Edgeworld Helio 19 Farming Tip

Edgeworld Helio 19 Farming Tip by Blaque Sun

This is how i assault Helio 19s. I started this technique when i was around lvl 28 so i am not sure how it would work for anyone lower, but for those the same lvl or higher you should be fine… i know people can take this lower this is just the method i use to minimize the loss of units.

Drop Point 1: as indicated by the black circle with the 1 inside .

Place 2 spectors here. It’s important you place the spectors a decent distance away from the tesla so they approach and stop at the right distance, otherwise they may land in reach and will be instantly killed. From here they will be able to take out the entire left hand side on their own.

Drop Point 2: as indicated by the black circle with the 2 inside .

Depending on how many Capacity Points you have ( 20 or 25 ) at this point drop the following…

5 Rhinos. Drop these first so the cluster in the bottom right corner starts firing on these Units. Then in the same place drop 1 Hornet and depending how flush you feel either a couple of Pyros ( if you have cap 25 ) and the rest marines or ( if you have cap 20 ) just drop the rest marines.

You will gain approximately 19k Uranium and 4.1k experience from this and if done correctly will either lose 1 marine or 1 rhino, sometimes you lose 1 of each but that’s only 150 Uranium cost and about 30 secs train time so no big deal.

I am lvl 51 now sometimes i still hit these a lot for a quick boost in resources ( 60k every 30 mins ) and i save troops if i have been farming harder stuff.

Now tho i use the same drop off points only in Drop off 1 i drop about 5 spectors and in drop off 2 i use 1 Titan and the rest Spectors. Takes about 10 seconds to clear the whole base with no losses.

Please comment if you guys have any other methods for this. This is the technique i stumbled on i dunno if you lot use the same method, i just felt like sharing for those who are struggling with Uranium.

If any of you try this after i have posted please let me know how you get on.

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