Facebook The Sims Social Inspired Mode and Maintaining it Guide

Facebook The Sims Social Inspired Mode and Maintaining it Guide by kontradictions

For those who don’t know why Inspired Mode is important, I hi-jacked this from the FAQs.

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Needs, energy and Inspired modeQ: What is “Inspired” mode, how does my Sim become inspired and what are the benefits?

A: Max out all your Sim’s mood and all six Needs and they’ll become ‘INSPIRED’! For a limited amount of time afterwards, your Sim will earn increased rewards from performing most tasks around the home!

Since Inspired Mode is only stays on for a limited time, here are some tips and tricks to keep it up.

I. Dealing with the Social.
The ideal way of doing this would be to do this trick suggested by wefeder & Diana Muchcash.

What you do is get the Insane trait to level 2. This allows you to socialize with plants. Because this does not require energy, it’s essentially a free social boost.

Alternatively, save your 5 free daily energy and using it to help boost your Social meter. I usually do this with Bella. However, if you need to use it up for whatever reason, plan ahead and take advantage of the Autonomy feature. This will help build up your Social bar.

II. The order in which you do things matter!
Here are a few things to remember.
Bladder before Hygiene
If you want to drink coffee instead of sleeping, do this before the bathroom.

III. Plan your route. Whether
you’re gonna try to get to Inspired Mode from your house or your friends. Plan a route that requires as little walking as possible. This will probably mean you’ll have to skip the auto-queue. However, this will save you time.

IV. Maintaining Inspired Mode.
Once you’ve built up your Inspired Mode and used up all your energy. The best thing to do is to go into the shop. This will help maintain your inspired mode much longer than just idling in your house.

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