Mythos Coalsmasher Build Guide

Mythos Coalsmasher Build Guide by WhiteBoy88

I’ll state up front that this is a cookie-cutter build, but it’s what I rolled on day one of release. This build can handle mobs with ease, as well as kill most bosses in under 15 seconds. It’s a great addition to a party for its boss-killing ability.
**Spell Damage Bonus doesn’t work currently, but when it’s fixed this build will have over double its current damage output, unless the primary skills get nerfed. Please don’t tell me it’s broken; I already know.**

Skill Point Distribution
Cinderwall (6) -> Vast Blaze (5)
Lava Field (7) -> Hail of Magma (8)
Burning Colossus (1)
Fiery Wisp (6) -> Gathering Lights (5) -> Ember Torrent (5)
Internal Flame (7)
Managlyph (1-3) -> Manabind (5)
Infinite Wisdom (10)
Tier (30)
Total Skill Points Used: 96/100

All 245 Attribute Points into Wisdom

Skill Breakdown

Cinderwall (shoots a wall of flame down your line of sight)
Get this skill first. Leveling to 5 using the Flaming Fist starter weapon will get you the 8 points you need to unlock it. This is your main attack; simply cast Cinderwall and kite mobs to their fiery deaths. Leveling it up will reduce the cooldown (3 sec minimum) and add damage. The skill description says X damage per second, but it’s actually X damage per tick.

Burning Colossus (summons a slow tank minion)
Many people say this is useless, but I find it to be the Pyromancer’s one-point wonder, as it pulls most bosses away from you. Bosses like Seanpell Jo, Amari, and High Wind can be challenging without a tank. Burning Colossus alleviates the need to kite almost every boss until Epics. You don’t need the skill point anywhere else, so go ahead and get Burning Colossus at level 6, right after you unlock Cinderwall. Much later on, it might be worth adding more points to boost the Colossus’ armor and HP.

Lava Field (an area-of-effect that slows and reduces fire resistance)
This slows enemies and reduces fire resistance (175 reduction at max), both of which are great for boss killing. In most cases, it will take fire resistance into the negatives, making it fire vulnerability. While the skill description says %, the resistance reduction shows as an integer value when applied.
At level 6, go ahead and put your second skill point into Lava Field. Don’t worry about maxing it for a while; you only need to one-point it to start adding Hail of Magma’s damage at your next level. Leveling it up reduces cooldown (5 sec minimum), increases chance to slow, and further reduces fire resistance.

Hail of Magma (adds damaging meteors to Lava Field)
This turns Lava Field into a damaging attack, which pairs up nicely with Cinderwall. Once you have those two skills, your killing speed increases dramatically. Leveling it up adds damage per meteor and two more meteors per level (34 meteors at max).

Vast Blaze (adds damage, range, and Ignite to Cinderwall)
Tons of damage, chance to Ignite, and almost 2 screens’ distance for Cinderwall… Enough said.

Fiery Wisp (summons a ranged minion)
These handy little minions shoot fire, which takes away from their HP. Wisps are weak in the beginning, but soon turn from Zippos into flamethrowers. You can literally run around while your Wisps kill mobs, shooting fireballs like machine guns. They stay relatively close to you, though (unlike Bloodlings). Personally, I didn’t get these until I maxed both Cinderwall and Lava Field and their supporting passives.

Gathering Lights (allows more Wisps, adds damage and max shots)
You can have up to four Wisps at a time with Gathering Lights maxed.

Ember Torrent (adds damage, max shots, and projectiles per shot)
With Ember Torrent maxed, your Wisps will shoot seven projectiles per shot. This is where they really start to shine as a support skill.

Infinite Wisdom (increases Wisdom)
More primary stat points never hurt anyone, right? Max this skill to increase your Wisdom by 10%.

Internal Flame (adds fire damage to spells)
Adds 10% fire damage to fire spells per point, up to a max of 70% at 7 points.
**I earlier reported this as being broken, but somehow a respec fixed it for me.**

Managlyph/Manabind (silences enemies)
I’ve fallen in love with this skill since I started using it. Managlyph is unimportant, as it’s main purpose is to give you mana when you kill an enemy. We don’t need that with our infinitely regenerating mana pool. What we’re looking for here is to max its passive, Manabind, in order to “manabind” or “silence” bosses, preventing them from using all special abilities (especially useful in Relic dungeons). That means no spells, stun attacks, summoning, or teleporting. At max (5 points), it has a 40% chance per second to silence for 10 seconds. Like Cinderwall, this is actually chance per tick, meaning you’ll get multiple chance rolls per second. That 40% is almost guaranteed to take effect in the first second. The status effect icon is the purple ear, so watch for that to tell if it’s procing for you. Adding points to Managlyph reduces cooldown, allowing you to keep a boss silenced permanently. I chose to keep it at 3 points, which gives an 8 second cooldown. I don’t think going any higher is necessary.

Any achievements that add Wisdom are of use, as well as fire damage achievements. Here are some good options from the ones we’ve found so far:

Love Letter – +15 to Wisdom – Read 2,000 letters (emails). *
Heartfelt Letter – +14 to Wisdom – Read 1,000 letters.
Genius at This – +12 to Wisdom and Dexterity – Use the Mysticube 10,000 times. *
Bloodbristle Desert Ruler – +10% to fire damage – Complete 118 quests in Bloodbristle Desert (zone 2).
Rightful Owner – +4 to defense, +4% to movement speed – Find the owner of One Man’s Road (quest reward).
I Love Kids – +4% to movement speed – Kill Urax Kid.
Faster than Du-Pig – +5% to movement speed – Kill Crancran (Relic) *
Shadow of Demon – +5% to movement speed – Kill [Ancient Wyvern] Schatten (Relic) *
Hen’s Teeth – +7 to Luck – Pick up 250 unique items. *
Find the Gold – +8 to Luck – Pick up 500 unique items. *
* My preferred choices.

Don’t feel bad about using quest rewards! Still, you’ll want to find gear with the following properties to maximize your potential.
Wisdom – This one is obvious; it’s your primary attribute and gives you mana, spell damage, and some attack rating.
Minion Damage % – No, this is not for your Burning Colossus. It’s for Wisps!
Spell Damage % – **This property doesn’t work currently, but when fixed you’ll have even more damage, so why not?**
% chance to Stun – Believe it or not, spells can Stun. Cinderwall, Lava Field, and Managlyph all have multiple hits per second, so a couple chances to Stun go a long way.
Minion Armor/Health % – A little health insurance for Burning Colossus, if you choose to use it extensively.
Movement Speed % – It’s just plain handy.
Luck – At your prerogative.
Moonstone – Adds Wisdom.
Agate – Adds mana regeneration, only useful at lower levels.
Morag’s Heart – Adds mana regeneration, often cheaper than Agate at auction.
Citrine – Adds Luck.
(There are much better socketing options possible, but the items necessary aren’t widely available. Later, I might update this with unique gems from bosses and skill gems.)


  • The main purpose of this build in a group is to take down the boss. Mobs are easily dealt with by Red Hands, and we all know there are plenty of those guys available, and almost every group will have at least one. Just try to keep up until you get to the boss .
  • When you get to the boss, your first objective should always be to gimp him. This means opening with Managlyph if you have it, to silence. After that, hit him with Lava Field for the slow effect and fire vulnerability.
  • In the unlikely event of not having a tank or Bloodlings, you’ll need to get your Burning Colossus up close and personal with the boss. Re-summon him if he’s too far away.
  • Once a tank is holding the aggro, position yourself to maximize the effect of your Wisps. They can shorten a boss fight by 20-30% if used correctly. Be mindful of some bosses’ insane area of effect; keep them silenced if you can!
  • After the above conditions, it’s just a simple matter of casting Lava Field and Cinderwall (and Managlyph, if you have it) until the boss keels over and pops loot. You don’t need a “rotation” like most MMO’s… just cast as soon as each cooldown expires. In later levels, especially Relic dungeons, Managlyph is your priority. It should always be on cooldown!


  • Wisps will probably be your main mob-killers. They like to stay close to you, so be wary of ranged enemies. Keep moving so they don’t go idle. Cinderwall and Lava Field are obviously great for clearing a horde of mobs.
  • When you encounter a boss, most of the Grouping tips apply. Your biggest concern is aggro; will your Colossus be able to hold, or is it one of the bosses that ignores minions? If he comes after you, be prepared for a cast-and-kite battle. Let your Wisps do the damage, and keep the boss slowed with Lava Field. Be wary of area of effect skills; don’t forget about Managlyph.
  • For most regular bosses, a few castings of Lava Field and Cinderwall are enough to end the fight in under 20 seconds, even at high levels. In other cases, especially Relic bosses, the best way to handle the situation is to stay far away. I prefer ISO view at the highest resolution. In that set up, keeping the boss just off or right at the edge of my screen is the perfect distance to keep them focused on my Colossus instead of me. I can still cast all spells at this distance, although Wisps won’t be useful.
  • Melee bosses: Find something to run around. This is a cheap tactic, but it works. A large, solid object in the middle of a room is your best friend if you get caught in a cast-and-kite battle. Just lead the boss around the object, hitting them with your three spells. Wisps will do lots of damage in this case.
  • Caster bosses: Managlyph works wonders. Keep him silenced, and he’s harmless. Commence your beat-down.

My Opinions
Fast and Effective, can solo 1-50
Extreme DPS for taking down bosses
Very cheap and easy to equip
Very hard to run out of mana
Left-over Skill Points for customization
Everyone gets jealous of your damage output
Lots of cast-and-kite, especially at low levels
Somewhat slow at dungeon clearing until Wisp line maxed
Takes a while to get very useful achievements
Spell Damage Bonus is currently nonworking
Everyone gets jealous of your damage output

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