs in lab F to one that spawns in the middle in lab H. Make sure to heal constantly if you get caught in an explosion.

-Labs L and P have small pom research specialists that must be killed if you want to leave these rooms. Thankfully, these rooms could almost be considered a temporary safe zone for you to relax and gather your party.

-There are a treasure chest and a material box that are found in this Laboratory. In lab L you can find the material chest that contains a control panel for the steam rider. Lab G there can be found a treasure chest that holds an imbued gem needed for the maestro earrings.

-Maestro cards can be found off of engineer specialists in labs F, G, and H. You need 16 of these cards to summon the Maestro.

-Colossus cores can be found off of Robo x7’s in labs G and H. You will need 16 of these to be able to summon the Colossus.

-The Maestro of Kerman can be found by going through the north door (Door 2) in lab H. You will need to have 16 Maestro cards on you in order to summon him. The Maestro drops an Kerman Lab key which will grant you a much quicker access to the Laboratory in Kerman. He also will drop Maestro toolkit on occasion, and this item is a material needed for the Maestro rings.

-The Colossus is found by going through the west door (Door 1) in lab P. You will need 16 Colossus cores to summon him. However, he can only be summoned during certain time intervals.


Also take note that if you enter the room before or after one of these times, you will be trapped in a room with no exit.
The Dead End Room
The Dead End Room 2

Helpful Tips

-Kerman factory is not a place you want to blaze alone unless you are a high enough level to solo and have some knowledge of where you are going. Having a party for your first few times is highly recommended.

-Don’t stray from your party if you are in one. If you get lost, it will create more hassle for your party as they need to find you and possibly revive you if you have died as well.

-Listen to the directions of those that have been there more often.

-Don’t have multiple people shouting directions as this will lead to confusion and chaos.

-Try your best to stay out of labs that have the permanent status effects as they usually have large amounts of monsters waiting to slay you. However labs like O and I are rather peaceful to go through, so take a couple breaths to notice where you have to go.

-Almost all of the doors that lead to a pipe room will lead to the Sewage Disposal Plant. This room cannot be exited except by your pet’s teleportation.

-Finally, these labs are set up in alphabetical order. Because of this, you do not lose the aggro of monsters chasing you if you go in an adjacent lab, and those monsters WILL go through the door after you.

Garmdis, Rangdil, and Killien Castle Dungeons

General Information

-Each castle has it’s own dungeons.

-These castles are found in the RvR location

-You can only enter these dungeons when, 1) Your nation has control of said dungeon, 2)You’re in a party where the average level matches the required average level for that dungeon.

-For Garmedis and Rangidil, the Ancient Factory requires a party of at least 5 and the average level of the party be at 70. Abyssal Factor also requires a party minimum of 5 people, but an average party level of 90.

-In these dungeons are materials for level 8x armor. These materials drop from the bosses inside these dungeons: Turbines from Garmedis dungeon bosses, Engines from Rangdil dungeon bosses, and Sanctuary Gems from the Killian dungeon bosses.


General Information

-BattleField is where Rogwel and Elerd compete in a 20 minute all out war for the control of 5 Steam Cores.

-Each bracket has its own set of times for BattleField. The times are listed as such in Chrysalis Mean Time (Or Pacific Standard Time).

Lv. 41-50 Bracket 4:00 am | 8:40 am | 2:00 pm | 6:40 pm | 11:20 pm
Lv. 51-60 Bracket 1:20 am | 6:00 am | 10:40 pm | 4:00 pm | 8:40 pm
Lv. 61-70 Bracket 3:20 am | 8:00 am | 12:40 pm | 6:00 pm | 10:40 pm
Lv. 71-80 Bracket 12:40 am | 5:20 am | 10:00 am | 3:20 pm | 8:00 pm
Lv. 81-90 Bracket 2:40 am | 7:20 am | 12:00 pm | 5:20 pm | 10:00 pm
Lv. 91-99 Bracket 12:00 am | 4:40 am | 9:20 am | 2:40 pm | 7:20 pm

-To enter BattleField, you can enter either through Rope Island at your nation’s base. You may also enter by talking to Numa in Garnedine (Rogwel) or Anamoni in Nasdaim (Elerd).

Numa of Garnedine
Anamoni of Nasdaim

-Once you arrive in BattleField, you need to talk to the guard in front of the cage to enter.

Rogwel’s Side
Elerd’s Side

-A nation may only enter up to 9 combatants. In order to enter more, the opposite nation must have be with in 1 person of the other nation in order for that nation to enter more combatants. For example: The nation of Rogwel has 9 combatants ready to go. However, Elerd only has 7 at the curtain moment. If another Rogwel wants to enter BattleField, they must wait until Elerd has 8 combatants. No nation may have more than 2 people over the other nation, except for the first 9 people.

-The goal of BattleField is to collect 5 steam cores or to hold the majority.

Steam Core

-Capturing a Steam Core will take 30 seconds before it can be claimed for your nation.

Rogwel Steam Core
Elerd Steam Core

-You may also take the enemy nation’s steam cores as well. This also take 30 seconds to capture.

-BattleField ends when one nation has 5 steam cores, or the 20 minute timer has finished.

-The winning nation will receive 100 prestige for having all 5 cores, or 50 prestige for having a majority of the cores.

BattleField Picture
BattleField Picture 2
BattleField Picture 3

Hint and Tips

-BattleField is a great place to increase one’s prestige amount. So try to make the 20 minutes last as long as possible before trying to get all 5 cores.

-Once you have the majority of the cores, you will want to defend until near the end of BattleField.

-While you can take a core by yourself, you would be better off waiting till you have one other person around you to help defend while you are capturing the core.

-Teamwork is vital here. Listen to those more experienced with BattleField and have the knowledge to win.

-Know how to play your class and what your classes strengths are. An Animator/Evoker do well with both capture cores and defending, as are Justicars/Templars. Nightstalkers/Shadowreavers can easily sneak over to opposite nation’s cores and take one without being noticed. Machinists and Wardens are important in revealing the camouflaged players.

-During the first rounds of BattleFields for each bracket (4:00am for lvls 41-50, 1:20am for lvls 51-60, etc.), there is a boss that wanders the middle of arena called the Kirin. If you are successful in defeating this foe, you will earn a good amount of exp and gold, as well as some very nice items.


General Information

-The Colosseum is a arena where one can battle never ending waves of monsters with up to 8 people.

-To get to the Colosseum, talk to the subway director and select the destination for Colosseum. The fee is 500 gold, so it’s not too much.

-The Colosseum has three ranks of monsters: Level 65, level 75, and level 85. These levels do not indicate required character level, just the monster levels.

-Once you enter the Colosseum, the fighting begins and will last for 30 minutes before you need to go and enter again.

-Only one ticket for the selected level is needed for the entire party. Everyone does not need to have their own ticket to get in.

-You can have as many parties in Colosseum as you want, but only a maximum of 8 players are aloud inside at a time.

-If you want to join someone that is already in the Colosseum, ask for a party invite and once in the party, talk to the Colosseum assistant to enter. Once you enter, you will be placed in the re-spawn hallway and must wait for the gate to disappear to enter the main arena.

-If you die in the Colosseum, you will not lose experience. You will be teleported to a re-spawn area where you have to wait for a few moments till the gate blocking the way disappears.

-Because the Colosseum is a quick way to gain a lot of experience, there is no gold that drops and almost the same for loot. There have been rare occasions when a fortitude potion has been dropped by a monster.

Useful Tips

-While there is no level limit for the Colosseum, it is recommended that your character be at least lvl 55 to gain the most out of the exp.

-These mobs here are relatively easy to kill, but this does not mean that they don’t pack a punch. You will want to have at least one Animator/Envoker in the party for healing if everyone wants to last longer.

-Exp badges DO NOT work in the Colosseum.

-There are two places in the Colosseum that you can gather to help with the grinding. First is the middle as the monsters will swarm everyone as the monsters leave their gates instead of just one person. The second place is front of the re-spawn gate as this will keep pretty much everyone from being easily over run with monsters.

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