Domain of Heroes Boost Dueling Guide

Domain of Heroes Boost Dueling Guide by WeFinds

Chapter 1: What is boost dueling?
Chapter 2: How do I boost duel?
Chapter 3: How effective is boost dueling?
Chapter 4: Ways to improve the effects of your boost dueling.

Chapter One: What is boost dueling?

Boost dueling is when two players duel each other for an hour, each under the effects of the 400% Experience Boost from the Wishes! Tab. This will cost 1 wish for each player to gain the 400% Boost. Each player will gain 800% Additional experience from each duel. That’s a crazy amount of experience in ONE hour! Especially for boost dueling!

Chapter Two: How do I boost duel?

Simple! In Main Chat, advertise that you have a wish you’d like to spend on a boost duel, and offer people to partner with you in a boost duel.

**NOTE** – MY suggestion would be to have two preliminary duels, having each player win once, each losing once. Find out who winning gets the most VXP combined. [If one player is getting 400 VXP while the other is getting 97 VXP – it’s hardly worth one players time.] So try to find which winner will yield like amounts of exp [Player A gets 400 VXP and player B gets 350 VXP] – It’s a lot fairer, and you get a total of 750 VXP, that’s a lot better than 497.]

So after your initial duel, find out which gets more experience combined, and then set yourselves up for the duel. Equip any specific armors, have the designated “Target” [the player who will die repeatedly] take off his/her armor and weapons, etc., or just go as is. Say “Ok grab the boost, and let’s go.” Send a pre-boost duel request, and start your boost. Then just repeatedly heal, accept the requests, and enjoy the hour of boost dueling!

Chapter Three: How effective is boost dueling?

I can guarantee that most players that are level 75/75 have boost dueled at least ONCE to get their VXP level to 75. I did it on many of my characters, and I have gone from level 1/1 to 1/68 in one hour. It’s VERY efficient and VERY easy. No reason for you not to. If you have the wishes and the time and a partner, it’s well worth it!

Chapter Four: Ways to improve the effects of your boost dueling.

This is the advice column! Here are some tips to help make your boost dueling more effective:

More VXP is gained from a Lower Level EXP level character defeating a Higher Level EXP Character [so if a 1/1 beats a 10/1 they will gain more VXP together, whereas if the 10/1 beats the 1/1 theVXP will be penalized.] So try to let the lower level win.

Try to deal as much burst damage in one shot as you can! If you can do more than 50 Damage per hit to your enemy, boost dueling will be very fast if you use the “Small HPotion technique”
The Small HPotion Technique is after the battle, the defeated character, opposed to resting/healing at an inn, uses a Small HPot to restore their healh. So instead of starting all over at max life, they have 50 HP that you have to take down opposed to their max. A lot faster VXP this way!**
Have the “Defeated Character” lower his or her resistance by as much as possible! Remove any armors or runes or charms that increase the damage resistance to that specific type of damage.

Have the “Defeated Character” get rid of any armor or weapons that cause afflictions, it can cause the battles to take a lot longer.

Have BOTH characters try to apply as much Experience Gear as possible [Such as “Multiplies Experience by 6.3% / 12.5% / 18.8%”] – Have the “Defeated Character” use “Vanilla Exp Gear” [meaning the only enchant is the Experience Multiplier on that specific armor]

Try to get a direct link of communication for each other. Use Local Chat to say “Ready” “Go” “Start” etc. If you have Ventrilo or Team Speak – Use a server and talk to them through your microphone!
IF and ONLY IF you know the person in REAL LIFE very well [like your best friend] – give them a phone call. *DO NOT Give out your phone number to random players just for a boost duel!*

Try to get a feel for timing. Try to time how long they usually take to use a potion or heal before spamming “Accept Duel” and causing a wait time.

Have the Victor accept the duel requests. They only have a 1 second wait time to join a battle, whereas the Defeated Character has at least a 5 second penalty on Re-Dueling.

Start the Duel with the Small HPot trick, it makes the first duel fly by.

The Defeated Character should WAIT before applying any skills or attribute points s/he gains from any levels, while the Victor Character should apply as much as s/he desires to increase the amount of damage they do to make the duels faster / more efficient.

Well THERE You have it! My bit of advice and a guide for the What How and Why’s of Boost Dueling! Hope you found this guide helpful. As always, if you have ANY Questions or Comments on anything you’ve read, send me an e-mail to [Please make the subject of the e-mail “Boost Dueling Question” or something along those lines. Also please include your character name as well, so I know who you are! :]

Thanks again, and enjoy!

AHMAHGOD I forgot an important thing!! AFK Boost Dueling!!

It IS possible for you to AFK Boost Duel, or even never have to re-send duel requests [which can cause wasted time, etc.]

When a character sends you a duel request, your can right click the link “ACCEPT” and then select “Bookmark This Link” [This may be firefox users only, I am not 100% Sure] – it is auto-named “Accept” – you can change it to your liking, but you can reuse that link infinitely without having to send or request new duel requests.

Say the victor wants to go AFK, they could have the defeated automatically accepting duels after healing. Very efficient [but rude to be like “OK you get to do all the work I’m just going to beat you up steal VXP and eat some mac and cheese” so offer a free wish or two for them being so nice about it!]

Thank you Saej for reminding me of this! I knew I forgot something important!

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