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Facebook The Sims Social Frequently Asked Questions by britgirls

Top Bar/Currencies

Q: What are Simoleons, how can my Sim earn them and what can they be
spent on?

A: Simoleons are a currency that can be earned by your Sim in various ways, such as completing short tasks, progressing through quests or improving their skills. Use them to purchase items from the shop or whatever else you may find!

Q: What is SimCash, how can I get some and what can they be spent on?

A: SimCash can be bought with Facebook Credits anytime; use it to purchase valuable items from the shop, skip through missions and hire friends to help with building work!

Q: Some people got 20 free SimCash at start of play, but I didn’t receive it. Will I get it?

A: Yes, in the near future the 20 free SimCash will be credited to the people that missed out on it initially.

Q: I purchased something in error and my SimCash is gone. There was no purchase confirmation pop up.

If you’re having a problem with purchases the best thing to do is to fill out a support ticket at EA Customer Support.

Here’s a guide on how to do that:

It’s also very helpful to include your Facebook ID in the report. Here’s a guide on how to locate your Facebook ID: http://help.social.ea.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3668

Q: What are Social Points, how does my Sim earn them and what can they be used for?

A: Social Points can be earned by interacting with other Sims in various ways. They can also be used to purchase certain items in the shop!

Q: Energy; what is it and where can I get more?

A: Your energy allows your Sim to live! It refills all the time and Sims use it to various activities. To get instant boosts and refills, visit the Energy tab in the shop mode.

Q: Can I convert SimCash into Simoleons or Social Points?

A: Sure! Select the currency you want more of and take a look at the conversion options.

Q: What is XP and how can my Sim get more?

A: Progressing through the game, completing tasks and interacting with friends will increase your XP level. This unlocks additional features and more shopping options.

Home Building/Decorating

Q: How can I alter my Sim’s home, buy new items or redecorate?

A: Click on the Shop icon, then cycle along the five tabs to see special items, the shop, build mode, items in storage and options to add more energy. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: Do the items in the shop change?

A: Yes! We’ll be adding new and exciting things for your Sim very often, so always check to see the new items!

Q: Rather than selling items, can I store them for use at another time?

A: Sure, when in the shop mode click on the item you wish to store, then the move button, then place it in the bottom area that appears. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: How do I put stored items back into my house?

A: From the Store tab in the shop mode, click on a stored item and then place back into the home. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW]

Q: What is the home value and how can I increase it?

A: The Home Value tells you how much your house is worth. Improve the figure and rating by increasing the home size and quality of items it contains. Get the best designer pad in the neighborhood!

Q: How do I build more rooms?

A: In the shop mode, click the build tab and choose the type of room you wish to purchase. Place the room on a free area of land, or click on the bottom section to cancel the purchase. Then once in the Live mode, click on the notifications and get some friends to help you with the building work. (don’t forget to build a doorway!)

Q: I’ve lost my room!

A: If anyone is still having the issue of not being able to find their room, could you first please check your storage under the “rooms” area … not “all.”

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on how many rooms you have, you may have a second page of storage so use the scroll arrow to look at page 2.

And then if you still can’t see your room after looking at picture 1 below then please review picture 2 beneath it.


If for some reason your room is not found in storage, click on the “Build” tab and check where you buy your rooms.


Q: How can I rotate, move and sell items?

A: In the shop mode, clicking on an item in your home will bring up some options. You’ll see the clockwise and anti-clockwise options to rotate the item, selecting Move will pick it up so that you can place it somewhere else in the house or in your storage, or click on sell to see how much you’ll receive for getting rid of it. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: Can I get more terrain to expand my house?

A: Not yet, but we’re looking at bringing it to The Sims Social soon!

Q: What do I do with the weeds on my garden?

A: Keep your Sim busy and maintain their garden’s neatness by clicking on the various weeds to give them a trim. Aim for an awesome lawn.

Game Settings

Q: How can I mute the sound?

A: Check out the two options you have in the tools menu for sound effects and music options.

Q: I want to play The Sims Social on full screen, can I?

A: Yep, toggle the fullscreen mode via the tools menu and enjoy The Sims Social in full glory!

Q: Can I change the graphics quality?

A: There are two options that may improve performance on slower computers – give them a try if you are experiencing speed issues.

Q: How can I change the language?

A: The Sims Social currently has English, German, Italian and Spanish language options. Click the flag button to switch to your preference.

My Sim

Q: What is the green icon above my Sim?

A: That’s the famous ‘Plumbob’! It’s a special indicator that shows which Sim is controlled by you.

Q: How can I change what my Sim looks like?

A: Either click the Clothes button on the bottom panel or click your Sim and choose “change appearance” to bring up the customization options. Take a look through the name, body, skin color and clothing options – you can also set different outfits for different occasions. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: I selected my Sim’s personality, but I’ve started my game and would now like a different one. How do I change that?

A: Either click the Clothes button on the bottom panel or click your Sim and choose “change appearance” to bring up the customization options. On the left side of the screen you can use SimCash to change your Sim’s personality. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: Can I change the gender of my Sim?

A: Once you have chosen a Sim’s gender it’s set, and this can’t be changed at the moment.

Q: How can my Sim gain more energy?

A: Your Sim will have their energy bar refilled periodically, or you can buy new energy for an instant boost.

Q: Lifetime Points; what are they used for?

A: Traits! Give your Sim an additional bonus by saving up and giving your Sim certain traits. Click on ‘Traits’ below your Sim’s picture to see what unique abilities you could treat them to!

Needs, energy and Inspired mode

Q: How do I know when my Sim needs to go to the toilet, sleep or eat?

A: As with real life, the longer we go without fulfilling our basic needs the more desperate we will become! When parts of your Needs panel turn yellow and then red, you need to guide your Sim to get some sleep, eat some food or have some fun! [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: What is “Inspired” mode, how does my Sim become inspired and what are the benefits?

A: Max out all your Sim’s mood and all six Needs and they’ll become ‘INSPIRED’! For a limited amount of time afterwards, your Sim will earn increased rewards from performing most tasks around the home!

Q: What happens if I do not fullfill my Sim’s needs?

A: Your Sim will become very moody … and we wouldn’t want that! When they have a need that turns red, it will prove far harder to tell your Sim to do other tasks until that need is addressed. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Skills, Crafting and Quests

Q: What are quests?

A: Quests will take your Sim on pathways such as innovation, luxury and celebrity. Are you a genius in the making, a rockstar looking for that killer tune, or is your Sim the ultimate… but that’s all we’re giving away for now! Check out the thought bubbles on the left and see what your Sim can next achieve. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: I have no quests/missions left. Am I done?

A: Well done on completing them so fast, but it’s far from over! More quests will be coming soon.

Q: I don’t see any more quests even though the counter on the right shows that I haven’t finished all the quests.

A: Achievements and quests are different things.

The quests are shown on the left of the game screen and it’s possible that you may have come to the end of your quests, but more are coming very soon.

Achievements are shown on the right (outside of the game screen). This is a new Facebook thing. You might see your achievements in other games, too. But they’re not working right as of yet. It may say something like 4/129 achievements even though all your quests are completed.

More details here: http://www.facebook.com/help/search/?q=app+ticker

Q: On my quest queue the Cowgirl is covered with a red square and it can’t be clicked on.

A: This bug in the Hardy-Ha-Ha! quest has already been reported. However, it is still able to be finished by completing the requirements as follows:

Hardy-Ha-Ha! part 1:
Trim a neighbors bush (e.g. the blue flower bush)
Make a good friend
Have 5 goodwill

Q: The “What Does it All Mean?” quest requires you to craft and drink the Bad Mood Potion. My needs all go red and the quest is not completed!

A: Craft the potion but do NOT drink it to complete the quest.

Q: The “What Does it All Mean?” quest asks for 5 and 25 fury. Which is it?
5 or 25?

A: This is a bug and it has been reported. The quest is only meant to require 5 fury. As a workaround until it is fixed, some users have been collecting 25 fury and this completes the quest. You can visit Bella and be mean to her to collect some fury.

Q: Where do I find the telescope that I need for a quest?

A: It’s in the SHOP under Miscellaneous.

Q: What are skills?

A: Perfect your Sim’s talent in many areas, such as cooking, music and creativity. Leveling up in these areas will unlock more and more items and areas of the game.

Q: Which items can help my Sim practice their skills?

A: Visit the Shop and then select the Skills group of items. See those little golden icons on the item list? That lets you know what skill that item will help your Sim to perfect.

Q: I can’t cook on my stove. The action keeps being canceled.

A: Make sure that you have a counter near the stove with nothing on top of it. Your Sim needs a clear surface to prepare the food.

Q: What is crafting?

A: Some things can’t be bought – love, honor … a great sense of humor; Crafting is just the same. Take a look at the main popup by clicking on Craft and from there you can see what your Sim can collect and the rewards that you can create! [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: I can craft potions – but what can I do with them once they’re created?

A: Only one way to find out … take the plunge and see what happens! We wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you, so click on Craft, take a look at the rewards and see what’s in your Backpack.

Friends and Neighbors

Q: How can I interact with other Sims?
A: Talk to them! Visit their house, get to know Sims and what makes them tick. Click on the Sim for the conversation options, but also click around their home to see what other interactions the two Sims can do together. [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: What can I do when in another Sim’s house? [VIDEO]
A: Mi Casa es Su Casa! Friends can use each other’s facilities, and The Sims Social is no different. Need to use the facilities or grab a quick snack? Go right ahead.

Of course though, your Sim finds themselves in an enemies or lovers home, you’ll have extra interactions with items available. Have a click around! [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: I’ve just started playing, and I can’t visit any of my friends, why is that?

A: You must first add them as a Neighbor. Click the green ‘Add Friend’ label on the friend bar along the bottom and hook up with your friends. Socialize away! [VIDEO TO FOLLOW!]

Q: How many friends can I invite?

A: In one ‘send’, you can invite a maximum of 30. However once you’ve done that, you can go back and invite another 30 and so on.

Q: How does my Sim become friends, enemies or get romantic with someone else’s Sim?

A: Once you’ve introduced your Sim to a new acquaintance, their interactions with Sims will open up new options for you to pursue. Will you become best friends, get flirtatious or show a mean streak? Give them all a try and see what you discover!

Q: I see some of my neighbors having different colors and symbols on the neighborlist, what does that mean?

The different colors and symbols indicate that Sim’s relationship status with your Sim.

Q: Can I be the lover of more than one friend at the same time?

A: No. Your Sim will have to split with their current partner first before initiating a relationship with that other special someone…

Q: How do I know if my friends have sent me a message?

A: Click the Envelope icon on the right of the main screen.


Q: How can I save the game?

A: There’s no need, it saves automatically!

Q: Can my Sim die, have a family or own a pet?

A: Unfortunately no, not at the moment.

Q: Can I reset the game and start over again?

A: No, after all, you’d lose all your progress! However, there are always many options to customize your house and Sim if you’d like to give things a refresh.

Q: Can my Sim have multiple homes or move in with another Sim?

A: Not at this stage, no.

Q: Can my Sim have a job?

A: Not at this time. Currently, the main way to earn money in the game is to work out of your home leveling your skills in Writing, Art, Music or Cookery. And if you want to earn the most amount of coins it’s important to get all your needs filled so that you’re in Inspired mode before starting work on your skills.

Q: Do the Sims date each other?
A: Yes, they do. They can be friends, romantic partners or enemies. If you’re looking for romance just do various romantic interactions with your friend like flirting (not the same interaction twice in a row else they’ll start getting bored … so harsh!! ) and at a certain point you’ll get a pop up to send to your friend asking if they would like to become lovers. They need to agree to that before the romantic relationship can progress.

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