Edgeworld New Player’s FAQ

Edgeworld New Player’s Frequently Asked Questions by Casseline

Hi there and welcome new players and old. Casseline here to hopefully answer some questions posted by players in the game’s chat when first starting to play Edgeworld; and perhaps give the older player some advice as well on things they may have forgotten. While this post is mainly to help answer some questions that newb (i.e new) players are asking first thing when they start chatting…they are in no particular order atm though this may change if i see a pattern in my post

1. How can i control my troops when attacking?
A. You can’t. Plain and simple, there is no way to tell your troops where to attack. There is however a way to direct their initial attack with placement. If you want them to go straight for the nearest gun emplacement (i am using the word gun as a general term to encompass every type of defensive weapon a player can place on their base, not just the ones called Gun Turrents), you can set their initial attack point someplace close to the guns so the defenses will activate. At this point your soldiers will make a beeline straight for the the weapon (s) that are now trying to shred them to pieces.

NOTE: Your soldiers will always attack that which is shooting at them be it a Gun Turrent (GT), a Concussion Turrent (CT), an X-1 Cannon (X1) or a Tesla Tower (TT) before attacking any other buildings on a base even if the guns are behind other buildings.

2. Can my soldiers be used to defend my base when it is attacked?
A. Again plain and simple, No they will not defend your base. Think of it this way: unlike a real life army your here on Edgeworld is divided into Attackers and Defenders. Your soldiers are classified as Attackers and will do one thing only, Attack! be it the AI bases or a players base. They will NEVER defend your own base!!!

A-1. Since i brought it up, the second part Defenders needs defining here. The defense of your base is the gun emplacements you built. There are currently four types mentioned in my first answer above so i will not mention them again. It is these “guns” that are used to defend your base. Place them wisely (this will be discussed further later in this FAQ) as they are what keeps your Command Center (CC) and your Supply Depots (SD) safe from harm when your base is attacked.

3. How do i get a 2nd Warp Gate?
A. Another good question with a very simple answer. As of now at this point in the game, you can only have ONE (1) Warp Gate (WG). Yes i know this is terrible news to read as you just spent the last 7 days building and training and you now have this massive army just itching to venture forth and demolish everyone else around you. While you were amassing this army and upgrading your resources, guns and other buildings if you also upgraded the WG, you will have hopefully noticed that as this building was upgraded so too did the amount of troops per warp increase. In other words as you lvl’d the WG you gained the ability to send more troops when using 1 of the 3 warps you have potentially available to you at the time you start an attack.

NOTE: WG have limited usage. You only get 3 warps before the gate cannot be used to attack and it takes time for these to recharge.

4. How do I check out another players base?
A. Glad that someone asked this the other day. There are actually two ways that I know of to check on another players base. The first way is by clicking on a players name after they have posted to the chat window. This brings up a small but useful menu. In this menu you then click on “Scout” which will then bring your main window zooming over the planet to the players base so you can view their setup and even mouse over every building they have to view their current build lvl (i.e. CC lvl 7, GT lvl 6, WG lvl 3 etc…)

NOTE: The scouting is very helpful to decide if attacking the person you feel is being very annoying in chat is worth it to attack or just use the Temp Mute or Block functions on them.

The other way to check on a person’s base is by clicking that little world you see in the lower middle of your game screen. This opens a window in which you will see 3 tabs available to view. The one you want to be on is called Players (PVP). This is a list of all the players on the game, although you may have to refresh a whole bunch of times and check the pages after each refresh (there are 5 pages of players avail to view) I do not recommend this way however as there are a few inherent flaws to this way of searching in my humble opinion. At this time there is no actual “search” function avail to type a players name in and bring them up on the list. Nor does refreshing always return a complete showing of different players. You will find that names, even your own may show up and stay on the lists every time you refresh while others never seem to show up at all. This way of looking for a player does have it’s uses however…if i player is online but never says anything in chat you can’t use the first way to scout their base so going to the world map window is your only way to hopefully find them to scout them before sending that massive army of yours to attack and loot their base.

Ok I have more questions to answer but for now as i’m losing some of my precious prot status, I will bid you all farewell and hope to see you ingame shortly. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have and I will try to answer them as best as I can or direct you to someone who can answer them. I will update this FAQ in the near future

5. Do my building upgrades and research continue when i go offline?
A. Like all the other games you find and play Edgeworld is no different. A building upgrade, research, or troop training will continue when you leave Edgeworld due to real life concerns dragging you away from us. Have no fear that you research into L5 Pyros will continue in your absence

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