Lineage II Duo Gameplay Guide

Lineage II Duo Gameplay Guide by Kratos

There seems to be a lot of new threads created by people who want to know the best way to level with their friend/husband/wife/etc… I’m making this guide because (1) I am bored, and (2) I like to help out.

For many people, duoing makes sense. Soloing is often too difficult or boring, and getting a larger group put together can take too much time for the casual players. Thus, duoing is an extremely viable option to those playing with a friend or playing a character that is difficult to solo with.

Although any two people can form a group, kill stuff, and call it duoing, it is best to duo with characters that compliment one another. Otherwise, there is really no point to duoing at all. Usually there is one damage dealer and one support character. There are, however, exceptions to this rule that will be discussed later.

Duo Options
Melee (Glad, Tyrant, Destroyer, Zerker, Warlord, SB, daggers):

If you don’t have OOP (out of party) buffs, you are going to want to duo with a traditional buffer. For herb areas, a PP can work as you won’t miss the VR as much. An SE could also work, but you would have to buy haste pots. In my opinion, however, the best option would be a WC. They have all the essentials, and their damage is decent so they can help increase your kill speed.

If you do have OOP buffs, I would suggest taking a SwS or BD. BD would probably do more for overall damage and kill speed, but a SwS can be equally as helpful by increasing your crit rate(faster kill speed), increasing your pdef(can duo at harder areas), and increasing your run speed(can run from mob to mob faster). Also, both have decent dps, with the BD being a little bit more powerful.

Archer (HE, SR, PR, Arb):

If you don’t have OOP buffs, take a PP.

If you do have OOP buffs, there are some great options. The best one, in my opinion, would be to take a SwS. Song of Hunter will cause archers to get a crazy amount of crits and do massive damage. A BD could also work, but I think a SwS comes out on top in this situation because by the time you get to a mob as a BD or SwS, it will already be half dead from the archer. The BD’s advantage over the SwS in dps, therefore, is less significant. Another option would be a warlock. The cat queen has useful buffs dealing with crits that stack with your normal buffs.

Nuker (SpS, StS, Sorc):

If you don’t have OOP buffs, take a EE or SE for the recharges and buffs. It will cut your down time significantly.

If you do have OOP buffs, you have a couple options. You could take a ES for Seraphim buffs that stack with normal buffs. Also, if you want to AoE you could take a tank who could round up a bunch of mobs and let you nuke them all at once.

Exceptions (dwarves and more):

For dwarves I would suggest the same as the warrior classes.

Another duo possibility would be a BD AND SwS. With OOP buffs they will do well at almost any area. This is definitely one of the better options for those with a boxed buffer.

It has been mentioned before, but there are various AoE setups. One is a healer and poler (best), and another is tank and nuker (OK but there is down time).

More Suggestions 


1 SH and 1 SE in FoD.

1 Destro and 1 SE in catas.

1 PR/HE and 1 SwS in WoA.

2 EE’s in Rift.

GK and SWS

summoner + healer

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