Lineage II Level Range Specific Guides from the Words of the Wise Contest

Lineage II Level Range Specific Guides from the Words of the Wise Contest by Sace

The following guides were entries in the Words of the Wise Contest. Players voted on which guides were the best in a voting poll, which you can view the results of here. All guides are posted anonymously unless permitted otherwise by the author.


  1. D Grade to S Grade
  2. No need for double XP to double your level!
  3. Leveling 40-85 Using the Party Matching Tool
  4. How to Level from 1 – 85
  5. D to C in a Nutshell
  6. 1-30 level guide.
  7. Where to Level? From 50-76
  8. A grade leveling

Second Place Winner
1. D Grade to S Grade
by DimondCutter of Chronos
Level 20-27

You can go the route of Abandoned Camp located near the town of Gludin, or you can go outside of Dion where you will find Monster Eye Searchers and Enku Orc Champions. Now they may be a little tough at first, but be careful, the Orcs are aggressive and the Eyes have a ranged attack. This is the boring part. You will find out grinding is an essential part of this game. When the Eyes finally turn light blue to you, you are ready to go to a new spot.

Level 27-35

Now the next spot is just North of Giran in a place called Breka Stronghold. Killing the Breka Shamans, Breka Warriors, and Breka Overlords might seem like genocide to some Orc classes, but hey, it’s a living. You won’t be here for long, just enough to get you to one of my favorite spots, still north of Giran but is at the very top of a place called Death Pass.

Level 35-40

You’ll be looking for the monsters called Fettered Souls. (Disclaimer: These places are all about the speed of kills and the amount of xp you will receive, I am not including pole groups, because this is for the solo players out there.) Be forewarned the Grandis are aggressive, you can kill them too, but you don’t get as much bang for your buck. Same with the Windsus.

Level 40-52

Our next little adventure is Alligator Island, just north of the port you will find… that’s right, Alligators, and some Crokian Lads and Dailaon Lads. Start killing. After you get a respectable amount of XP here you will be going a little more north where you will find Crokian Lad Warriors kill these until you are B Grade.

Level 52-58

Now it’s time for Enchanted Valley. First you start off on the lower levels, killing Satyrs, Unicorns, and the like, when you feel more comfortable you can more on to the upper level killing the elders of said monsters.

Level 58-61

Next up is The Forsaken Plains. You will want to look for monsters usually found in the northern part of forsaken plains called Fallen Orc Captain, Sharp Talon Tiger, and Fallen Orc Shamans. Some of the Shamans will transform after the first hit into Sharp Talon Tigers, you might want to retarget just in case. The Sharp Talon Tigers are social, (same with the transformed Shamans) if there are other Tigers near they will come after you. Tigers and Captains are aggressive.

Level 61-72

I have found that hunting near Devastated Castle just outside of Aden is challenging, but worth it. You’ll want to start off with the Doom Guards and Grave Predators, eventually as your level progresses you will want to move up to Doom Warriors and Doom Knights, these monsters stun, so be careful.

Level 72-79 or 80

Silent Valley, do not let the name fool you, this place is packed sometimes. Finding a spot could be difficult. The monsters right off the port are the ones you want to start killing: Chimera Piece and Soldiers of Ancient Time. Again, as your level gets higher you move further down the Valley, where you will find the monsters called: Shaman of Ancient Time, Warrior of Ancient Time, Non-Existent Man, and Giant’s Shadow. I say this to level eighty because the monsters still give good xp for your level. Well now that you are in S Grade, you might think that it is almost over, but you would be wrong, going to seventy six to eighty five is a road just about as long as the one I just put you through, but that is another guide. Enjoy and Have Fun!

Third Place Winner
2. No need for double XP to double your level!
by Abricottes of Naia

I) Introduction

Hello dear readers, I come today with a guide about leveling, and especially leveling from level 20 to level 40.

Why do I focus on this level range? It’s because having level 40 characters is easy to do and useful, even for high level and skilled characters. I already think about two uses:

  • Have one more character with a Wondrous Cubic. The Wondrous cubic will give you each day a cubic piece, and there is a chance to get some cubics for Blessed Enchant Armor S/Blessed Enchant Weapon S, which are worth it.
  • It could help your clan to get some Clan Reputation Points. A toon which levels from level 16 (or before) to level 40 in Academy is worth 650 Clan Reputation points (CRP). 650 CRP is like killing 650 enemies and it’s not so far from a clan member being hero (+1000 points). In short, it is worth it.
  • Third reason I just thought about: You are a new player and you want to maximize your XP time. If so, welcome in the world of Lineage II !

I don’t need to speak about the level 1-20 part which could be done in less than one hour with a totally new character. You just have to follow the guide written by Sace which can be found on the Lineage 2 official site, New Player Guide, Adventure Bonuses, Newbie Quest Guide.

II) About your equipment

Ok, here we go. You just finished your class change quest, and you have some money to spare in a new Grade, D grade items.

All classes will need a set of jewels. Go to the Giran Jewelry shop and buy a set of common items – elven jewels.

If you are a mage class get a Devotion Set (Devotion Tunic, Devotion Stockings, Leather Helmet, available in most of armor shops) and the best common gloves/boots you could find in the Giran Armor Shop (Check the one with the more P.Def). As weapon, get a Common Item – Staff of Life at the Giran Weapon Shop. Don’t forget to get some Blessed Spirit Shots – D Grade

If you are a warrior / tank class get a common Brigandine Set. If you could afford it, buy the full set with regular items. The bonus is one of the best ones. As weapon, take the best D common weapon your class needs, usually I go for a Spell Breaker and a shield for whatever class. I listed in this category the Orc Shaman since melee is the fastest way to XP them.

For all others classes (rogues, aka light armor users) just get the common light armor with the best P.Def existing, and the best common D weapon corresponding to your class (dagger for daggers, fists for Monks, rapier for kamaels …).

You could use this stuff until level 40, and you will not need anything except the following :

  • If you are a fighter, it’s a good investment to buy the best D Grade pole after level 30.
  • If you have enough money and you are a fighter, go get a regular Brigandine set before you hit level 35 (you would waste your own adena for almost nothing).

III) XP Locations

I’ll here do a compendium of the best XP locations, with some details about each one.

a) Abandonned Camp: Good place for nukers from 20 to 24. XP is good, mobs are killed with two skills. They respawn quite fast, and they drop herbs.

b) Partisan Hideway: Good place for mel
ee chars, until 25/26. Herbs, good XP, no hard mobs and some mobs are in group, it gives a nice XP bonus.

c) Cruma Marshlands: One of the places where you may spend a lot of time. You could start by killing the Ghosts and the leeches until you get to level 28, and then do some tries on the Stakatos, the spiders and the toads. It’s really efficient for both melees and mystics.

d) Ant Nest: It’s THE place to be from level 30 if you are a nuker. Just nuke, nuke, nuke, nuke, and each 42 nukes, stop to nuke a mob. It’s easy, monster respawn is insane, and XP is insane so.

If you are a melee, you could do the same OR get a polearm and do some aoe. Don’t forget that if you don’t have any Pole Mastery, you won’t hit more than 4 targets. Any room is good for aoe before the bridge leading to the deeper spot of Ant Nest (where the Ant Queen is). To say it easy: when you see some Noble Ant or Noble Ant leader, avoid them. Pole, pole, pole, and pole is the way to go.

e) Special – For Healers and Oracles: Healers and Oracles could have some issues to XP in the last zones, since they could only kill undead. I think the best set up for you is:

  • Ruins of Agony from level 20 to 25
  • Execution Ground from level 25 to 32
  • Graverobber Hideout from level 32 to 35
  • After level 35, It’ll be faster to do the class change quest honestly.

IV) After level 35

When you reach the level 35, you could have two choices:

  1. Do the three class change quests, and get a bit more than 1 million in adena from the quest rewards (and the Dimensional diamonds to sell). Those quests will give you enough XP to get to level 40.
  2. Skip those quests, level to lvl 39 and do the quest “Good Work’s Reward”. This quest allow you to avoid the three long and painful quests but you need to pay 3m adena to do it. This quest will not give you any interesting XP.

V) Conclusion

I don’t really know how to conclude! I hope you will enjoy your 20-40 levels time as much as I do !

3. Leveling 40-85 Using the Party Matching Tool

After you are no longer eligible to receive newbie buffs, it is very time consuming to gain experience on your own. The most efficient way to gain experience with one account is to join or create parties. A feature in Lineage II that is not used by many people is the party matching tool. The days of shouting “LFG” in Giran or Aden and getting invited into a great experience party are over. This tool is especially useful for newer players who do not have the connections (clan/alliance/friends) to easily find a party. (This has been extremely useful for me coming back to play after a four year break from the game.)

To use the party matching tool, click on the actions shortcut. On the next menu, find the party matching shortcut and click. A list will appear showing current parties. Sort the list by clicking the level range column and find a party that matches your level range. Double click the party to enter the party’s channel. Many times the party’s title will indicate which classes they are looking for. In this channel, you become a “party candidate” and the party leader can speak to you or invite you to the party. Don’t be offended if you get kicked out of party channels, the party leader is doing you a favor by not wasting your time hoping you will be invited into the party. If you are concerned about the party rules, confirm in the command channel that looting rules and soulshot/spiritshot usage is what you expect before you accept the invite.

If there are no parties that match your level, create your own. Frequently refresh the player waiting list and check your party command channel to see if any new candidates are available to join your party. If you are in town, you can also shout that you are looking for party members.
Some things to keep in mind when using the party matching system:

  1. You don’t need a full party to gain experience at a good rate. Try gaining experience in a duo at an appropriate level field while looking for more party members.
  2. When forming a full party, make sure to invite classes that complement each other in the group.
  3. If you are a support class, higher level characters may welcome you into their groups.
  4. Using the party matching system is a great way to network within the game and make new friends.
  5. Many people will offer to use out of party boxed buffers. If your goal is to level as fast as possible, take full advantage.
  6. While forming or looking for a party using the party matching tool, try to effectively use your time to complete quests, shop in Giran, or solo in a field.

The party matching tool is a very effective way to meet people, gain experience, and complete difficult quests in the game. If you are bored with grinding or playing by yourself, give it a try!

4. How to Level from 1 – 85

When you start off as a Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Human or Kamael you will be in that race’s starting zone. When you spawn into game after creating your character, there will be a room full of imps. Kill these until you reach level 5 and then head to town. At this point you have 2 ways to you can level.

  1. Take the starter quests and do them until you reach level 15
  2. Kill mobs around your starting zone and areas surrounding it until you reach level 15

Once you are level 15, use the Gatekeeper to teleport to Gludin. Port from Gludin to Windmill Hill and kill mobs there until you reach level 17. Go back to Gludin and use the Gatekeeper to teleport to Langk Lizardmen Dwellings. Kill mobs here until you reach level 19 – 20. Now your level 19 – 20 and you need to go talk to the NPC that gives you the quest to start your first class change. Once you complete your first class change you will be level 21 – 22. Use the Gatekeeper to teleport back to Gludin and then teleport again to Langk Lizardmen Dwellings. Kill mobs here until you reach level 27. Walk north up the road and enter the Forgotten Temple and kill mobs until you reach level 30 – 32.

Now you’re ready to use an SOE (Scroll of Escape) to quickly return to town. Once back in Gludin, use the Gatekeeper to teleport to Gludio and then teleport once more to the Town of Dion. Run south towards Floran Village and kill mobs in the area between Dion and Floran Village, just west of Dion Castle, until you reach level 35. Level 35, you are now ready to start your first quest of 3 to get your second class change. These 3 quests are at level 35, 37 and 39. Once you finish each quest you will be the level needed to start the next. After all 3 are done you will be level 40 and be able to complete your second class change.

Now your level 40 and you can either go to Dion and teleport to Cruma Tower and kill mobs on the 1st and 2nd floor until you reach level 56, or you can go to Aden or Oren and teleport to Ivory Tower and kill mobs in the creator and around the Ivory Tower Area until you reach level 44 – 45. Then go to Aden and port to Seal of Shilen and kill mobs there in the Cemetery until you reach level 56. At level 56 run north to the Fields of Massacre or go to Aden and port to the Fields of Massacre and kill mobs until you reach level 61 – 63. At levels 61 – 63 head northwest to the Blazing Swamps or teleport from Aden to the Blazing Swamps and kill mobs until you reach level 67 – 69. At levels 67 – 69 return to Aden and teleport to Goddard and then teleport to Hot Springs or the Wall of Argos and kill mobs until you reach level 77. At level 77 go back to Goddard and teleport to either Varka Silenos Barracks or Ketra Orc Outpost and kill mobs until you reach level 80.

Your now level 80 and have 2 options for good XP from 80 – 85.

  1. *Get a party thru the Looking for Party feature in GC (Giants Cave).
  2. *Get a party thru the Looking for Party feature in DV (Dragon Valley).

*Disclaimer… If you are in a clan with wars, expect PVP here!!!!!!!!!

5. D to C in a Nutshell

In the Guide “D to C in a Nutshell” I will explain how to level fast and effective from level 20 all the way to 40.

Once you hit lvl 20 and are in D grades you should kill In dion in the EG (Execution Grounds). The best mobs to kill at this level are the Dead Seeker bats, Strains, Granite Golems, and Hangman Trees.

Once you hit the level 25 you can try the trees only area but they are aggressive and fast moving but are very easy to root or slow spells. If you are a pole user this will be the best spot for a bit. Trees to lose about half life to your skill and they drop herb pots. They can be easy to kill even for a buffer. But, with a buffer you should use a bow and root spell but dont forget shots.

By the time you have reached level 25 go to Giran and port to the Berka Orcs. You will be able to kill them they will be great experience until 35. All very easy and the drop health, mp, and buff pots. The leveling spot is and near a port so you can keep up with newbie buffs. But, do not attack Amber Basillsk or the archer orcs cause they will do to much damage to you at your current level.

After you port from giran run north-east and you will see the path way go up the hill I call it (“The Bowl” of Newbie Experience). The best bobs for experience here is the Overlords but the Warriors are good as well. Shamans are not worth quit as much experience but, if they are in your path they are worth killing.

Once you hit lvl 35 its not as hard to get to 40. In this guide the final step takes place in the Sea of Spores. I would say at lvl 35 if you are a buff cause you might die also there are ranged mobs they can hit back even when rooted. But for fighters or nukers lvl 30 is fine to go down to the ditch if you have nice gear. The Giant Fungus are easiest to kill while Drakes are the hardest and they’re aggresive (they will attack if you get near.) The middle of the road are far as experience and difficulty is the Giant Monster Eye but carefull they are social (if one is near it will help out). Once you hit 35 even for a buffer you can handle down in the ditch and kill Rotting Golem, Rotten Trees, and Trisalim Tarantula and Spore Zombie. I like the Spore Zombies ’cause they are slow and are great exp. But watch for Orfen (raid boss) ’cause he will get you.

Well, that’s 20- 40 in a nutshell all mobs are easy for all toons and fast exp to boot. With this guide if you are active you should lvl from 20-25 the first day and hit lvl 40 on the second day.
But if you are a slacker, 3 days, and if you just play for fun you still should be 40 in 4 days, no problem. Good luck and happy gaming.

6. 1-30 level guide.

Lineage II is massive multi-player on-line game. In my opinion we should mainly play with people (not only 1 or 2 windows more). Why? When you are in group you lose vitality much slower and you can kill more mobs. When Nevit’s Blessing is up and party experience bonus so more experience triple effect. But in level range 1- 52 there are almost no experience parties (no people), so getting experience(exp) is pain.

How long should I play a day??

Answer is simple for system right now. You should play at least 1 h of Nevit’s Blessing but you should keep lvl 3 vitality and 10%. If you want to play more you should consider making another char. For each char other than main you should add 1 h of playing. It’s good to have all characters on account (7) lvl 40 with 3rd class and take “a special order quest” and get cubic so you will have opportunity to get some adena (most worth are shiny cubic s weapon and armor). Thanks to it you will be probably able to farm adena for B grade and more. If x2 exp event on, you should play only main char !!!

level 1-20 – no grade

Unfortunately new players have the most problems. Why? No adena, no equipment. Even you kill mobs one by one you will not farm enough to buy new set (no,d,c, b grade) for beginning. Also drop rate sucks. Quests are unfortunately useless here too (there is quest for no grade set in Kamael Village but what newbie player knows about it??) That’s why I think it’s the most troublesome part of game. The only solution is to find good academy (not bad clan), which will help with experience, giving some rules, tips, and maybe equipment for start. So now what to do??

1 – 5 lvl u should make in place where you start

Next you should move to nearest village, use Gatekeeper to teleport in this direction Gludin Villige -> Town of Gludio-> Town of Aden or Town of Giran and type “!New Player Looking For Academy” till someone pm you. Meanwhile when you are there find best looking players (active not to shops !!!) with shining weapons and whisper to them that you are new player and need some help. If you will be polite they can help you with adena and equipment. Remember behind each pc is another person with feelings. It’s good to note somewhere who helped you, what said, so in future you will know what clan you will join. I would never join selfish ones.

So when you have some cash for equipment (if you have small amount from our begging, buy just armor weapon you get from newbie guide when you reach lvl 8 with buffs) and academy (look for academy with future, clan that you will join). Best are for you player versus monsters clans, with no wars. When you are in town go to Grocery (usually Grocery in Giran is cheapest) and buy: 10 scrolls of escape, 5 scrolls of resurrection and shots 1- 2 k should be enough (spiritshots for mystic, soulshots for fighters, orc shamans buys both). Equipment is best to buy in Giran. Armors for fighters and Orc mystics are wooden set, for rest of mystics devotion set. Weapon you can buy if you are really rich if not you will get later better. We can continue our gaining experience.

5 – 19 level: Now when you are equipped use Gatekeeper and teleport to Kamael village. Get out of town and start to kill mobs going outer and outer. If you don’t have no grade weapon better them appearance at level 8 use Scroll of Escape (SOE) go to newbie guide and get it don’t forget about newbie buffs too !!! Go to your guild and improve skills meanwhile. And continue getting experience around Kamael isle till you get level 19. If killing in one isle is too boring you can exp where ever you want. To find location use Map – (ctr+m, click world info -> hunting zones click on level and you see zones by level). When you reach level 19 go to your occupation guild and get quest for first class transfer. When you will complete it you will probably have 20 lvl.

20-30 bad news its d grade equipment so what to do now?? You can get shadow weapon from coupon you get after 1st class change. If you are wizard you keep your devotion set and get shadow weapon. Equip it only when you kill mobs, when you rest (sit to get mana) take it off !!! Warriors and Orc shamans can use shadow weapon too but it’s good to get d grade armor. Healer class cleric, Elven Oracle, Shillen Oracle need the best mage d grade weapon you can buy in Giran weapon shop. And keep devotion set. And use attack skill from mystic class using system skill -> in reuse run -> skill till kill. When you get dryad root you can root mob and attack till you kill without running. But better run to save mana, no root = you kill more mobs. Don’t go kamaloka it’s waste of vitality !!!

In this level range it’s good to get experience points in Cruma Marshlands. Start at south and when you proceed move north till you
find mobs suits your level. When you start all will be red, but don’t worry, kill south till mobs change color to green, then go deeper multiple directions till you find mobs that suits you best white or orange.

If you find some player(s) above 20lvl after 2nd class change you can try go catacombs or necropolis to farm ancient adena and experience.

7. Where to Level? From 50-76

Welcome to my mini guide for leveling locations from 50-76! This guide contains basic information on some of the areas I have had gained the most efficient experience and well was the most fun for me. Remember that this guide is there just give you a few ideas on where to level or for reading material on the toilet. The choice is yours!

Frozen Labyrinth – Port from Schuttgart > Iceman’s Hut

Here in this beautiful, serene snowy landscape of the Frozen Labyrinth anything goes! You can choose to hunt monsters individually or you can be more daring and do groups. Some notes to be aware of are that only individual monsters drop herbs while the groups drop none. Beware also of Pronghorns and Frost Buffalo for these split into multiple monsters upon use of a physical skill.

The Cemetery – Port from Aden > Seal of Shilen

The cemetery is a gloomy area consisting of your run of the mill spooky monsters. This area is divided into two sections upon porting within. Up ahead you will see the monsters for the cemetery while if you run down the staircase you will encounter a bit harder monsters. This area is ideal for healers who have access to the inquisitor stance being that some of the monsters here are undead. Herbs also drop so it’s rather safe.

Enchanted Valley – Port from Oren > Hunter’s Village (Southern section will do)

Welcome to the fun and magical home of beautiful, mystical creatures! It’s you job here to kill them all. You can start by killing the Lireins and Satyrs then when you feel more confident head up to the upper level and kill the Lirein Elders, Unicorns, and Treants. This area is highly recommended for the herb drops and the wonderful experience.

*A big reminder her would be to make sure to do Devil’s Legacy Pailaka available in Giran from the Devil’s Isle Survivor NPC after level 61. This quest much be completed alone and will give you a ton of experience and refill your vitality.*

Valley of Saints – Port from Rune

A vast desert home of giant ruins is the perfect place for the players in the 60 range. This area features monsters of the Splendor. One thing to note is these monsters have some unpredictable magic at times. It would be wise to have at least a Black Ore or even a Phoenix set depending upon your grade. Monsters here have the chance of inflicting a great amount of damage with magic criticals. So be wary if you have low hp.

Each of the monsters here has unique characteristics. Some would be: the ability to produce a doppelganger, transform into a panther with debuff capabilities, or just cast attack spells. There are “Judge” and “Disciple” groups which can cast nasty magic if not prepared.

This area also contains a few basic material quests that does not hurt to pick up. Simply speak to the Mysterious Necromancer at the entrance labeled “Heart in Search of Power” for one quest and the Hierarch deeper in the Valley (near the angel groups) for the other named ”A Dark Twilight”. These quests are simple consisting primarily of just kill monsters in the Valley.

Fields of Massacre – Port from Aden

Think of this area as an advanced Cemetery with the exception that the monsters are a tad bit tougher. This area has two areas. The first area with consist of Dismal Poles, Doom Servants, Grave Predators, and Spiteful Soul groups. The other area, which you will encounter as you move forward, will contain Doom Archers, Doom Guards, Doom Archers, Doom Knights, and Doom Warriors. This area is another Inquisitor-friendly area just be sure to not hit monsters near the Spiteful Soul groups or it may trigger them to attack you.

Garden of Beasts – Run outside the walls of Goddard

This area contains many easy monsters perfect for soloing. The experience is quite decent and the monsters drop herbs as well. Any class should not have a hard time in this area and should give it a try.

Swamp of Screams – Port from Rune

Nothing sure beats treading through marshes filled with Stakato. There are two different kind of Stakato here: Needle Stakato and Splinter Stakato. Splinter Stakato are perfect for a player in their mid 60’s while Needle Stakato is more suitable for those closer to the 70’s.

As you run through the swamp take note of some enclosed swamp pit areas. You will be able to distinguish these pits since the will contain Stakato Drones followed by Frenzy Stakato or an icon will appear in your buff bar warning you of the environmental dangers. Also stay out of the Stakato Nest.

*Remember to attempt the Pailaka Injured Dragon outside the walls of Goddard from the Orc Shaman!*

Pavel Ruins – Port from Schuttgart

Pavel Ruins has changed over time but still remains as a suitable area for low 70’s. This area is fine for soloing, partying, or Poling. Regardless of what you choose the monsters here all drop herbs. You can either choose to level near the Archaic Laboratory or within one of the pits.

Be wary of Pavel Safety Devices that will summon multiple monsters. Also some golems in the pits will summon a doppelganger after death so be patient.

Forest of the Dead – Port from Rune

This area is the absolute perfect area for Healers and their Inquisitor stance. The monsters here change at night but are the same difficulty in my opinion. The monsters here are social so be careful to look both ways before you attack. Also watch out for status effects such as bleed and root which may be a hassle.

Be sure to pick up the quests from the Mysterious Wizard at the entrance and Mina from the Cursed Village in the Daytime. These quests will have you collecting Vampire Hearts and Zombie Livers in exchange for basic materials.

Happy Leveling! ^_^

First Place Winner
8. A grade leveling
by CRUMBLY of Chronos

There are many areas in which a player can level from 80 to 85, but it feels like there are fewer and fewer spots to level a toon from 61 to 76, the difficult A grade levels. It turns out there are many solutions to this problem, however. Unfortunately the ability of the player to pass these levels does depend on the means of the character, both in supports as well as weapons and possibly transformation scrolls.

There are many possible areas which a player can go from 61 to 66 or 68. These areas are: Frozen Labyrinth, TOI, Forbidden Gateway, Necro/Catas, Devil’s Pass, Valley of Saints, Forest of the Dead, Ancient Battleground, Blazing Swamp, Swamp of Screams. The possible areas for the second half of the A grade levels are: TOI, Necro/Catas, Garden of Beasts, Wall of Argos, Archaic Laboratory, Pavel Ruins, Hot Springs, Shrine of Loyalty, Silent Valley, Imperial Tomb, Ketra Orc Outpost, Varka Silenos Barraks.

This seems like a staggering list to someone who has not previously leveled in these locations, but it is simple to narrow this list down based on your means and class. We can investigate the cases for individuals who have nothing but the weapons they hold all the way up to those who can buy highly enchanted weapons and have a full party supporting their toon to level as fast as possible.

For those who must go afk at times while they level, and who have nothing but their toon
itself I suggest solo areas. These mobs are easy enough that, if you have to help a customer in your place of business, or tend to your children for a few seconds, the mob will not kill you before you return, in most cases. This will also provide you with buffs if you do not wish to return to town constantly for newbie buffs. These areas are: Frozen Labyrinth, Forbidden Gateway, Devil’s Pass, Valley of Saints, Forest of the Dead, Blazing Swamp, Garden of Beasts, Wall of Argos, Pavel Ruins, Hot Springs, Shrine of Loyalty, Silent Valley, Ketra Orc Outpost, Varka Silenos Barraks. Use caution as some areas have portions designed for parties and many of the mobs are agro.

Of these areas I recommend Valley of Saints, and Forest of the Dead for nukers because of some mobs which have a weakness for nukes. I recommend Blazing Swamp for archers as this area has mobs that die quickly to archery attacks. For melee I recommend Pavel Ruins due to the weakness of these mobs to physical attacks. These areas are common favorites, but they may not appeal to all players.

We are now left with a few party zones that players with supporting characters and better gear may be able to do. These areas are: TOI, Necro/Catas, Ancient Battleground, Swamp of Screams, Wall of Argos, Archaic Laboratory, Pavel Ruins, Hot Springs, Imperial Tomb, Ketra Orc Outpost, Varka Silenos Barraks. TOI is a very good place to level now that the mobs give more exp and die quicker. This is the best place for those with the most ability. There are individuals who have leveled in mere hours by utilizing toons to fully support the leveling toon out of party.

Necros and Catacombs are a more popular place for toons with one or two supports to level. These areas used to make a lot of adena, but due to recent changes these areas are quickly losing popularity. They are still the best places for those who utilize the manor system. Imperial Tomb is better exp than the other similar areas, but it is also more difficult. Ketra and Varka mobs are perfect for those who cannot survive in the other high level party areas, or for two to three person parties.

The means of the character leveling will determine what areas are best for that individual to level, but any of these areas will give some exp. This basic summary should help an individual of these levels determine which area is best for his or her toon, and will hopefully inspire some to graduate to S grade.

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