Facebook The Sims Social Catering Guide

Facebook The Sims Social Catering Guide by ErkGloom

Catering is the easiest job available in the game currently. Not only does it unlock the valuable coffee machine and the only stovetop you can buy, it also offers a variety of kitchen decorations to ‘spice up’ your sim’s home. Besides, whenever you cater, your hunger meter is replenished, keeping you inspired longer. It’s like a trait all on its own!

Personally I think the Iron Bladder is necessary to use the coffee machine so that your sim won’t have to dash to the bathroom after that second cup of joe. Supermechanic and Neat are also extremely useful due to them replenishing your fun meter every time your stove gets covered in grime from cooking Spaghetti Marinade and Kung Pao Chicken.

Also, don’t be afraid to unequip your traits a few times if you get bored. 20 lifetime points are easily replaced with a new career, and you gain at least 25 every time you skill up in any career (cornerstones give you a whopping 35 lifetime points!)

Don’t worry too much about trying to complete your quests in record time, they are only there as “Something to do”. I am already level 26/27 and I still haven’t finished all the quests that are available in the game.

If your barbecue catches on fire, don’t panic! It’s merely broken and the fire will go away when it is repaired.

If you’re looking for a good way to raise house value quickly, buy some social point items! The “Hang It All” gives you almost 5 times as much house value as its social point cost, and you will earn plenty if you have lots of neighbors. However, if you try to solo the game, I’m afraid you won’t get very far. A few good, active players can take you further than you can get by yourself in half the time.

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