Ikariam Godly Protection Guide

Ikariam Godly Protection Guide by Baffort

Godly Protection is a system designed to protect the new players. Noone can pillage or block your harbour while you’re under Godly Protection.
Players under Godly Protection can be recognised by the little bird next to their name in Island View.

Godly Protection has no time duration, but ends whenever you do anything of the following:
*Upgrade your Town Hall to Lv.4 (Lv.6 if it’s a premium account)
*Attack/pillage another player
*Found your first colony
*Go inactive


There being no time limit allowed a new breed of Ikariam players to be created: Perma GP’ers.
They attempt to play without breaking off their Godly Protection.
Doing so gives you some advantages and drawbacks other players don’t have:
+Noone can attack you, so you don’t need to worry about getting pillaged
+You won’t need to maintain an army, as you won’t be attacking anyone
+No need for several buildings

-You’re limited to 146~ citizens (depending on your research level, this can be more)
-You are stuck on one island
-Progress (and thus score gain) is very slow

Some pointers if you’re attempting perma GP:
It’s a slow ride. Several days will pass without anything happening.
Do this as a side account, or you’ll be bored fast.

Any type of Island is good, but you’ll be wishing for a Marble Island, or you’ll spend all your time trading for marble.
Set all your usable citizens in the highest selling resource on the market. If you need the other resource, buy it.

Research should be done for at least a few levels, but you’ll end up waiting for days without anything useful to research.
Stop researching at when you feel it’s enough profit/effort.

Friends are good. Referred friends are even better. The support they give for research will help a lot.

You can make an army to defend friends, but with 146~ citizens, you won’t be able to support any large armies.

You won’t need any of the following buildings:
* Tavern: Satisfaction will never be too low to have full citizenship
* Palace / Governor`s Residence: You won’t be expanding
* Museum: Idem Tavern
* Shipyard: Unless you want to waste all your little income on a small navy for defending others, it’s useless
* Barracks: Idem Shipyard
* Town wall: You won’t be getting attacked
* Workshop: You won’t be making an army, so no need to upgrade it
* Wine Cellars: Wine usage in your city = 0. So no need to decrease it
* Firework Test Area: Idem Wine Cellars, but then for Sulfur

If you choose to, you can add these, but their uses would be limited
* Hideout: You can send out spies without breaking your GP, so this can be of use for your alliance
* Optician: This can be useful if you plan on researching far enough to get Experiments
* Temple: Based on your Miracle, this can is utterly useless, or somewhat usable.
* Dump: This requires a lot of research, but can be useful if you plan to get a lot of resources going (through trade). No need to worry about it not having safekeeping!

All other buildings should be made:
* Town hall: Upgrade this to Lv.3 (or Lv.5 if premium), then leave it be
* Academy: You need those first few researches to develop, so at least temporarily keep this, you’ve got plenty of space anyway
* Warehouse: You need to store the resources you have somewhere.
* Trading port: Build two of these. That doubled loading speed will help you get sales in your Trading Post.
* Embassy: If you want to join an alliance (which you will, damn that boredom!), this is needed.
* Trading post: Unless you’re on a Marble Island, this is a MUST. Even on a Marble Island, it’s very useful. This is where most of your action will occur.
* Forester`s House / Glassblower / Stonemason / Alchemist`s Tower / Winery: Build it for whatever resource sells the highest in the Trade Post first, the second one isn’t needed, but can be useful.
* Carpenter`s Workshop / Architect`s Office: Cost Reduction is usefull, and you’ve got the space in your city.

This is all from my personal experience. My perma GP’er is on Ny – Monkeys – Trading Guild (Delietia[59:65]).
On Sunday 20th of February, my buildings are:
* Town hall Lv.3
* Academy Lv.6 (No researchers assigned anymore. I’ve come to the point where I’d need to spend 20+ days to get one nearly useful research)
* Warehouse Lv.7
* Trading port Lv.7 x 2
* Embassy Lv.1
* Trading post Lv.9
* Forester`s House Lv.8
* Stonemason Lv.10
* Carpenter`s Workshop Lv.17
* Architect`s Office Lv.15
This isn’t the ultimate spread, but it’s what I ended up with.
Score: 2,210… Slow, yes, but it’s something new.

NOTE: Currently Godly Protection doesn’t have a time duration, but it might be added it in a future update!

A change has been made in a new patch, where you can still be under godly protection when you have a level 4 townhall.

Changes in the above would be the obvious number of people you can hold, which is larger now.
As a result you need a tavern or a museum to be able to completely fill your level 4 town with population.  

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