Lineage 2 ReRoll Mystic 1-20 Leveling Guide

Lineage 2 ReRoll Mystic 1-20 Leveling Guide (Excl. Orc) by Amir

This guide is for all mystics 1-20. Although you may have found a better hunting place, I played a Dark Elf and a Light elf, and found these places to be most worth while.
This guide assumes that you have a higher level character and so money is not a problem for you, but you do not have a buffer, since with Empower and zerk, different mobs will suit you.


Always have Haste Potions and Magic Haste Potions on.
Always use BSpS NG
Always kill the best monster that you can 1 hit K.O


Top NG Weapon
Devotion Set
TopNG Gloves and Boots

Reason for not wearing Magic Set is +15% Cast Speed beats the 20 odd mana difference in MP Robe bonus.



This really doesn’t matter right now, you can easily level without running out of mana, and so replenishes itself.
Remember to get your skills.


Okay! Get over to the Dark Elven Lands. Head over to the Swampland. Festering Bats will die in one hit, and are swarming everywhere. All over there are patches of about 15 bats, in small areas, which are great levelers. Every level will require a MP rest, 13-14 may require two, depending on how fast you nuke.


Hop over to the Elven Lands. Now take a teleport to the Elven Forest, not Fortress, Forest. Head west a bit, and you will run into spiders. Stay at the first spiders, Hook and Crimson. These will die in one hit and shouls give 510-540 exp. This is plenty for the while, and will easily get you to 18.


Head over to the spiders area which is teleportable from Dark Elven Gatekeeper. These spiders should fall in one hit, if not, at least the Prowlers will. Stick with these until you hit 20. Remember at 19, you should have completed your class change quest, in which some Exp will have been awarded for killing the required monsters.

Thats it! These monsters should have you from 1-20 in a day! They did me! 17+ does get a bit tedious, but patience is a virtue.

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